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Two brothers are fly fishing in the Holy Cross Wilderness in Colorado when something or someone started to throw rocks at them from above. Was this a feral human?

I recently came across the following account:

“I live in Colorado, and like to spend my weekends in the mountains; fly fishing, hiking, camping, etc. I’m in my early 20s, so young I suppose, but I like to think I’m generally comfortable in the mountains and I’ve seen quite a bit of what this state has to offer. My older brother is like me but even more experienced in the mountain wilderness, and yesterday he and I decided to go fishing at a favorite hole of ours in the Holy Cross Wilderness. This area is fairly well-trafficked, especially now as the Aspens are changing and lots of tourists come to see them. Blue bird skies, warmish weather and he and I were just getting in the water when I first felt something was… off.

It’s late morning at this point. Most people like to fish early morning but this hole is blocked from the sun by a cliff face and the fish don’t usually start biting until closer to noon. Again, this is a favorite hole of ours, because despite the area having lots of hikers and day trippers, this part of the creek we’re on takes some know how and effort to hike to.

So we’re about half a mile away from where we park and no one else is around. First thing I notice is very little wildlife ambience/background noise after we set up our rods and get in the water. As I’m wading in, I hear rocks above us on the cliff move and a couple fall into the water no more than 50 feet from us. That’s odd. In my probably 15-20 times at this spot, never have I witnessed the cliff fall apart as it appeared to have done. Beside the sound of the creek we’re standing in, it’s deathly quiet and the sound of the rocks falling and hitting the water made us both leap. My brother turns around and we both look at the cliff face. There’s a ledge above with trees and I had never given it any thought before but I realized then and there I felt like someone not only could be up on that ledge, but my gut tells me there is. My brother, I can tell, seemed to be contemplating things too. He literally turned to me a minute after the rock fall, and said, “ok, that was weird right?” I tell him yeah, and then I hesitantly told him, “Hey it’s quiet out today.”

Almost on queue, a rock lands in the water, this time in between us. I’m not f*cking kidding, we’re near this cliff face but not near it enough for a rock to just fall off and land between us. No, this rock had to have been propelled. We look up and we saw it. A person, holding a rock in their hand, naked as all get out with long brown hair. And as we’re looking at him it looked like he grinned and throws the rock at us from above. It got close to hitting my brother and immediately we’re yelling “WTF!!” and quickly wading back to the other side of the creek. My brother slipped and the person must have thrown another rock at him because I heard a big kerplunk and my brother is yelling bloody murder. I get on the bank and grabbed a rock in my hand and turned to throw back at the person on the cliff. They’re no longer there. Keeping my eyes on the cliff ledge, I offer my hand to my brother as he’s now soaked and pull him up on to the bank. He’s pissed, saying he’ll get his gun from the car and shoot the man and saying he could have been killed.

Now we’re both on the bank looking up and expecting rocks to come flying and sure enough, they do. But we can’t see who’s throwing them, but they’re golf ball to football sized rocks being tossed down one at a time. From memory I count a total of 7 rocks thrown at us after the initial rock slide. My brother throws a rock over the ledge but I tell him we should move. We weave through the river willows, looking back over the foliage to keep an eye on the ledge and then we hear it, a f*cking howl/blood-curdling scream from that direction. I don’t see the being but it had to have been it making that noise.

We got back to the car and both started recollecting what we both experienced. We both figured it must have been some deranged homeless person or something but it’s not until I told my gf when we got home last night that she told me about the feral people she hears about on TikTok. I guess homeless psycho is the same thing as these feral people, right? Or is there a distinct difference?

Neither of us were hit by the rocks, although my brother says the one that I didn’t see land was so close it splashed him and is why he fell in the water. I should note we drove to the National Park ranger office and filed a report under my brother’s name. He was told he’d be given a call today or early this week with any follow up or questions they may need answered.

Craziest sh*t I’ve ever experienced while out in the mountains. We’re both already saying we may never go back to that hole again and I already told a couple buddies of mine that know the spot about what happened there.” SF

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