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After working in a variety of startups and a life-time of soul-based explorations, Ali helped bring forth in 2014 when she co-founded the company. She knows the ways of soul, savvy, and magic and she has brought those deep skills and her big heart into her work as COO of Reboot. In that role, she executes and manifests deftly, with clarity and grace. More, too, as a coach, she moves with ease from ally to challenger to guide. Her superpower is getting her clients (and her colleagues) to tap into their innermost being, their source of creativity and innovation, in order to bear the rigors of work/life existential challenges. And, all the while, making you laugh from the very core of your belly.

She knows that regardless of what you’re going through, whatever situation you’re in, the most important conversation you can have is the one with your own heart and the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. She helps clients hear the clarity of their own voice and trust their inner knowing so that they can then align their life with purpose and lead from that place. So that you can manifest what it is you are here to do in this lifetime. Creating humane workplaces of safety and connection is an inside job that begins within each of us.

Ali seamlessly and deftly weaves together her business acumen with the innate wisdom of the body, the philosophies of the world’s wisdom traditions, and the way of the horse to help clients find their voice so that they can find themselves. She draws on her more than a dozen years in business as an operator managing projects, teams, and human resources, and developing brands. Before Reboot, she worked with Jerry Colonna to create the life-changing CEO & Founder Bootcamps in the US and abroad.

With a Masters degree in religious studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ali has studied Transformational NLP at NLP Marin, completed the facilitator program at the Center for Collaborative Awareness, and is a certified EQUUS Experience Facilitator in Equine Facilitated Coaching. She is an avid horsewoman. Her popular newsletters on ‘The Art of Being Human at Work’ live primarily at the Reboot Blog but have also been published by spirituality and meaning experience called OnBeing.

“These feelings are particularly triggered in moments of vulnerability.” – Heather Jassy

“When intense fear or self-doubt shows up, it’s revealing something that was there that’s ready to be witnessed even more fully.” – Miriam Meima

“Normalizing these feelings has this magical effect of neutralizing the shame.” – Heather Jassy

“As long as we’re attached to the idea that we always have to feel confidence in order to do something, we’re attaching our ability to move forward to some sort of condition that has to be present.” – Heather Jassy

“Growth doesn’t mean we never feel the thing again. It just means that we recognize it a lot faster and get back on track.” – Heather Jassy

“It’s not always easy to distinguish between me, my true self, and the shitty committee.” – Miriam Meima

“The discomfort is a sign you’ve outgrown your current situation.” – Heather Jassy

“Soul retrieval is the process of going back and understanding and dismantling the agreement you’ve made in the past to make yourself smaller.” – Heather Jassy

“Your soul is the filter that’s going to tell you which part of this information is authentic for you and which isn’t.” – Heather Jassy

“What might you lose that you value if you get this thing that you want?” – Ali Schultz

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