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The end of may in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is filled with scenes like this. Anybody who hikes the trails in the Rockies is sure to pass by a creek and sure to go through some patches of snow almost any time of year if they go high enough in elevation. This image came about when we stopped for a break off the side of the trail. I can rarely sit and rest on breaks – these are prime times to let the eyes scan for scenes I may otherwise miss. As my eyes gazed up and down the creek, right there in front of me on the other side I saw a low branch of a pine tree sticking out from under the previous winter’s snowpack along the edge of the water. It was barely visible. Right next to it there was a stream of water melting from the snowpack into the creek. I thought to myself that this was a powerful image of the struggle of trees up here and how, even at the end of May, they can be buried by feet of snow and struggling to get to sunlight. The water melting down into the creek was a clear indicator that there was hope for the tree, even if it was a few weeks away.

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