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Photos of a mid-air plane crash over Colorado on Wednesday morning show how amazing it was that no one was injured in the crash that left a gaping hole in one of the planes after the roof was ripped off.

The collision ended a strange week in aviation, including an incident in which a door was blown off an airplane in Michigan.

In Wednesday’s incident, two small planes collided over Cherry Creek State Park in the morning in Aurora, Colorado.

South Metro Fire Rescue says the collision occurred at 10:25 a.m., when the planes were just four miles north of Centennial Airport.

Somehow no one was injured or died in the crash.

Photos show the damage sustained to a cargo plane after a crash on Wednesday morning

The cargo plane collided with a single-engine plane, which was making an emergency landing in a field

Despite the apparent damage, no one was injured in any of the planes or on the ground

“You expect a lot worse, this was great,” Arapahoe told Sheriff’s Deputy John Bartmann KDVR.

A single-engined Independence Aviation Cirrus SR22 crash-landed south of the Cherry Creek Reservoir after the collision.

The plane’s parachute was deployed, which helped bring it down, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Both people on the plane managed to walk away without any injury, although Bartmann said the plane was “ significantly damaged. ”

The second plane, a Swearingen Metroliner SA226TC cargo plane operated by Key Lime Air, landed at Centennial Airport.

For that plane only the pilot was on board and they too walked away without injuries.

The roof of the cargo plane was torn off, with its body completely exposed in front of the tail

Investigators quickly rushed to Cherry Creek Reservoir to investigate the accident

The small aircraft was a single-engine Cirrus SR22 owned by Independence Aviation

The cargo plane was a Swearingen Metroliner SA226TC operated by Key Lime Air

“We’ve had several plane crashes in our jurisdiction. We never saw a parachute deploy and bring the plane down safely, ‘added Bartmann KKTV.

There was a huge hole in the cabin of the cargo plane, just in front of the tail of the plane after it had landed.

Air traffic control chatter suggested there may have been a problem with the Cirrus SR22 prior to the crash.

‘Cirrus 6 Delta Juliet did you miss the final?’ air traffic control asked. “Cirrus 6 Delta Juliet do you need help?”

That was followed by, “Cirrus 6 Delta Juliet if you hear this broadcast, we have emergency vehicles heading towards you.”

South Metro Fire Rescue were among those who responded quickly to the crash

The Colorado sun reports that ATC communications gave the Metroliner permission to land on runway 17 on the left and the Cirrus to land on the right side on runway 17 at about the same time, parallel to each other.

Communication was given on different frequencies.

The Cirrus pilots were warned about the nearby Metroliner, but it is not clear what ultimately caused the crash.

FlightAware data shows that the Metroliner flew from Salida, while the Cirrus took off from Centennial Airport and was on its way back after flying to Fort Collins.

The Metroliner pilot may not even have realized the crash was happening, saying, “Looks like the right engine has failed, so I’m going to continue landing.”

The parachute of this plane was deployed and it landed safely

No one on the ground was also injured, although the debris from the crash can likely be found in the state park.

The sheriff’s office uses drones to search for debris and they tell people not to touch airplane parts if they are spotted, but to call the sheriff’s office instead.

CBS4 got a statement from the FAA, which is investigating the crash.

“A Cirrus SR-22 and a Swearingen Metroliner SA226TC collided mid-air about four miles north of Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado at around 10:25 a.m. local time today,” the statement said.

The Cirrus pilot deployed the plane’s parachute and landed in a nearby neighborhood. The Swearingen pilot landed at Centennial Airport. There were two people on board the Cirrus and one person on board the Swearingen, ‘the statement continued.

They did not want to say more about the condition of the three people.

‘We have no reports of people being injured on the ground. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate. Neither agency identifies people involved in aircraft accidents, ”the statement concluded.

The NTSB also tweeted that they were on their way to the crime scene, with initial reports suggesting the planes collided during landing procedures.

Key Lime Air issued a statement to The Denver Channel promising to participate in the investigation into the crash.

‘We are participating in an active investigation into the incident with the FAA and NTSB. If any information comes to light, we will do so if the authorities deem it appropriate to share it with the public, ” the company said in the statement.

“We cannot express the gratitude we have throughout the company that no one has been hurt. We thank everyone who has reached out to our company and its people with concern. ‘

The mid-air collision comes exactly a week after another harrowing aviation incident.

Last week, an emergency exit door flew away for a flight from Minneapolis to Michigan

Boutique Airlines, a private jet company, operated the small eight-seater plane

“We were about to take off, probably I don’t know going 100 miles an hour and the door just flew away,” passenger Tom Yon told a local news outlet.

Pictured: a diagram showing where the emergency exit door should be

Last week, an emergency exit door flew out of a plane prior to a flight from Minneapolis to Ironwood, Michigan.

Boutique Airlines, a private jet company, operated the small eight-passenger plane.

“ We were about to take off, probably I don’t know going 100 miles an hour and the door just flew away, ” said passenger Tom Yon KBJR 6.

“There was a loud bang and the door flew away and the noise and the wind and everything.”

Yon temporarily lost his carry-on bag from the plane, which returned to the gate instead of taking off.

No one appeared to have been injured in that incident.

The two pilots who operated the Boutique Airlines plane have since been fired.

They failed to complete a pre-flight checklist, leaving the door open just before takeoff, according to KBJR 6.

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