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Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, sounded off again yesterday on MLB’s decision to move its All-Star game from Atlanta. MLB, made the announcement that the game will indeed be moved to Coors Field in Denver.

The game, scheduled for July 13, will be the first All-Star game held in the area since 1998, where the event brought in roughly $40 million dollars to the area.

Suffice to say, Kemp was not happy when he took to Fox News’ America Reports yesterday:

I mean, it’s almost comical–just all of these hits that keep following: moving the All-Star game from a city that’s, you know, a metro area that’s 51 percent African-American to a metro area that’s 10 percent African-American; that has less early voting days than Georgia has. They have 15. We have 17. They have a photo ID requirement for in-person voting as we do.”-Brian Kemp

Yes, the Mile-High City is mostly white. Fifteen days or early voting versus 17 days. But Georgia law was “built on a lie“, right, Jen?

Their (as in the MLB’s) game, their choice, I guess. Circling back to Governor Kemp:

I mean, it’s insane…you compare where Major League Baseball is headquartered in New York, you know. I talked to that issue…about the discrepancies in how they’re boycotting and pulling games out of a state like ours. Yet they’re headquartered in a state that’s more restrictive than we are. I mean, It just doesn’t add up. And I will tell you, the people here and all over the country have figured this out. They are outraged and they are sick and tired of the cancel culture.”-Brian Kemp

Of course, the Colorado Rockies are excited to host the All-Star game, as is the infamous cat at Coors Field. But what Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden and Jen Psaki and the MLB executives who made this move are failing to take note of? The fact they pulled a game and potential economic growth from a city that has a larger population of African-Americans and minorities and holding the event at COORS FIELD!

Wait until the MLB finds out that the former president of Coors Brewing Company (Coors Field), Joseph Coors, was a Goldwater supporter and helped start the Heritage Foundation

— Amber Athey (@amber_athey) April 6, 2021

Yes, let’s talk about this because this just makes me chuckle. The media, years back, had themselves a field day with the Coors family and their brand.

Joe Coors has always been, hands down, the most controversial. A longtime personal friend of Ronald Reagan’s, Coors has been annoying the daylights out of liberals ever since the 1960s when, as a University of Colorado regent, he and his pal, former California Sen. S. I. Hayakawa, did everything they could to drive the Students for a Democratic Society off the CU campus.

Over the years, he’s also contributed to almost every right-wing cause of any consequence, from the John Birch Society to the Heritage Foundation, to wars against the equal rights amendment and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. Most recently he wound up center stage at the Iran-Contra hearings, after personally donating a $65,000 airplane to the Nicaraguan “freedom fighters.”-Bella Stumbo, The Los Angeles Times

Kemp, and his state “built on lies” have nothing on this! The Coors Beer dynasty. Founded by Adolf Coors. The Coors family. Fans of Jesus, not big fans of unions, apparently, and the late Bill Coors, king of controversial and some quite racist remarks.

Blacks lack ‘intellectual capacity’ and ‘one of the best things they slave traders did for you is to drag your ancestors over here in chains,’ Coors recently told minority business owners in Denver. He said if American blacks visited the African countries from which their ancestors were taken by slave traders they would be glad they were living in a country with a free-enterprise system, ‘a land of opportunity.’

It’s not that African blacks lack dedication, he said, ‘They lack the intellectual capacity to succeed, and it’s taking them down the tubes.’-Dorothy Gilliam, The Washington Post, 1984

Umm, yikes. Note: Biden, Abrams and the MLB are not even touching the story about racial tensions and a shooting last March at a Molson Coors brewing facility in Milwaukee.

👋 If you’ve been following the news, you’ve seen that @MLB has officially announced that the #ASG will be played at Coors Field! ⚾

We’re excited! But we’re also dismayed to see Republicans and some media spread disinformation about our election laws. So let’s talk facts. 🧵

— Colorado Dems (@coloradodems) April 6, 2021

Let talk facts but let’s completely ignore some of those facts and truths that are a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable, right, Colorado Dems?

My guess is any microbrew-drinking, white, Democrat beer snob (I, too, am a beer snob but thankfully, not a Democrat), would have a few choice words to say to William Coors if he were still alive. I find it hard to believe the Democrats cannot discern and do not even see the irony in this one bit? Why? Because Georgia has been on their mind. And while MLB moves its All-Star game to a mostly white city in a stadium named after a VERY white family, Black-Owned businesses in Atlanta are losing out. That’s okay. Denver’s a great, white city with white, liberal champions who say “no” to voter suppression and “yes” to baseball. Seems the woke are asleep at the wheel again.

The ‘estimated lost economic impact’ Georgia will face without the MLB’s game is more than $100 million.”- Holly Quinlan, president and CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism.

“The best way to demonstrate values of the sport?” Move the big event and give the economic security in these tumultuous times to the white folks! Keep up the charade, Democrats. We know Kemp is the bad guy.

Photo Credit: Darren Whitley/FlickR/Public Domain Mark 1.0

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