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Every once in awhile, you need to go to a place with your special someone that really sparks the fire of your love. You need a places that’s full of natural beauty. You need a places that has a sunrise or a sunset that won’t soon be forgotten. You need a place that’s got a classy hotel or resort that can really make sure that you and your special someone are pampered and taken care of from the moment you arrive to the time that you leave… You need an incredibly romantic spot!

But, oftentimes people think that they have to leave the country in order to find one of these romantic destinations. The truth is otherwise, though. In fact, the United States is home to some truly romantic and special destinations, any one of which could make the backdrop for the most loving vacation you’ve ever taken…

So, what are the 20 most romantic places to vacation in the United States? That’s what we’re going to explore! Come check out the places that we’ve picked, and then decide for yourself which one of these exceptional spots is going to make the ideal vacation destination for you and your loved one.

1. Islamorada (Florida)

Florida is a great vacation destination, but when you’re looking for something beautiful and intimate, then look into your vacation options here.

2. San Juan Islands (Washington)

This beautiful place in the Pacific Northwest is definitely one of those under-the-radar spots you should check out.

3. Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

A summer spent in one of the small towns dotting the shoreline of Cape Cod is one of the best summers you and yours will every experience.

4. Nantucket (Massachusetts)

And, if you really need to make things extra special, than that a plane or ferry from Hyannis to this national treasure.

5. Las Vegas (Nevada)

Sure it’s exciting, crazy and wild… But, if you and your special someone can have fun here, the you can have fun anywhere… (So, why not elope?)

6. Big Sur (California)

It’s one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, and it’s therefore one of the most romantic.

7. Kauai (Hawaii)

When you want to vacation in paradise and want romance, then look no further than Kauai!

8. New Orleans (Louisiana)

There’s no place like New Orleans anywhere else in the United States, and it won’t disappoint the vacationing lovers.

9. Aspen (Colorado)

If you want to go to a place where the romance flows to you like the salmon of Capastrano, then you’ve got to go to a little place called… Aspen!

10. Block Island (Rhode Island)

Just a short trip from New York, Connecticut or Rhode Island, this is a wonderful place to visit during the summer months with your honey.

11. Napa Valley (California)

If you can think of a romantic vacation than traveling a gorgeous countryside while sampling wines, then we’d like to know what you’re thinking about!

12. Big Bear (California)

California isn’t all about wine and beaches, you know! Just ask the vacationing couples who check out Big Bear each and every year.

13. Eureka Springs (Arkansas)

When you need to get off the grid with your special someone, Eureka Springs makes a great choice!

14. Mystic (Connecticut)

A quaint little New England town where the person writing this met the woman he’s going to marry… Well, you’ve got my endorsement, at least!

15. Coachella Valley (California)

A stay at one of this regions wonderful resorts, which will always provide sweeping views of the breathtaking mountains surrounding, is always romantic.

16. San Diego (California)

A place where the weather is perfect virtually year-round is definitely a place where romance can happen year-round too!

17. Sedona (Arizona)

If you’re looking to take a relaxing wellness vacation with your special someone, then look no further than Sedona.

18. Santa Fe (New Mexico)

The sparseness of the landscape in Santa Fe allows you and your special someone to truly focus on what matters.

19. Charleston (South Carolina)

Home to that Southern Charm and also to some incredible restaurants and shops, Charleston is a wonder for a vacationing couple.

20. Savannah (Georgia)

After a day sampling the shops and food in Savannah, be sure to make time with your honey to take in a gorgeous sunset.