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Earlier this month, Joe Biden chose the most radical and extreme vice-presidential nominee in American history.

Kamala Harris has spent her entire career fighting for extremist policies that are popular in states like California and New York but would cause serious pain for hardworking Coloradans. Kamala’s agenda would raise taxes, decimate Colorado’s oil and gas industry, and take away private health insurance.

Frankly, Sen. Harris’ shameful record is nothing to be impressed with.

Last year, when Harris was still a candidate for president and running against Biden, she said that “there’s no question” that she would want to ban fracking. The Biden-Harris’ anti-fracking position would destroy America’s hard-won energy independence that President Trump and Republicans have been fighting for these past several years.

Here in Colorado, this ban would result in the destruction of over 230,000 jobs.

It would also negatively impact our K-12 schools, which receive more than $600 million per year from oil and gas revenue. Where are anti-energy Democrats planning to make up that money?

Sadly, John Hickenlooper has also joined the Biden-Harris team’s “guarantee [to] end fossil fuel” full stop.

This is a non-starter and something that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and John Hickenlooper need to reevaluate and disavow. Casually talking about the destruction of an entire industry that would destroy thousands of energy families is appalling and unbecoming of a candidate for public office.

Harris also slammed Vice President Joe Biden for supporting racist policies that have hurt black communities across the country. She hammered Biden for praising several racist and segregationist senators, even demanding an apology from Biden.

Is she willing to forget these comments just because she is now his running mate?

Harris also supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and has previously stated that she would even support eliminating the filibuster in order to force its passage through the Senate.

Americans clearly don’t want the $93 trillion dollar Green New Deal and Senate rules shouldn’t be changed in order to force it through.

Kamala Harris is also mightily out-of-touch with everyday Coloradans when it comes to healthcare. Their proposed government- takeover of healthcare would kick over 3.2 million Coloradans off of their healthcare insurance.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden should come here to Colorado and explain why they chose to cave into liberal special interests while our families are struggling to cover their medical costs and make ends meet.

Harris’ extremist views don’t end with energy or healthcare, she has endorsed the far-left’s litmus test regarding open borders. During her failed presidential run, Harris even advocated for “starting from scratch” on reevaluating ICE.

Pandering to liberal extremists on every issue is Harris’ M.O. and will ensure that Coloradans reject the Biden-Harris ticket in November.

Stepping in to serve as Vice President puts an individual in a unique position — being one heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. Looking back at Harris’ record of far-left rhetoric and ideals ought to send shivers down the spine of Coloradans who enjoy their freedoms.

The people of Colorado understand that results matter and know they can trust President Trump and Vice President Pence to continue on their mission of Promises Made, Promises Kept for four more years.

— Kristi Burton Brown is the Colorado GOP vice chairman and an attorney focusing on public policy and the First Amendment and sanctity of life issues

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