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General Motors continues to promote the unique attributes of the Chevy Colorado and Chevy Traverse in South Korea, where the vehicles have been well received by customers and strengthened Chevrolet’s local positioning. After presenting them to the South Korean public in the House on Wheels television show, the company held a special event with owners and potential buyers in the Asian country to demonstrate the capabilities of both models.

The past weekend, the automaker hosted the Chevy Dynamic Experience, a customer program where attendees were able to enjoy the great outdoors behind the wheel of the Chevy Colorado and Traverse, which are the largest and most capable models in their respective segments. In fact, the goal of these vehicles is to elevate the Bow Tie brand’s image by capitalizing on the high appeal of American culture in South Korea.

“We planned this event in Korea to introduce customers to leisure culture, such as off-roading and trailering, who were unfamiliar with the imported Traverse large crossover and Colorado classic American pickup truck,” said Marketing Manager of GM Korea, Jeong-Yoon Jeong, in a statement. “We will gradually increase the number of contact points where customers can experience the brand’s heritage as well as a new lifestyle beyond understanding the features of Chevrolet vehicles,” he added.

For the Chevy Dynamic Experience, which spanned two days and one night at the Pocheon Raceway in the Gyeonggi-do province, GM Korea selected 80 current owners and potential customers of the Chevy Colorado and Traverse through pre-ordering. In total, there were 40 teams divided into thematic groups, who experienced the performance of the vehicles through various tests and outdoor leisure activities.

Participating teams were able to drive the Colorado on an off-road course that demonstrated the midsize pickup’s skills and character as a true American truck, while others experienced the generous interior space, towing performance and high-speed stability of the full-size Traverse crossover.

The Chevy Colorado is equipped with a 4×4 system that includes an electronic AutoTrac two-speed transfer case, while the Traverse features a button-activated all-wheel drivetrain. Both also include a Tow/Haul mode that adjusts the transmission’s shift pattern for each situation as needed. These characteristics make both vehicles unique in their respective segments and in the entire South Korean market.

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