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Whoever said 2021 would be more relaxed than 2020 should be sued for false advertising. Three months in and it’s already been a wild year. Of course, we have no room to complain—life’s a permanent vacation here in Lake County. Sure, we locals work hard, but it’s just to make sure our guests can take it easy. Otherwise, we’re kicking back and having fun too.

Case in point, springtime. Not to brag (okay, maybe a little), but the grass is literally greener in our neck of the woods, and it wouldn’t be right to hog it all to ourselves. So instead, we’d like to invite you to visit us this Spring and discover for yourself all the delightful ways that Lake County is Clearly Different. Here are five examples to get your wheels turning.

Sip wine. Savor life.

Lake County is the fastest-growing wine region in the state, which means it’s one of the fastest-growing wine regions in the world, which means if you love wine you need to make your way out here, posthaste.  What accounts for our sudden increase in popularity? A few things. One, our soil is infused with minerals from our local volcano, Mt. Konocti, giving our wine a rich, robust flavor you quite literally can’t find anywhere else. Two, we’ve got the friendliest and most approachable folks in wine country. You don’t have to be a sommelier to have a blast (though sommeliers do too). You just need an appreciation for the finer things in life—friends, family, and good times. 

Eat. Drink. Be merry. Repeat.

With an agreeably temperate climate and so much beautiful scenery, it’s no surprise al fresco dining is a part of daily life in Lake County. On the shores of Clear Lake alone you’ll find nearly a dozen restaurants and taverns—from classic Italian and gourmet pizza to mouthwatering barbecue, seafood and elevated pub fare—featuring breezy patios with spectacular views, cold brews, and great people. If you’re looking for outdoor dining, consider one of the following: Blue Wing Saloon & Cafe, Danny’s Roadside Kitchen, Lyndall’s Sports Stop Grill, Park Place Restaurant, Red’s at the Skyroom, or Saw Shop Bistro. 

Stop and smell the wildflowers.

During springtime, Lake County is like a giant flower shop and Mother Nature is the florist. The pastel yellows of lupines. The brilliant purples of the redbud bush. You can almost smell their scent from your screen, right? For a socially distanced wildflower hike, try the Redbud Trail in the or the . Both spots boast small crowds, lots of room, and thousands of wildflowers. For some of the best blooms in Northern California, take a drive on Bear Valley Road off Highway 20 for 16,000 acres of winding, windswept, rainbow-colored wonder.

Catch some Zzzz’s wherever you please.

Want a (or a huge one) nestled in the woods? You got it. Looking for a to watch the sunrise over America’s oldest lake? As you please. Love to ? Bring your tent and we’ll do the rest. Lake County has no shortage of lodging options: , , , and even pioneer-era s, so you can feel like a 1800s settler (who happens to have running water and Wi-Fi). We’d say: “Don’t wait, the best spots fill up fast,” but every spot is the best spot! .

Explore 1,300 square miles of outdoor adventure!

Spring Getaway Blog, GolfingWhat is there to do in Lake County? Hon, we could write a book! Go SUP-ing, canoeing, or boating on , America’s oldest lake, or Blue Lakes. Bring your pole and you might just one of those famous Clear Lake big mouths. the Konocti regional trails for stellar views of our 10,000-year old volcano, or trek through Lake County’s leg of the awe-inspiring Mendocino National Forest. Bring your motorcycle (or rent one) for a spin through Bear Valley Road, or grab your binos and see if you can a California quail, great blue heron, or grebe (they aren’t shy so it shouldn’t be hard). Or just go . With California’s clearest skies, you’ll never lose your ball.

Whether it’s spring break, a weekend retreat, a family vacay, or romantic getaway, spring into Lake County for a Clearly Different trip! We’ll see ya when ya get here.

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