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Discounts on lift tickets are one of the marketing gimmicks used by some of our competitors. The truth is that the discounts on lift tickets are all the same as long as you do not buy at the ticket window. Get the best price on lift tickets by buying in advance online.

Ticket prices vary based on season and the number of days purchased. If you are skiing in March or late December, expect to pay the very highest prices of the year. Single day tickets can be upwards of $120 per day, but if you buy a multi-day ticket you pay less per day overall.

If you intend to ski more than 5 days per year, you might consider a season pass. There are various types of season passes ranging from about $400 per season to $1,000 per season. The price depends on the restrictions and what you’re willing to sacrifice. For example, if you don’t mind avoiding Christmas and New Year and only want to ski Keystone, then you can purchase one of the least expensive passes. On the other hand, if you want the flexibility to go to any resort that is part of the Vail Resort family and go at anytime, then you will have to purchase one of the more expensive passes.

Even though Vail Resorts is a competitor in the rental business, we are happy to refer you to their site so that you can evaluate your options for  and .

And when you’re ready to rent your ski gear, remember, guests of SCMR get a  on equipment rental at Mountain View Sports.

Other Marketing Gimmicks

One of our competitors advertises “Free Night Skiing” on the day of check-in. However, night skiing typically only operates a few nights per week and not all season. Furthermore, the likelihood of most folks actually having the time or energy to get a little night skiing in after a long trip to the resort is improbable at best. Travelers should really consider what the actual value of free night skiing might be for them.

Another common tricky advertisement is that “Kids Ski Free” with the purchase of your rental accommodations. As a practical matter, this benefit only works for a very small segment of the population. Kids must be under 12, old enough to ski and know how to ski. If your child needs a ski lesson, there is no discount. If your child is over 12, there is no discount. There are additional limitations based on the size of the unit you rent and the number of nights you rent. We recommend that you look at the total cost of your vacation and all its related expenses before you buy into something like “Kids Ski Free.”

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