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KRDO Digital Director Andrew McMillan lashed out on Twitter Saturday in response to a tweet from the Colorado Republican Party about Hickenlooper’s use of 9/11 economic recovery funds to pay for his ethics lawyer.

McMillan was extremely upset that Republicans would dare mention Hickenlooper fleecing taxpayers while antifa (in his mind) is allegedly being unfairly persecuted by the feds:

Sorry I think we’re all a little too concerned about the DHS invading Portland and disappearing people.

— Andrew McMillan (@AndyMackReports) July 18, 2020

Antifa clashed with federal officers Friday night as rioters attempted to barricade the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

Federal officers and police clashed with protesters in Portland, Oregon, as tensions have flared over police brutality. The U.S. attorney in Oregon has requested an investigation of federal law enforcement agents following the clashes

— ABC News (@ABC) July 18, 2020

Left-wing activists like McMillan are up in arms the federal government is lawfully seeking to arrest and prosecute individuals in Portland they suspect of committing federal crimes.

After Compass Colorado’s Kyle Kohli raised legitimate questions about McMillan’s objectivity given his brazenly partisan reaction, McMillan had a full meltdown.

You didn’t even get my title right, nor did you check my profile to see that my opinions are my own. I also prefer to be on the right side of history against these fascists acts rather than shilling for the party committing them 🙂

— Andrew McMillan (@AndyMackReports) July 18, 2020

I’m sorry you’re, you’re Digital Director for KRDO.

You’re welcome to your own opinions, but between randomly going after @cologop over a Hickenlooper tweet and defending antifa, reasonable people might have questions about your objectivity. #copolitics #cosen

— Kyle Kohli (@kylekohli) July 18, 2020

McMillan didn’t shy away from challenges to his objectivity, and proudly proclaimed he would always stand up for violent antifa protestors.

You bet I’ll defend against fascism any day, no matter what job I hold. I couldn’t imagine selling out so hard for tax cuts that you ignore Pinochet-style arrests of American citizens, but here we are with the GOP.

— Andrew McMillan (@AndyMackReports) July 18, 2020

In response to other users calling out his galling bias, McMillan laughably attempted to defend himself claiming he’s covered Trump rallies and other conservative events, and cited KRDO’s AP and Murrow awards.

None, but maybe you could ponder that question next to our multiple Associated Press and Murrow awards for best news operation.

— Andrew McMillan (@AndyMackReports) July 18, 2020

Sources tell Peak McMillan has exhibited extreme bias in exchanges with conservative operatives for years.

His decision now to take his far-left grievances public should dispenses with any notion he can objectively cover politics in Colorado.

It’s difficult to imagine McMillan’s bosses at KRDO find McMillan’s behavior amusing, particularly considering El Paso County is home to a great many Colorado conservatives. We’ve reached out to the station for comment.

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