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The moment I knew it was going to snow the next morning, I immediately packed up my camping gear and hit the road right away. I was a bit anxious about my plan because as much as I want to see one of my favorite places to be covered with snow, I was totally scared about all the things that could go wrong in the snow since I’ve never experienced snow in the backcountry. In fact, the only snow I’ve ever had to deal with was last year’s Texas snow storm, inside my room wrapped and cozy. This time, I knew I was going to uncharted territory.

The night was brutally cold. Sleeping inside a metal box, I kinda expected that already but when I looked outside the window, disappointment levels just blew off the roof. I couldn’t see anything outside. It was foggy and was looking miserable. So I decided to pack up first all my sleep system inside the car before I go outside. As I was packing, I felt really down. Suffered the cold night and now I will need to drive those icy switchbacks down the valley bringing home nothing but a full on foggy landscape.

When I went out my car, I just felt stupid. I can’t believe that all those hours inside the car, I never thought that maybe, MAYBE I couldn’t see the view because of the condensation but nevertheless, I was just glad that I was all wrong.

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