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Jan Kulmann (R).

Another Republican congressional candidate in Colorado is refusing to say whether last year’s presidential election was legitimate.

Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann, who’s running for Colorado’s new congressional seat, refused to answer the question last week, “Was the 2020 election stolen?”

In an extraordinary exchange with Republican radio host George Brauchler, who himself sits near the top of a thin GOP bench in Colorado, Kulmann dodged the election question so brazenly that Brauchler responded with, “That feels like either a yes or no; I don’t know how to interpret that, Jan, and I’m not trying to push too hard here.”

In a monologue after his Dec. 13 KNUS interview with Kulmann, Brauchler explained in more detail why he thinks Kulman’s failure to answer the Big-Lie question is a problem.

Across Colorado, Brauchler sees “for Republicans, a growing concern of taking a position, yes or no,” said Brauchler.

Brauchler said that a candidate “needs to commit to a yes or no answer on the election question,” if they are going to “go into a race that includes any part of the metro area, where you are going to have to get as many unaffiliated voters as possible.”

“I love Jan’s answers, I think she is right across the board on those things,” said Brauchler on air. “But I think you have to commit yourself to an answer. The worry is, man, if I do that, will I lose some of the Republican base? Or do I make myself sound like a kook? I think at some point you just have to get to the point of answering the question.”

“You have to commit yourself to an answer. If you believe it was stolen, by god say it!,” Brauchler said, adding, “That’s what people want.”

Brauchler is among only a handful of prominent Colorado Republicans who’ve said that the presidential election was fairly won by Biden.

Another is state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, who’s one of Kulman’s GOP opponents in the race to represent the new congressional district. Kirkmeyer says the 2020 election was “legitimate.“

Former state lawmaker Lori Saine, another GOP opponent of Kulman’s GOP opponent in Congressional District 8 race, convened Legislative Audit Committee Election Integrity Hearing last year to investigate potential election fraud, despite no evidence.

Leading Republicans for governor, like CU Regent Heidi Ganahl, and for U.S. Senate, like former Olympian Eli Bremer, have joined Kulman in refusing to say if they think the 2020 presidential election was legitimate. They both say Colorado’s own election was conducted fairly.

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