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If you haven’t heard of Gravel Camp you can be excused, because Gravel Camp is a low-key, media-only event (sorry trendsetters). Held annually at an uber cool location for gravel cycling, the event isn’t about spreadsheets, product presentations or other claptrap. Rather, it’s a chance for media and a small number of manufacturers to ride, eat good food, engage in conversation and exchange ideas.

It isn’t all traffic in LA. Photo by Tony Brandotti.

This year, Gravel Camp was hosted out of the Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, California, which is located a little northwest of Los Angeles, right between Thousand Oaks. You may be thinking, huh? Isn’t Los Angeles all traffic and the riding is guaranteed to suck royally? Not so trendsetters, there is some amazing riding out of this area and nearby, which completely blew this guy away. In fact, DZ Nuthouse, run by Dave Zabriskie and Ryan Steers, lead the gravel camp rides and hosts several amazing gravel camps from Calabasas during the year.

Serious conversations here. Photo by Ian Matteson.

Coming a little later, I’ll be posting a ride video out of Pedalers Fork which will demonstrate how good the riding is, in addition to interviews with lads such as Burke Swindlehurst (founder of Crusher in the Tushar), Chris Lyman (co-founder of Gravel Camp / founder of Lyman Agency), Jake Pantone of ENVE Composites and more.

The Shop at Pedalers Fork – Photo by Ian Matteson

Be sure to check out our interviews of Dave Zabriskie of DZ Nuthouse and Neil Shirley of ENVE Composites. Both lads are former professional cyclists and offer a unique and insightful viewpoint of gravel cycling, where it is headed and more.

Photos from 2019 Gravel Camp – Day 1

Neil Shirley preps wheels for the Day 1 ride. Photo by Ian Matteson.
Congregating. At right is Sarah Max, the only lady at Gravel Camp.

Both days of 2019 Gravel Camp were wet and muddy. Southern California doesn’t see a lot of rain, but from January 15 to 17, rain fell non-stop on the ordinarily sunny state.

It didn’t take long before we got muddy.
Transitioning from mud to pavement. Photo by Ian Matteson.

Important note: Nobody at Gravel Camp rode on trails. We stuck to fire roads that were open to traffic during the wettest of our rides.

Jake Pantone on a muddy fire road.
JOM doing a hike-a-bike on steep, slick mud.
Misty and muddy.
Everyone had a good time, amply demonstrated by Ryan Steers.
Views like this, right near Los Angeles!
Spence of VeloNews pulls a wheelie. Photo by Ian Matteson.
Nick Legan, author of Gravel Cycling.
Ryan Steers, one half of DZ Nuthouse and route planner extraordinaire.
Spence of VeloNews climbs out of the mist.
Photo by Ian Matteson.
This could compromise bearings just a bit…
JOM following Dave Zabriskie.
Dave Zabriskie leads the way.
Chris Lyman, co-founder of Gravel Camp.

Photos from 2019 Gravel Camp – Day 2 & Friday Morning

Ready for Friday’s ride. Photo by Tony Brandotti.
Photo by Tony Brandotti.
absoluteBLACK chainrings are popular among Gravel Cyclists.
Dave Zabriskie is a partner with Floyd’s of Leadville.
The Lauf True Grit was used by two camp attendees.
Final tweaks before rolling out. Photo by Tony Brandotti.
In the middle, Dave of
3T Exploro is the exclusive bike of DZ Nuthouse.
Some nice ENVE handlebar and stem product. Watch this space for something else from ENVE…
3T Exploro fitted with absoluteBLACK 1x chainring.
Drone Cam, Day 2, in between rainstorms.
A short respite from the rain, time to fly.
Day 2 featured a stop at Topanga Creek Outpost.
The rough weather couldn’t keep Sarah down!
Custom bags are a speciality at Topanga Creek Outpost.
Poking around inside Topanga Creek Outpost.
All smiles, all day.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more from 2019 Gravel Camp!

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