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Where Steve Addazio is recruiting the next Colorado State football players

Kevin Lytle
Fort Collins Coloradoan
Published 11:36 PM EDT Jun 11, 2020

The heart of every college football program starts with a map.

Each team has certain areas where their recruiting areas are focused.

While many coaches talk of “recruiting coast to coast” the reality is hotspots of focus are the core.

First-year Colorado State football coach Steve Addazio and his predecessor Mike Bobo have pretty different recruiting maps.

Let’s take a look at each.

Steve Addazio

Check out the heat map of the first two recruiting classes under Addazio. The 2020 group was a combo of commits from when Mike Bobo was still in charge and Addazio’s rushed group. The 2021 players are all players who have verbally committed but can’t actually sign until December at the earliest.

The core: “Our success will be based off of Colorado, Texas and California and the sprinkling of some other very targeted areas,” Addazio said in an interview in May.

Familiarity: The other targeted areas include heavy attention on the northeast, where Addazio has been a head coach from 2011 until late 2019 as the coach at Temple and then Boston College.

CLASS BUILDING: How Steve Addazio is constructing a recruiting class during the coronavirus pandemic

Staples: Texas, California and Florida are on the map of nearly every team. Texas and California were key locations in CSU’s heyday. 

Home: Addazio and staff have made a clear, concerted effort to pay attention to Colorado recruits at a much larger scale than CSU has seen in a long time.

“I said when I came in here I want to build bridges there, build relationships, recruit the state at a high level. We want to build this thing inside out. I think I’ve stayed true to my word. We’ve worked really relentlessly trying to get all that done,” Addazio said in May. “Candidly, have not really been in Colorado a lot. Having come into Colorado I’m really impressed with the high school coaching in the state. I think there are real diamonds in this state.”

Mike Bobo

The core: Bobo’s entire life was spent playing and coaching in the southeast and many of his staff were from SEC territory, so it’s no surprise that it became his main recruiting ground.

Staples: California was another main point of Bobo’s classes, including high JUCO recruiting rate. 

What does it mean?

There’s not necessarily any “right” or “wrong” on where to recruit. There are great players around the country. Knowing where your strengths are and using them is key.

The in-state push from Addazio is certainly good from a PR standpoint.

The overall talent and cohesion of the group is what separates good from bad and that’s where Bobo fell short. The overall picture never came together. Time will tell for Addazio. 

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