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Rob Potter Interview with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black:ET Contact: A Frame of Reference

July 18, 2017

YouTube: Ep. 690 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/Rob Potter: ET Contact, Valient Thor, Dr. Fred Bell: LIVE

Published on July 19, 2017

Jimmy Church: Today’s Tuesday, July 18, 198 days into the new year, just 167 left. We are live from a bunker somewhere in downtown Burbank, California.

And I would like to welcome everybody listening all around the world, all across the United States, hither and tither, to and fro, back and forth, up and down, east and west, north and south, far and near. This is Fade to Black. For KJCR, the Game-Changer Network and KGRA, the Planet, I’m your host, Jimmy Church.

What is crackin’ everybody? Are you ready? Nothin’ like a Tuesday in the bunker.

That’s right, tonight, continuing a first-time guest, weeks and weeks on the show, tonight, Rob Potter is here.

We’re going to discuss the Cobra message, the Galactic Federation of Light, Valient Thor, and Dr. Fred Bell, and Dr. Frank Stranges. Gonna have it all happen tonight on the show. Get ready.

You know, Rob got his own show. He does this a lot, and it’s really cool to have another show host on and somebody that is a contactee like himself and experiencer, with a message – all of that, right? And I get to turn it around. How cool is that.

So that’s what we’re going to do tonight.


Jimmy Church: This week and next week, nothing but first-time guests here on Fade to Black. We do so many shows. And to be able to seek out and get those out there that have never been on the show before, it’s special to me, it’s special to you, and tonight we’re going to continue that with Rob Potter.

I don’t know why we’ve taken so many years to get Rob on the show. He’s busy doing his own radio shows and traveling the world and all that stuff, but we have him here tonight. Very excited.

Rob also was very close to Dr. Frank Stranges, who wrote “Stranger at the Pentagon”, one of the great books. He was a personal assistant and good friend of Dr. Fred Bell from the age of 16 until Dr. Bell’s death. And he is currently working closely with fellow contactee named Cobra to prepare people for the Event.

At 22, Rob was invited to the desert by the Ascended Master, Halarion, via Gabriel Greene, to meet a teacher. The teacher was one of ETs original Earth military allies. He experienced his first physical contact with three witnesses present. Subsequently, Rob met several ETs in person.

Rob has done many radio, newspaper interviews and travels around the world sharing the profound aspects of the on-going process we know as the interplanetary cultural exchange.

He continues to share the good news, the spiritual transformation and the healing of Earth. He is close to the pulse of space family messages to the people of Earth and shares the plan of liberation and offers a positive message of love and faith and action.

His website, of course, is Those links are over at

And I would like to welcome for the first time to Fade to Black, Rob Potter.
Rob, good evening, my friend. How are you?

Rob Potter: Good, Jimmy. Thanks for having me on. It’s an honor and a pleasure.

Jimmy: Let’s get this out of the way first, which is our first time guest disclaimer, which is Rob, this is you and I sitting on my couch, talking as friends. And where the conversation starts it starts and where it ends it ends, but we’re going to end as friends. There you go.

Are you ready?

Rob: I’m ready, bro. Thank you.

Jimmy: Now, you’ve been doing this for a long time, and I don’t know how much you want to get into Dr. Bell. Well, actually more about, if you want to take it as far as his death, because his death was, I still think, extremely strange.

And I would like to get into that, but you met him such a long time ago. And can you take me back . . . What led you to him, I guess, is the question? Were you having contact experiences before Dr. Bell?

Rob: No, no. And I’m like a junior level contactee, although I have had . . . I’ve met ETs in person.

The story goes, I was very into metaphysics and into pyramids and spiritual information in high school. And I was talking with someone, and a friend of mine says, “Are you into pyramids? I know the pyramid man.”

And I was like, “The pyramid man? Well, let me get to know him too.”

And I went up to his house, and he was out, but he came in shortly afterwards with his first 50 gold pyramids that he every made. And the story goes, he had a very powerful childhood, and he has a lineage of scientists.

His great-uncle invented a telephone. And his father invented the automatic transmission of the alternator for Henry Ford.

Fast forward to 15, he is invited to go to the University of Michigan to study the shockwave of the atomic bomb because he’s such a genius.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: The military grabs him at day one of his 17th birthday, and they basically conscripted him, which was technically illegal. But they took him out to UC-Santa Barbara, where he got a PhD in physics.

And he learned a lot at the University of Michigan. They had a linear collider there. And he saw the Wilson Cloud Chamber and got a lot of ideas.

So the military trains him from 18 to like I think he was 21 or something, and he had been trained in the very strong and most powerful radar at the time. And he was in charge of the entire electronic maintenance of this radar set. It was at Point Reyes, California, which is the farthest western most looking point except for Alaska and Hawaii.

And they were observing UFOs coming in during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I guess he was 20 then. Yeah, so he was born in ’43. So Cuban Missile Crisis ’63, and they’re burning the DDS 332s, the standard UFO reports.

And he kind of gets upity and, you know, everyone kind of had an attitude with him because he’s 20 years old, and he’s the boss of the entire radar set, technically speaking.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Rob: At 20. And he’s a triple Leo with a attitude rising anyway, and so they finally set him up and they go, “He was complaining again.” They said, “People have a right to know.” And he was spitting out codes about transparency and they said, “Bell, have you seen a UFO?”

And he goes, “You know, we all have.”

So they brought in the guys with the white suits. They put him in a straight jacket and took him to a crazy farm there for the base.

Then he said, “Look, tell ’em I want an honorable discharge and we’ll move on.” And he did.

He ended up going to meet an Indian guru who had an ashram on Haight and Waller and actually all of the people that followed this guy – they called him “Father” – went to Haight-Ashbury. This was the Love, Power teacher guru who said, “Hey, why not have music festivals in the park?”

The whole Hippy Movement in Haight and Ashbury was from this teacher who was spreading a lot of high energy information. So Fred learned from him.

And I’ll never forget, Fred said, “I learned more from this guy than all my science teachers.” And he never spoke a word.

Well, he spoke, but when I met him, he was older and I never heard the guy talk. He just smiled and laughed.

Jimmy: Wow.

Rob: From there, Fred ended up working on the Saturn, Gemini and Apollo missions under – and I don’t know the order, but – JPL, Rockwell and directly with NASA at one point.

And he told me – you know there’s a little thing there I’ve said in other radio shows; I won’t go into it – but he complained about shoddy wiring, got fired, and then the guys died on the Cape. They came back on their knees asking him to run the protocols for check out. He took his check and left and went into the private sector after NASA.

But he told me at the Long Beach hangar when he was working at, I want to say JPL, but a little probe would come at the end of every day . . . A spaceship would like hang above the hangar, and a little probe would come out from it and circle all over the modules that they were working on. So he was familiar with the UFOs.

And after he ended up with his Indian teacher, he was handed off to a Tibetan adept. Some people might know him from the Great White Brotherhood teachings. His name was Daralkool.

And then he actually handed him off to the Pleiadians. And that’s about the time I met him.

He was having contacts with a Billy Meier person named Semjase.

And we were in touch with Col. Wendelle Stevens. So I’m like 17 years old. I’m voraciously reading Billy Meier’s contact notes hot off the press. As soon as Stevens gets them, he sends them to us.

So I was getting this information on the Pleiadians in ’74 and ’75. So I had an early introduction.

Fred was a profound man and had a lot of information on pyramids. He wrote a brilliant book called, “Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light”.

Jimmy: Now, this was at his famous house in Laguna?

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Jimmy: And so in 1975, Dr. Fred Bell house in Laguna Beach must have been the place to be, no doubt, right?

Rob: Well, yeah, it was amazing. We started out with these pyramids and the Pleiadians were giving him different designs. And I would build them.

He’d give me a jig and explain what we’re doing and I was making these pyramid systems.

And the other thing that they . . . that was very powerful that they got us into was crystals and lasers.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: I was shooting lasers into crystals in like 1974-75. It’s unheard of. He actually had me make, and I’m no electrician, but he made it real simple. He bought all the schematics and bought the pieces, and this was before . . . well, no there was probably solid-state, but this was a breadboard. I was just building it. I put in the fuses, and we built this laser system that had four different settings.

And I go, “Who are these for? What is this?”

It had alpha, beta, delta and – I’m trying to think of another one, but he said, “I’m sending these out to people around the world. We’re going to initiate laser healing.”

We sent one to Germany. We sent one to MIT. We sent one to Stanford. We sent one to Germany, or to Japan. He knew the Honda people from his dad’s contacts, and they knew him. He would work his consulting and some advanced technologies for airlines as well as Navy.

I remember he had a Navy brigadier captain, or whatever they . . . admiral. A brigadier admiral would come to the house. And he’s in charge of 10,000 men and an aircraft carrier. And the guys were getting sick below deck.

So Fred created a negative ionization machine. I build a bunch of them. They put them in these aircraft carriers – I think the Navy duplicated the technology – so that the electrostatic charge beneath the water would be rectified by this electronic air purification, because the ionization affects the moods.

So he was very powerful in giving this information about lasers, and now, everyone has lasers for healing your knees and stuff. And then also air purification. We started air purification back in the mid-70s as well and everyone picked up on it. But that’s part of the life force in pyramid technology.

He was a bundle of information. That book goes into the science of time-travel, mathematics. How it can do it.

He was always gathering new information from the Pleiadians, and eventually the Pleiadians handed him off to the Andromedans.

So I used to have telepathic communication, or he did, with the Andromedans. I could ask questions, and the information that was coming through, he would give me some quotes of some of the teachings he had, and they were mouthfuls of metaphysical information in regards to the evolution of mankind and our past history.

So this is a modern day version of contact, which has been going on on the planet for . . . you know, I can say hundreds of thousands of years.

But as you know from the Mohammad Accords, and Corey’s . . . we’ve kind of been out of the loop, and the quarantine situation for almost 30,000 years.

So it’s a complex political situation, but I’d like to lend a calm voice of assurance to those people who are worried about different things. Nothing’s going to happen. This plan will go forward.

The different Superfederation, 40 groups, and the benevolent extraterrestrial forces will see to it that this planet survives.

Now, people die everyday, and there’s maybe some Earth changes that take place mildly, but the intent is for mankind to awaken from our slumber, so-to-speak, and to learn who we are, where we came from, what our purpose in life is, and the true history of the Earth will be revealed to us.

Jimmy: And Fred was part of that message too. And I remember . . . and you can help me out here; you were probably there.

I remember years ago him telling a story – and it just had me so captivated; I was riveted – telling a story about him firing up some type of generator in his backyard and knocking out the power for blocks in both directions, right?

Were you there for that? And was he really that kind of an inventor that was just up there and he knew . . . He had the mad genius, and he was stepping outside of the box. But he was up there building these things.

Were you there to see some of this stuff go down?

Rob: Yeah, I actually built that system in his house, and I still build those systems. But what this was, was the Pleiadians were teaching us about scalar wave technology, which is utilizing pyramids – gold-plated pyramids – in different, what we called ‘pyramidal arrays’ of energy, and we connect them to Tesla coils.

And when you do that, you create a vortex and a portal, literally. You create an artificial time-warp zone, and with your disciplined thoughts, you can actually aide a manifestation.

And that was the reason the Pleiadians gave it to us. They wanted these systems to be built and people to get inside them and to start to work with their subtle consciousness deals, because it amplifies thought forms. Crystals amplify thought forms.

And Samjase said that the quartz crystal is the perfect synthesis of spirit and matter in zero time.

Now, you take a pyramid, and I’ll give you the scientific definition of pyramid, is progressive energy transfer through geometric focusing and dynamic electrical amplification over a measured plane of coordinates.

So we were creating these systems. We hook up a Tesla coil. We had crystals all over the place. We shoot lasers in there, and what this technology does, is this allows you to think prayer and peaceful thoughts for healing the planet. And one person in this technically created system will actually be like a thousand fold.

So they were hoping we could get this like rock concert-type things were people could be focused on positive healing energy or, you know, maybe something like Contact In The Desert, and stuff like that, and it would happen.

Now, in Germany, in [unintelligible], we did a UFO conference there with a guy named Michael Hasemann. He’s quite famous in Germany back in the day. And Samjase’s ship came over the building when Fred was playing the music that was inspired by the spaceship recording – sound of the spaceship.

They cordoned off the town in Germany, and we have a lot of stories like that. So Fred has had the UFOs confirmed by appearing when he speaks or in different locations. Like in Aspen, Colorado, they appeared over Bell’s Peak two days before he was to speak, and, of course, it went from like, you know, 40 people listening to there were over 200 people.

He was always . . . He’s different than some people. He had his own technique of revealing. He wouldn’t talk about like ‘how he met her’, ‘what she looked like’, ‘what the inside of the ship was’, ‘what was going on’.

All he would do was say, “I’ve got this from the Pleiadians”. And he would just explain the technology.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: He left all this stuff out, and he was told to keep a lot of this stuff secret. Like everything that Cobra talks about – the Archons and the mind-control grid – he shared some of that with me, but the extent of it was a real hot potato and could get you in deep trouble at that point in time in the ’70s.

So Fred was a great mentor and guide. And my experience is there. I had a lot of out-of-body experiences in the ’70s. He would call me up. I was a waiter and a lifeguard. He’d call me up like at 11:00 and would say, “The temple’s humming. You’d better get up here.”

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: And I would get up there. I wouldn’t even . . . I’d take off my shoes. I’d light incense. He had three levels. So I’d go to the four corners of each level and light incense, and I’d sit down in the pyramid system and do pranayama and certain breathing techniques, and then the next thing I know, I’d be taken out of my body.

And it was very hard to integrate those words. And he wouldn’t talk about it.

Jimmy: Well, I wanted to ask you this before we hit this break. We’ve got about four minutes.

It turns out that apparently he had a CIA handler. You know where I’m going with this. Did you . . . Up to his death, did he ever mention the CIA or any connections back to Washington? Did he ever talk about that with you?

Rob: Yeah, well, he didn’t have a CIA handler. Fred could exaggerate like nobody’s business.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: But he . . . With what he had really experienced, and what he talked about, it was no exaggeration.

I know the guy. And I’m just going to call him John M. But he used to come all the time, and this guy was a patriot. He worked . . . During the Reagan administration, he would go into Syria and shoot a laser and they’d blow things up.

He’d go to Area 51. He lived around Vegas, and he told me, like there’s a watertower. You go there and there’s an underground train, and you go to Area 51.

He had met ETs and they’d telepath to him, the nice ETs, he said, “Look like no threat to you.”

And he telepathically said to the ET back, he says, “Well, I’m no threat to you.”

Basically, he’s an underling and wasn’t in control because unfortunately the government saw a lot of ETs as hostile – even good guys were taken. And there’s a lot of stories there that aren’t really so friendly.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: John was a good guy. And I knew him, yeah, since I was 20 until Fred’s death. And I will have to say, if we can go to Fred’s death real quick here, but Fred was under a lot of pressure to keep this secret. And he was able to bring out some of his stuff.

In the end he was trying to develop this very advanced healing technology, which utilizes sound, light and color by reading your aura and giving you a feedback of an external sound and a cathode ray tube of noble gases.

And so you would read your aura, give you the proper balance to strengthen you that you . . . I call it “key tones”. And you would lie in a pH balance tub, which is what the Great Pyramid chamber was. It wasn’t a sarcophagus.

It was actually filled with pH water, and initiates would go in there and there would be an activation to amp up the life force in the physical form to connect with the soul. So you would have a firm connection. It’s like an initiation chamber.

And so Fred was trying to develop that. It’s advanced healing.

I want to say all good things. He was drinking a little bit and he wasn’t on the best diet, so I’m not really sure they took him out, because he wasn’t telling that much. He could have come forward, but he didn’t. Everything was very secret with him.

He never violated, “Don’t talk about that protocol.”

Jimmy: Right. So it did seem a little suspicious, though. And it was the timing of it. And so what you’re saying now is you just think it happened, and it was natural, and that he wasn’t taken out?

Rob: Maybe. I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any evidence. It certainly looks suspicious there, but I don’t know. Fred was kind of protected from a lot of things.

There were times he went to Dulce, New Mexico, and the Grays were flying over. This was back in the Gray days in the mid-’80s. Lots of stuff going on there.

And I could go into stories . . . I remember one time we were driving across country and we’d barely leave Los Angeles, and he says, “Rob, pull off here.”

I’m thinking, “What? Fred never pulls off.”

We pulled off the road, and he had telepathically made arrangement to meet a Pleiadian spaceship in the desert near Edwards [Air Force Base].

And I go, “What are we doing here?”

And he goes, “Why don’t you go to sleep.”

And I just dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Jimmy:Okay. Right there. Rob, that’s a perfect . . . We’ve got to take a break. Let’s do it right there.

We’ll pick it up, the “asleep like a sack of potatoes”. We”l pick that up right after this short break.

Our guest tonight, Rob Potter. I’m your host, Jimmy Church. This is Fade to Black. More with Robert after this break. Stay with us.


(Resume: 49:15)

Jimmy: Welcome back. Fade to Black. I’m your host, Jimmy Church, on the Game Changer Network and KGRA, the planets. Follow me on Twitter at JChurchRadio. #F2B is the SandBox.

Twitter’s jumping tonight. And, of course, there are all of the chat rooms over at Spreaker and KGRA if 140 characters isn’t your style. We have every way to stay interactive and live during the show tonight.

Our guest is Rob Potter. And right before the break, Rob, you’re driving with Fred Bell. You’re heading out toward Edwards Air Force Base – so I assume you’re in the desert – and he makes you fall asleep. Boom.

Did he snap his fingers?

Rob: No, no, no. Actually, we were headed to New York to the first Whole Life Expo with a friend of ours named Alan Goldman – the precursor to the Conscious Life and whatever.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: We started off with the National Health Federation with people like Victoria Kavenskas and Pat Flanagan. And Sean David Morton was there.

Fred and . . . We used to sell the pyramids and the various products at the booth and we were headed out there. And we just happened to be going through there.

Now, it comes back, and I found out later that she had landed and taken him for a ride and let him actually pilot the ship.

Now, another story like this with Fred, was in the alignment of 1982. Everyone though, “Oh, big changes when all the planets line up,” and I said, “What’s going to happen?”

And Fred says, “Well, that’s just the . . . The planets will have a pull on our endocrine glands, which will align our thoughts and feelings in a good way.”

So the science of astrology is intimately associated with the movement of the planets. It’s not mystical or dark magic. It’s a science of vibration and alignment and atunement to the endocrine glands, which secrete hormones and cause our feelings.

So the idea is to balance our thoughts and feelings, but there are a lot of things jamming that frequency.

So we’re up on his deck. We’d shot the lasers all night. We’re standing out there, and it’s just me and him. We had a lot of these nights like this. And his wife and kids would be asleep – whichever wife or kid just happened to be in his life at the time.

I knew him from 16 all the way through the four wives and girlfriends and the kids. So I probably have one of the broadest overviews of his life and work.

But I remember he was standing there, and I could see behind him, flashing in and out, a Pleiadian beam ship– the old style, not the Variation Three, not the [unintelligible]or the other time-travel one. The basic old Pleiadian ship came down behind his head and it shot up really quick.

And I was about . . . I said, “Did I see that?” And it came down and it did it again right behind his head.

And I was going to say something to him, and he looked at me like, “Don’t say a word. Just observe.”

And it did it four or five times.

And what that did was it purified the air in Los Angeles for two weeks. I could see almost Santa Barbara Island so much.

So this let’s you know that they actually – all of our pollution and all of our ignorance – there’s a technology . . . The ships could go up and down in our atmosphere and clean it up for us.

And I said, “Well, why don’t they do that?”

And he says, “You know, think about it.”

And so I thought, “Well, you know, a kid makes his room dirty, you don’t come up and clean the kid’s room. He’ll never learn” – as well as the hostile forces that like that type of degradation to our nature.

So I had experiences like that with him. Let me say another one.

He was suppose to speak in Canada, and he came down with the flu. And he came back and he asked me if I’d go up and talk. So I said, “Okay.”

So I get up there, and they were looking for him. And they confiscated a lot of the pyramids and stuff. And I had a radio show.

So I get on the radio show, and I start talking about negative ions and pyramids and healing and this stuff, and this government agent comes on and starts poo-pooing this stuff.

And then the guy goes to break, and he gets a phone call. And he said, “They told me that you can’t speak and they don’t want you on the air.”

He says, “I’ve never had a censored radio interview.” He says, “Wow!”

And I said, “Well, I was surprised too.”

And they basically let us say where I was speaking. And this was in Edmunton, Alberta, Canada, where the big, glass pyramid is.

And we get to the place, and guess what? Only one block had lost its electricity. And it was the building that we were in. And there was about 200 people there. And we had to cancel it, but some people decided to go to dinner.

And then I meet this guy named James.

And he’s kind of a tall guy, blonde hair, very little hair on his skin, and his arms were like marble. I could see into the skin almost. And I got a telepathic hit, “This guy’s special. He’s an ET.”

And so we had dinner, and I sat him next to me, and I kept nodding and telepathically pings going off, and the lady was very sweet, who had paid for everything.

And it kind of didn’t work out because we were censored. The thing was canceled by a suspicious electrical outage in one square block of the building we were at. And I got my first kind of taste of what was happening there.

So I invited James back to my room.

So we finally get into my room. I had a nice room, like the 15th floor or something – nice suite. And so I finally dropped all pretense, and I said, “Hey, James, so where are you from?”

And he smiled sheepishly/ He walks to the window. He pulled back the curtain. He looked up into the stars, and he looked at me, and he says, “Let’s just say we’re kindred spirits.”

Jimmy: Wow!

Rob: Fred told me later on, “Oh, you met James!” And James was from the Pleiades. And Fred had a poem from him when he left, but James was very scared for his life. He was working at Area 51, and other things, with the government, because they wanted to develop good technology so that when we move into this new transition, when the curtain comes down and the rest of the world wakes up to what’s really happening – that we’re not alone, never have been and never will be alone – we’ll be ready.

Fred said James was always very kind of paranoid and worried about that they were going to kill him or take him out.

I said, “Doesn’t he have protection?”

And he goes . . . And he said, “Yes, sort of.”

And I said, “Well, what do you do about the food here?”

And he told me the same thing that Dr. Frank told me later, which verifies to me that this is true.

He said, “Well, they have . . . It’s like a spiral pill. It’s a little white pill. And he takes it before and it supposedly neutralizes the food.”

And he was living at the Housbergs. Now, Margaret Housberg, back . . . this was . . . let me think. This was ’85, ’86. And he said she had something like $443 billion or something. And she was scared to death.

And she had not only Pleiadians, but Grays and other ETs living in this giant estate. And I’m not sure if it was back East. It might have been, but James said that when . . . And these old rich people liked to have really old furniture, fancy, very expensive, right, Louis XIV in his living room.

So James is very sensitive. And this may explain for your guests, so they know . . . You have a ghost apparition. It usually takes place in an older home with older furniture, because the human proteins that store in there after a 100 years, create an ectoplasm that lost spirits or waifs can use to manifest and knock on doors, or, you know, if they’re benevolent, to manifest things as well.

So James said that he didn’t like the vibe in there. He said it had a kind of oric stench. So he would take the mattress out onto the deck. And we make . . . we sell these larger pyramids that he put over his bed.

So that’s kind of an interesting thing. I don’t find out about these things until later – exactly what happened. He wouldn’t talk about these things quite openly. But he was an amazing character.

If I could, we had mentioned, . . . On my website, folks, I’d like to offer all listeners of Jimmy Church’s radio show here, I have a free book – two free books – on my website.

One is about a guy named Alexander Putney, and you’ll see a picture of George Bush, Sr. with Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, Martin Bormann, in 1938, when he was like 18 or 19. And it’s called, “The Veil of Invisibility”. You can download that for free.

I also have another free book there – go under Products, to the bottom at Books, go to the books, pick on the Free Books, download them – by Ingo Swan, who the military had remote view the Moon in the early ’70s. And that’s an interesting story. But read that book. Those are for free. And I hope you enjoy those. And that’s my gift to your listeners, Jimmy, on

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you for that man. And that’s really cool. And I really appreciate that for all the Fadernauts. Just click on the link right there at Head over to and get yourself those downloads courtesy of Rob. Thank you for that.

While you were just speaking there, I just got an email in real time about Dr. Bell. Going back to this, it says, “Jimmy, in Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theory shows, he’s in three episode two. The show begins with Jesse meeting Fred Bell secretly in a parking garage where Dr. Bell explains the death ray technology.

“When asked by Jesse how he knew about this technology, Dr. Bell stated, ‘I helped develop it’. Dr. Bell ended up dead two days after the interview while still in town. Coincidents? Probably not.”

Now, that’s from one of the Fadernauts. I didn’t want to bring this up, but . . .

Rob: It’s okay.

Jimmy: . . . I remember hearing all of this at that time, and I jumped into . . . I might have even seen the clip of Jesse Ventura and trying to reach the CIA, or something, on the phone about this whole thing.

Did he mention to you about any development of a death ray or that technology?
And he goes, “Hold on a second, Alan.” And he pushes a button and he puts him on speaker phone. He wanted me to hear it, because he called me “the witness” in a lot of things.

So Alan Holt, who built the lunar lift-off module, said, “Fred, we’d like you to come to downtown Los Angeles. We’re having a Star Wars’ scientists meeting. I’m working with Reagan. We definitely would like to have you on that.”

Fred said something about NASA in the old days and how you’re doing, and he says, “You know, Alan, I don’t even . . . I don’t do that any more.”

Now, Alan built that lift-off module which works pretty much in the vacuum. There is a light atmosphere on the Moon, but it doesn’t . . . so that was one thing.

Now when he left NASA, he realized there was a very advanced oscilloscope in Japan. So Fred bought the United States rights, and he was head of . . . He said his companies were worth $25 million at one point.

And he was going around to all the underground bases, which were in development back in the late ’60s.

And they would bring him in to test all of their equipment. So he had an advanced oscilloscope, and, I think, for five years he was running to underground bases here and there, and he was an expert in lasers and optics.

And one of his jobs was when the Soyuz and the American docking took place.

So he was very involved in precision time-clock and measurements. So where those two spaceships could, or space modules, could leave the atmosphere and meet exactly, and then they’d guide them in the last few seconds and lock and shake hands.

And the Pleiadians were actually there watching that, and Billy Meier was in a cloaked spaceship when that happened.

But Fred helped develop that guidance, so he had very high chops, and I remember him getting one of those very advanced printers in the late ’80s that was just so complicated with so many moving parts that they guy came out three times and couldn’t fix it.

And Fred goes, “Rob, come here.” He says, “Get up here.”

I get up to . . . and he pulled the thing apart himself with his tool kit, and I can’t imagine how many screws and parts were moving, and he fixed the thing without a book.

He was just a genius that way – mechanical engineer. I gave his horoscope to . . . Every person who saw his horoscope said, “This guy’s a physicist. He’s got laser focus. His Mercury is off the chart. He’s a genius.”

The show was a little staged there. He met Jesse. I’m sure he met Jesse. He wasn’t like beneath the parking garage. That was just a little bit of theater.

But Jesse was revealing a lot of stuff and they wouldn’t allow it to be published. They told the cabal stations, “If you publish this, you’re in trouble. You can’t do it.”

So it never got published. But, I love Fred Bell. I’m carrying on his legacy with his products the best I can, and sharing the information about pyramids and stuff.

I’ve had some dreams with him when I was in Egypt and stuff – not as often as I’d like, but . . .

Jimmy: Yeah, I wanted to talk a little bit about Egypt, too. I’m holding up my [unintelligible] pyramid to everybody here in the camera – for the bunker camera. I’ve got so many pyramids around here. And there’s nothing like Egypt, and we’ll jump into that.

You mentioned Dr. Frank just a bit ago. How did you meet Frank Stranges?

Rob: Well, back in 1979, when Fred started talking about pyramids. I was into spiritual stuff like the Babaji and Yogananda, and meditation.

I actually felt that the technology of the world’s a mess, and we should get back to like Native Americans and that kind of stuff.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: And Fred started talking about UFOs and I met this guy named Michael Ellegion, who’s an interesting psychic kind of guy, and he was very familiar with the Space Brotherhood. And he lived in my house for a month, and I became pretty much an expert in understanding . . .

He introduced me to an Omnec Onec tape in ’78 or ’79. That’s the lady from Venus that Wendelle Stevens brought out, who I’ve had at one of my conferences – Just a pure, sweet, loving woman. Taught me a lot of stuff.

And we were at some thing and I saw Dr. Frank Stranges with a guy named Daniel Fry, who worked at White Sands, New Mexico. And these were some of the original contactees in the modern day extraterrestrial push.

They had spoken to the governments in ’56 when Valient Thor landed at the Pentagon and offered help in science technology, transportation, free energy, replicators – the whole nine yards.

And Eisenhower and Nixon came in to shake his hand and said, “Well, I have to talk with my advisers.”

Wait a minute. You’re Ike, the most powerful general and the leader of the free world and you have to ask people?

So basically, he took it to the Cabal, or the money people, and they said their excuse, after three years when they rejected this offer, was, “It would destroy the economic system.”

So they went into a deal with the Grays, or Truman had already kind of done that. But they went into a deal with Grays who promised them technology. And, of course, the Grays were telling the same things to the Russians. And they had already been working with the Nazis for . . . Let’s see, that was ’56, so they were working with the Nazis for 10 or 15 years.

So all of this stuff gets revealed to us later, and we don’t really understand all this back in the day with the Grays and the revelation.

Fred could have explained it, but he never talked about that kind of stuff.

So it’s an interesting phenomenon to realize that all the world’s governments turned them down because they were beholden to this world debt-slavery system that has hidden the technologies.

And people, I want you to realize, when you’re in traffic in your little car, and when you pay your electric bill and there’s an electrical shortage, it’s all contrived. It has been for a long, long time.

And unfortunately, the average person has not looked deep enough or far enough for them. It’s a “conspiracy theory”. Well, it’s actually a criminal activity of the people who are responsible that have the information, have hidden it from us, have stolen our money, and misused public funds for a development of secret programs to only benefit themselves. And the rest of us literally can be depopulated.

They have an Agenda 21 that was brought out in the Global 2000 Report back in the day. And that was in the ’80s or ’90s. And the Pleiadians said, “Go get the report.” And it was just talking about neutering people in the Third World and just a lot of stuff that is very unethical. And we see that today continuing full speed.

And it’s good for people to be aware of this and to shine the light on the mold and bacteria that this exists.

But, I want to give the positive news. We are so locked in to our mind and so freaked out in our daily life, we could just shake our head and look up. There is such a bright future for us.

We can break away from this negativity, this ignorance. And if you think about it, you become fearful because so many people aren’t acknowledging what’s going on. We’re not living in a sustainable society.

We’re destroying the water. You’ve got the fracking. You’ve got the DAPL pipeline. I mean, all of these corrupt situations . . . You have electromagnetic mind-control through ELF, HAARP, and directed-energy weapons, microwave cellphones, [unintelligible] towers. And Cobra, of course, talks about the [unintelligible] chambers.

But I should get back to Frank. I saw him there, and I had always been interested but never followed him.

And I think it was in 2003, I got on and joined his Inner Circle group. And his information the way he talked about Valient Thor was always so honest and forthright.

And when I met him at the Inner Circle meeting in Las Vegas, he was so wonderful, so open, so loving, so caring, so genuine. And all he shared was with the teachings, very positive, beautiful spiritual teachings, from the Venusians.

And one of them was “Spacecraft Over Earth”. It talks about the 12 ships from Venus that are over the Earth. And each ship has two sister ships that hang in the astral plane. And they guard those ships and nothing could ever harm them.

The government has tried to find them, and they cannot with any technology find them.

And so the story goes, is he met Valient Thor while giving a talk about Valient Thor in 1956. And a woman came up to him after the meeting. It was a black woman who worked in the Pentagon. She’s passed away. We can say her name now: Nancy Warren.

And she said, “Dr. Stranges, . . . “ And he’s like signing his book called “Saucerama”. Now realize, he used to be a Secret Service agent ‘chasing paper hangers’. I’m sorry folks, that’s ‘counterfeit money’.

And he was a preacher. He had a real biblical-type of talk and spiritual. He’s referring to the message of Jesus and the whole Bible thing, which I kind of was not into at the time. And basically I kind of listened to him with a semi-skeptical ear.

But he met Valient Thor, and the woman says, “Do you know how to take orders?”

And he said, “Yes.”

She goes, “Be outside your hotel at 8:00 am.”

He goes, “I know.”

So she shows up. It’s a very cold day. They get to the Pentagon. They get in line, and she goes, “Just do as I do.”

And he goes, “What do you mean? I don’t have a pass. Everyone has a pass.”

“Just do as I do.”

So they opened up his coat. He went through four levels of security, flashing it.

And they have a Jedi-mind trick called “trans-imagery”. And he told me he was in the White House during Jimmy Carter with another of the commander’s people in that famous picture at Howard Mentor‘s place in High Bridge, New Jersey. His name is Dawn.

And he was in the White House, and Jimmy Carter came up to him and looked at his lapel. And he said, “Oh, State Department, huh?”

And he said he didn’t have anything on his . . . ha, ha, . . . on his collar. So he was in there. They were hob-nobbing in the White House. So they kind of come and go where they want.

I’ll also tell some other cool stories that Dr. Frank didn’t tell a lot of people. But they were for the Inner Circle members and stuff like that.

Jimmy: Well, we’ll pick that up right after the break. That’s a good point . . .

Rob: Oh, we have another break. All right.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we gotta do ’em, man. We gotta pay the bills, Rob. You know the drill. Our guest tonight, Rob Potter. This is Fade to Black. I’m your host, Jimmy Church, on the Game Changer Network on KGRA The Planet. We’ll be right back.

(break: 1:14:46 to 1:19:18)

Jimmy: All right, welcome back. Fade to Black. I’m your host, Jimmy Church. Our guest tonight, Rob Potter.

And this portion of the broadcast is brought to you by River Moon Coffee, makers of the Fade to Black Blend.


Now back to Rob. Rob, I want to talk some Cobra. And before we jump into it, this is the first time you’ve been on this show, and we’ve never actually had a chance to talk off air, but Cobra and the Galactic Federation, over the years, I’ve gotten tons of email from Cobra wanting to come on the show, the Galactic Federation and their representatives wanting to come on the show.

And I could never nail down . . . I got email from so many different sources, right?

Rob: Right, right.

Jimmy: Yeah, I just never could figure out . . . If I’m going to bring, you know, that organization or Cobra on the show, I need to make sure, A, it’s the right Cobra, right? Ha, ha, ha.

Rob: Right.

Jimmy: And the right Galactic Federation. And certainly, well, before we continue . . . Over the years and, you know, probably, . . . Well, a number of years ago, the visibility of Cobra and the Galactic Federation was really starting to spread and it was very visible.

It seems like it has died down and gone back in the other direction. So let’s address this really quick.

Who is Cobra? Who is the real Cobra?

Rob: Well, first of all, Cobra and I got together because he had . . . His website actually started on my birthday. I was posting, and he reached out to me because I have had experience with Fred Bell.

There’s a book called “The Promise” by Brad Steiger, and that’s based loosely . . . They took some of my life and made it Fred’s and I’m the character Eric in that book. And it’s a bit of a homogenization of facts and fiction there, which I won’t go into.

But he reached out to me, and I kind of vetted him. He likes to keep his voice . . . Let me say the first thing is, he was . . . Have you ever heard of a guy named Phil Schneider? When he was murdered . . .

Jimmy: Of course.

Rob: There was a group of contacts that were going to be murdered and Cobra was supposed to be one of them, and he escaped with the help of some of the Resistance Movement members and was given strict protocols in how to protect himself.

So he had his own experiences and was taken in the Solar System to, I’m not sure if it’s the Jupiter portal, but the Pleiadians gave him a good training and he was actually on the Moon in one of the bases and looking at the Earth. He’s had a lot of experience.

So let me just say he’s been asked to share some of the more technological aspects of the information. Like Fred, he’s pretty comfortable in some of these advanced metaphysical technologies.

So they asked him to make posts about certain things.

And, of course, let me just say, when anyone comes out there on this stuff, things get a little culty around them. But I have to say, Cobra handles it quite well. He does not take any personal adulation. And the only people that see him are the ones that go to his workshops.

So, you know, there’s always a question . . . I said, “Well, can’t the Cabal come and, if they want to take you out, go to the workshop?” And he says he has protection and stuff there.

But he . . . In order to keep the information on the message and not on his personality, he’s chosen to remain anonymous.

The word “Cobra” stands for “compression breakthrough”, which is well known in the Bible about an Event that’s supposed to take place. And they call it The Event, because it has . . . it doesn’t have a charge of people freaking out about what it is or what it isn’t .

I helped write the first, I think, 45 pages, or something, of a book he calls “The Event”. I kept the kind of ET thing out of it, but I’ve been studying this my whole life and I’ve always wondered, “How is this going to change?”

Fred Bell told me, he said, “They’re planning mass landings in ’95.”

Well, the Reptilians and some of these beings invaded in the Congo and unleashed a lot of negative programs. They upped their game in trying to take over the Earth. And this is a long political story, but you have asked about Cobra, so . . .

We starting contact and he said he wanted to do some workshops. So I was the first one to contact him because I’ve done them for Fred Bell. I used to organize them when I ran his company, built all the products and did all the shipping and everything, and I’d organize conferences after Whole Life Expo or . . . In Laguna Beach is where we did them.

So we organized one in Laguna Beach and that’s when I first actually physically met him. But the conference was held in the same location that Fred used to hold his things. And we went up on the hill where I knew where Fred was having his contacts very near, because I asked him about it later, and he finally said, “Well, yes.”

I said, “You know more, but you can’t tell me.”

He said, “Yeah, I’m sworn to secrecy, and I can’t tell you. It’s for your own safety.”

Fred used to talk about the “Veil” and all that kind of stuff.

As goes with the Internet, a lot of people talking about what they don’t know and they making prognostications about others, many people are being contacted. And I want to go back to Dr. Frank for a second.

After the governments refused the offer, they started taking it to the general populace. And in fact, they’d already anticipated possibilities and many different groups of extraterrestrials were coming to Earth for the first time or had been here before, were being prepared for Contact if they were ready and their life reached a certain thing.

Everyone has free will. And some people remain silent. Some people work in technology and never come out. Some people are meant to come out. Some people don’t.

So there’s a whole, let’s say, fifth columnist of Earthlings of good standing who are helping to bridge the gap over the silent secrecy group that is very serious and has murdered many, many people in regards to the multiple programs. They have been working with hostile syndicates of aliens to negatively affect the Earth and Corey’s talked about that as well. So, basically, it’s an individual situation.

So, I met Cobra. I have to say he’s very honest. He’s ethical.

Jimmy:You’ve met Cobra in person?

Rob:Yeah, yeah, several times. He came to Thailand, and we talked about the Prepare for Change, which I kind of conceived. From him just talking about it, I got all this information downloaded. So we worked on that.

But Cobra’s mission is to prepare people for what’s called The Event, which is the extraterrestrial plan to liberate the Earth from the hostile forces who are holding Earth hostage.

They control the military. They control finances. They control the governments. They control religion. And they have an advanced form of mind control, which is a whole show in itself.

I have a Venusian contactee guy that recently contacted me about a month ago. And he contacts me just out of the blue every now and then. I don’t get to plan it.

And he said they’re . . . they have plans for some advanced, directed-energy weapons to kind of mess up a lot of people. And he mentioned for me to share with your audience that people just need to hold fast to the Truth and to your own energy and don’t let your . . . any negative thoughts come into you.

And be aware that you are the master of your own destiny. By controlling your thoughts, words, deeds and actions, you can stave off these attacks, because our mind, if we let ourselves go into negative thinking, then we become an easy tool for misinformation.

So the trick is stopping your internal dialogue like Don Juan said, through meditation and not doing. And by doing that, you’ll provide no food for these psychic attacks. You dwell in a relationship with All That Is, or the Creator, whatever you want to call it, the Lord. And if you have a reverence and a feeling of the majesty of life, and you truly want answers, if you will with all of your might to invoke Light into your being and into your endocrine glands, to your chakras through your crown and through that ancient science of ‘yoga’, which means union, or ‘religion’, which means ‘unire’, to reunite . . . There’s a science to this.

And you can invoke this Light and strengthen yourself in what is called the living word of God, or the I Am Presence. And I don’t want to get all religious on this, but this is about personal development.

This transformation that’s coming on the planet isn’t about, “Oh, the army’s here. This guy’s doing this, the President did that, and the bad guy’s are doing this.” You’re going to go nuts.

All of these people are saying stuff and most of them don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. And some of them are very well intended, and we know a lot of the bad stuff.

Like they’re jamming our soul light with genetically-altered food, HAARP, ELF, microwaves, quintars – you know the story – loud noises, endless chemtrails and other types of gases that are being sprayed invisibly by hostile ET forces. And the good guys are having a battle here.

So there’s both good guys and bad guys that are working secretly behind the scenes. And trust me, the good guys are going to win. The bad guys are pretty much done. It’s a matter of doing it safely, so that when they decide to pull the trigger and make the arrests, they will take over the radio stations, every satellite. It can be done ‘snap’ like that. Every conventional weapon the government has, as far as aircraft, can be disabled in minutes throughout the planet.

There’s no problem, but doing it by force is not the best option for the Confederation. Look, the Confederation’s been around for thousands of years.

And the people that are emailing you are just people who are interested in Cobra. There’s no group mass emailing. He’s not saying, “Get me on this show or that show.”

People are excited about his information because he’s been correct about a lot of things. He talks about a technology which most of us don’t know about. And we have to take certain things for granted, but in my experience of 45 years studying this stuff, he’s filling in a lot of the gaps.

Is he right about everything? No. He’s human. Who is? Were certain things revealed to him later? Yeah. I mean, he’s above me. I mean, is everything Corey says exactly true and exactly real? Probably not. David Wilcock? Probably not. We’re all human.

But we have to understand that they way the information is coming to us, it’s coming through different individuals and groups. Number one, some of them will conflict with each other. And that’s for you to use discernment because you have to get the over-arching plan that has been in place for a long time so that you don’t get too caught up in one person or one ideal.

“Oh, David Wilcock’s the bomb. I’m really in to him.” Or “I don’t like him, but Corey has all the info”. Or “forget Corey”.

Everyone needs to take a little sip of everybody and resonate it. Research it.

I didn’t believe in mind control, Jimmy. I had to research it. There’s a book called, and your people can look for it. It’s called “Thanks for the Memories”, by Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, who was a mind control subject. I saw a picture of her with Joseph Mengele, his boots, when she was like six years old into this ritual abuse Satanic network.

She laid out all the stories. She was used as what’s called a presidential model. She had sex with Charles, King Faud, all the presidents, including Kennedy. So not all these guys were choir boys. But the Kennedys realized what was happening. They didn’t want to sell the planet down and decided to fight against the system.

And let me tell you, Dr. Frank told me that Johnson knew about it and was in on the plot. He hated Kennedy. And he actually called . . . He was . . . Dr. Frank was in town and Lyndon Baines Johnson went to the Secret Service to go gather Dr. Frank and they all came and surrounded him and, you know, said, “The President wants to see you.”

He went up to the room and he goes, “Where’s Valient Thor now?”

And he goes, “I don’t know.”

He goes, “How did you get past all that security there?” And he was smoking a cigar and he had socks and he said that he had like these garters on his socks. His feet stunk.

Dr. Frank was protected. He had many attempts on his life from . . . Commander Valient Thor had saved him.

Let me tell you this one story. He was in McCarran airport. He used to land and walk on the tarmac. And Dr. Frank . . . Commander Valient Thor would usually pick him up at his hotel or some place, but there was a limousine down there and some guys waved, “Dr. Frank!” And he got in the vehicle, and he noticed it smelled like cigars, and the guys were quiet. They didn’t say anything.

When they got . . . headed out to where Valient Thor was, they went . . . As soon as they went on the wrong road, he knew there was a problem.

And they got out in the middle of the desert, and they were military guys. They said, “Get out of the car.” And they kicked him to the ground, and they started to beat him up.

Well, Valient Thor and Dawn materialized on the moment. And Dawn was standing by the driver. The door was closed and Frank told me that he reached through the door, pulled the guy out through the door and threw him in a heap.

And the two other guys that were in the back were military henchmen, and Valient Thor took one with one hand and threw him near the other guy and grabbed the other guy and threw him.

And then he raised his hand and all the tires turned to liquid. And then all three of them disappeared.

And I go . . . I said, “Wow!” And, of course, my question was, “Well, where did they go?”

And he goes, “You know, that was my thought.” He said Valient Thor said, “Let’s just say they’ve been displaced.”

And I said, “Well, where do you think they went?”

And he said, “Probably to one of the salt mines on Pluto. The salt can draw out a lot of negativity.”

So that was Dr. Frank’s . . . some of the stories. And let me tell you one more story.

When Bobby Kennedy was running, Dr. Frank was living in Chatsworth, and they pulled in a limousine. This was before he was killed, like three days before he was killed.

They pulled into Frank’s cul-de-sac, and he said people were mowing the lawn. One lady was like had a cigarette, her hair in curlers with her dog. Another guy’s pickin’ . . . you know . . . The neighborhood was just like, “What the hell is this?”

And Bobby Kennedy got out and strode to his door. He knocks on the door. He said he was kind of short. And Dr. Frank . . . And the first thing was not, “Hello, Dr. Stranges. How are you?” and “I’d like to talk to you.”

He says . . . He goes, “I understand you know this Valient Thor character. Where is he now? I want to talk to him. Get him here now.”

Ha! And Dr. Frank said, “Well, it doesn’t work that way. I really don’t know where he is.”

He goes, “Well, you get him on the phone.”

He goes, “I don’t’ know where he is.”

And he goes, “Well, I . . . “

And he says, “This meeting is over.”

And he goes, “Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute.”

And he says, “Okay. Well, come on inside.”

He says, “You have to write a letter.”

And he says, “I don’t have time to write a letter.”

He goes, “Well, you can go.”

He says, “Okay. I’ll write a letter.”

So Bobby wrote a letter and put it in an envelope and left.

Oh, and he says, “I want to know where Valient Thor is. I want to know who killed my brother.”

And Dr. Frank said that he put the letter on his desk, and he woke up in the morning, and it was gone. Sometimes Valient Thor would appear and . . . sometimes he’d hold letters to his forehead and gets it.

But he told . . . Well, actually, it was the very first time Dr. Frank got to go aboard the ship.

Several days later, Valient Thor picked him up and the started to drive to Mexico to La Paz. And they got on a boat. They went up to the corner. They went around the rocks there and there was a ship cloaked there. They opened the door and Dr. Frank got to go on board for the very first time.

And he gets on board the spaceship and they have a magnetic field that decontaminates you, like walking through mud kind of, but it’s just the air.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: Like a magnet pulling at you.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: And he gets on this spacesuit, a guest. They go upstairs and everyone’s in the commanders quarters and they’re watching Bobby Kennedy’s speech live.

And Commander Valient Thor had told him on the way down, he said, “Well, I went to meet Bobby Kennedy. I appeared at his hotel room.”

And he said he was very suspicious, and he turned on the radio in his room. They went into the bathroom. He turned on another radio and ran the water and had a conversation with Valient Thor.

And Valient Thor told him that, “There are forces aligned against you. In fact, your life is in danger. You will be successful if you run in four years. We recommend that you don’t run.”

And he died two days later, and Dr. Frank was on board the ship, and they had a . . . They can look anywhere. There wasn’t TV. They were watching live with their own camera.

When he was going to get shot, Vice Commander Teal, a female, turned her head and said, “God help him!”

And that’s kind of the information and the abilities they have. They can’t interfere too much because of free will, and because of the hostage situation that Cobra talks about.

I’ve talked a lot. I apologize. I’m going to let you ask some questions.

Jimmy: No, actually, I’m just sitting here enjoying and listening, but I do have a question. Stranges died when, late 2000s? When was the last time he was in contact with Valient Thor, do you know?

Rob: Yeah, I was actually going up and meeting him for lunch, because I just found him to be fascinating and I was privy to do that. He allowed me to do that.

Dr. Frank was in constant contact. He said that Valient Thor would just appear in his office sometimes. Sometimes he would . . . if the secretary wasn’t there, he would walk into the office.

He was given . . . When he would go on board, the doctor would look him over and make suggestions for his health.

Now they didn’t interfere with his Earth medicine, but when he was on board the ship, he sounded younger, and he didn’t have to wear glasses, and a lot of his health issues were gone.

He was a member of a joint extraterrestrial and Earth-based council called the Council of Twelve. And there are many Councils of Twelve. It’s a standard number when making decisions.

They had various programs that they were attending to, but he had some health issues. He had open heart surgery and couldn’t walk very well, and all this stuff.

And the last Inner Circle meeting he told me that he was in the hospital, so I did not pay my fee. And I went up to him in the hospital, and I called everyone in Las Vegas who had that Inner Circle transcript that he would read over the two days.

I got him on the phone so he could say ‘Goodbye’ to the people who had followed him for many years. It was a very straight, normal kind of group.

And Dr. Frank kind of talked a lot of biblical stuff about Jesus and the message and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was told to reveal all the spaceship contacts in there, and he did that.

He said, “Rob, they told me not to preach at the meeting and just to give the information. Hallelujah!” Ha, ha.

Jimmy: Well, and that was the other thing about Frank that most people don’t know. They think of “Stranger in the Pentagon”, right, and I get that, and they should. But he was a preacher. He had the full on religious side of his life, and then he had the ET contact side of his life too, and trying to somehow live with them both and get them both to . . . have the messages overlap.

And it’s a little bit . . . It’s a little bit of a paradox for Stranges, but he had definite two sides to his life.

Rob: Well, you abide in His truth and truth abides in you, and he merged them, because the message of Yehoshua, or Christ . . . We’ve had . . . There are a lot of avatars – a lot of beings – that are sent here to teach humanity, and the Bible is filled with UFOs.

Look at the Mormon Bible cover. It’s got Jesus praying with a UFO and beings coming down. Look at the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas, the Rig, Rasur and Sama Veda – I was a philosophy major – or talk about the Rashees. Those were the Pleiadians.

And that information, the Indian science of yoga, is a pure teaching that comes from knowledge of the subtle energy bodies in the currents, and we’re just constantly dumbed down. So we’re trying to reestablish these ancient teachings.

And being aware of extraterrestrials as part of the Bible . . . You know, a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of night led Moses out . . .

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: . . . that whole story. A lot of UFO contactees, George Hunt Williamson – you can research him – and went to South America. There’s a guy, a contact now – I’m going to go down and see him; I’m doing a group in Bolivia – Luis Maertens.

He doesn’t speak English so well, but that guy has amazing experiences. He’s very loving, like Dr. Frank and Omnec. And the Venusian contacts are just smiley, happy people. They don’t get into politics.

Jimmy: Well let’s . . . We’ve got to take a break right here. When we come back, I do want to take a dance around the world with you a little bit. You do a lot of traveling. But also, yeah, with the Bible, you can insert ET or alien or UFO throughout the Bible, and it turns out to be a whole another story, doesn’t it?

Our guest tonight is Rob Potter. This is Fade-to-Black. Stay with us.


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Jimmy: Hey, Rob. I’m a big music guy, right? I talk about music all the time on this show. What did you listen to? You and I are the same age. We went through the same eras together. I’m just curious. What were you listening to in the 70s?

Rob: I love The Moody Blues, Jackson Browne, Rod Stewart, Elton John. You know, I kind of like the signer-songwriters, James Taylor. I did not understand heavy metal until one day I had my LSD trip, and I heard Jimmy Hendrix’s “Water Fall” . . .

Jimmy: Yeah, that’ll do it.

Rob: . . . and Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”, and I go, “Oh, I get it now.”

Jimmy: I remember, oh man, this is in the mid-70s – maybe ’77 – and I’m at a . . . it was like a dance or some kind of thing at a teen club, right? And they had a band there.

And the band played “Highway Star”, and I stepped back, and I went, “That . . .”, right? Right there. Yeah, I totally got the whole Deep Purple thing. But, yeah, I was a heavy metal kid in the ’70s. Well, I still am. I’m a heavy metal kid today.

James Taylor, all the master songwriters like Jackson Browne . . . Today, when I listen to their craft and how they did it, you know, it was songwriting. it was pure and simple.

The Eagles, right? That whole . . .

Rob: Oh, yeah, the Eagles. I loved them.

Jimmy: Yeah, absolutely. I’m so with you on all of that. I just love . . . If music is good, it’s just good.

Rob: By the way, I want to say one thing. Although I did have that experience, I don’t advocate . . . Massive drug use is not good. In the long run, I think too much can go somewhere, but it was a part of our culture and I had that experience.

I want to share with you one little thing before you go into your next question was about music. Now, the Pleiadians, their spaceships . . . no one can steal a Pleiadian spaceship because the ship is literally living and alive and is keyed to the auric signature of the captain.

So when they build their spaceships, first of all, they grow a mushroom in zero gravity in outer space, and at a certain point in time, the inject a liquid crystal into the mushroom, and it becomes like a living, alive, ship. And it’s keyed into, let’s call it, a universal ether plasma field.

And when the captain rides the ship, it does as the captain is thinking and feeling. So when you hear a “Woo-woo-woo-woo” – all that sound – it’s kind of keyed into the captain.

Here’s another interesting fact: When Fred went to the Pleiades and landed on Lyra, he said that the spaceports were shaped like conch shells and like the Hollywood Bowl-type of stuff to enhance the sound. And so it’s kind of a show-off kind of thing, not show-off, but a fun thing that they would come in make their ship make these beautiful orchestral sounds when they land. How is that for cool?

Jimmy: Yeah, totally. And the . . . Man, we keep going back to Fred Bell. Fred Bell was also into music and writing and he had the full studio at that house in Laguna.

Rob: Yeah, we actually had Jim Dilettoso, who did the camera work for the book, “Contact in the Pleiades” by Wendell Stevens and Billy Meier, came over to the house, and we did some jamming. Fred had some very exotic sound waveforms there making slaves of five different synthesizers and keying off of one.

It was very awesome music, and it was based on holographic sound technology, which never really completely got off the ground. But Jim Dilettoso . . . The Pleiadians contacted Fred when he was there that night he said, “We’re going to go out and give him his own contacts.”

He was going to go and . . . He was trying to say “Goodbye” and he was . . . Jim was smoking a cigarettes, and he was like, “Jim, just go. You know where to go. You want your own experience.”

I don’t know if he was kind of afraid or stuff, but . . . He had his own experience eventually.

Jim was the guy . . . and this was in 19 . . . I want to say, ’82 or ’83 . . . He was the guy . . . He had a helmet in his hand. And I go, “What is that?”

And he goes, “This is my prototype for the telemetrics.”

And I go, “What do you mean the telemetrics?”

And he goes, “Well, . . .” Even then we didn’t . . . He says, “You don’t really know right now but some of the pilots and advanced pilots have these little computer screens that come over their eye and they just look and all of the . . . it runs all of the equipment. This is the next level. This is no screen, no eye needed to go focus on anything. This is a telemetric device . . .

Jimmy: Right.

Rob:. . . that would read your mind and run the latest aeronautics.” So Jim was a very advanced technology guy.

And he told me he was working on . . . Now you have the . . . You don’t have to fill out your form. You just stick the check in?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Rob: He developed all the reading stuff for the banks. He’s another scientific genius there that ran through Fred’s house.

Jimmy: He was working with Geordie Hormel and The Village out there in Phoenix. I think he always had a vision for the future, and certainly was . . . back when computers were just taking off and the ability to scan photographs and study color imaging and heat signatures. Dilettoso was right there at the front of it. There’s no doubt about it.

Oh, one of my producers, Rene, just sent me this message. She wants to know, “What happens to the ET spaceship if the captain dies?”

Rob: That’s an interesting question. I can’t say I would know. But generally speaking, they don’t die. If they’re involved in something down here, no one else can use it.

I mean, the government can have it now. Dr. Frank said that Valient Thor’s crew . . . They landed, and they gave spaceships at Edwards Air Force Base when they went to the dental thing?

Jimmy: Right. Right. Right. Right. In Palm Springs.

Rob: They made a movie about it. It’s called “Strange Science” with a kid supposedly finding the thing with . . .

Anyway, he said that when they put it in kind of like a neutral zone so you could push it around. One person could move the spaceship. And he said when it was there, Eisenhower was standing in front of it, and they blinked it so you couldn’t see it, and they said he had a minor heart attack, actually. Ha, ha.

Jimmy: Right. Right. Right. I heard the story. Oh, before we . . . I don’t want to run out of time here. I do want to . . .

Rob: Yeah, you want to go around the world.

Jimmy: You travel a lot. You’re on your way to Bolivia, but before we get to Bolivia, which is a very interesting place, let’s talk a little bit about Egypt. Why is it so special for you?

Rob: Well, for me, I’ve always had a fascination with the pyramids, and I first went there in 1991, I think. I took a group called Power Places Tours, and I arranged the UFO. We took Zecharia Sitchin and Howard Menger, the Hybrids New Jersey incident where Valient Thor’s picture was taken.

Jimmy: Right.

Rob: We took some UFO people, and we did this beautiful tour inside all the pyramids, go around the Sphinx. Then we took a cruise down the Nile and went to all these different places and learned a lot of the lore and the history that was there.

But all of this place known as Egypt was actually one of the first centers where the forces of Light tried to reestablish the teachings after one of the falls of Atlantis.

Fred claimed that the Great Pyramid is 76,000 years old. Now, there have been salt crystals and evidence that’s showing it to be 26,000. And I don’t know. I could imagine this could be debated, but the Great Pyramid itself was connected to another location called Saqqara.

And there’s all kinds of ET underground labyrinth there, where you would be trained in various metaphysical techniques to control your mind. And there’s a giant sarcophagi there, where you would go in there with very little air for three days.

If you passed all these tests, you’d go about 40 miles in this underground tunnel, and you’d come up underneath the pyramid. And there was water there. And people would try to dissuade the initiates. “Oh, they’re out there to kill you. They’re jealous of your power.”

There was a supposedly some crocodiles that in there. They were always well fed. And they’d see how you’d go into fear. Then they’d flood one of the chambers, and if you panicked they’d let it . . . the water down, but if you were relaxed and let it get to the top, then it would . . . a door would open and you’d go into the next level.

There are seven chambers located like a kundalini on the spine of various rooms where various initiations took place.

And what people should know is the Great Pyramid itself had many functions. But one of the main functions was an energy device. And I’ll tell you some of the things . . . how the energy worked.

Now, Wardenclyffe that Tesla built, the standing wave technology, a more modern version, always had to have water. And so the Great Pyramid also had water at the base.

In the Grand Gallery, there was a tank, and there’s like tread marks for a tank. It was a modern-day high-technology equipment. And it would go along the Grand Gallery, which had lots of precious stones, which were later removed.

And so this device would resonate to the cosmic energies of the universe and would provide energy into the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber were intimately associated, because those roofs – the roof of those rooms – both would raise and lower with the capacitance of the natural energies.

It worked on the piezoelectric effect of the limestone. It worked on thermal coupling from the marble outer shell that was there. And the rotation of the Earth, the Moon, . . . everything was combined.

And the Great Pyramid was a generator station.

And it wasn’t so long ago that if you were inside the Great Pyramid, you would have a wi-fi receiver, not microwave, but a completely harmless reception that you could gather energy from the pyramid.

And the capstone was a solid gold capstone on there.

They stripped the marble years ago. And you can still find some of it there.

But the secret chambers in there were very powerful, and it was open to the public until the time of Christ.

And when Christ . . . Yeshua went in there for his initiation, they sealed it up, and I think it was 989 years later they found their way in and they’re still rooms they don’t know.

That guy, Zahi Hawass, was a Cabal criminal. They stole a lot of information, and they’re keeping a lot of secrets there.

A guy named J. J. Hurtak, who wrote the book, “Keys of Enoch” . . . I spent time with him at the Bosnia pyramid there, and he told me that he showed the [unintelligible] tomb. There’s a river under there.

Lots of stuff will be revealed as Dr. Frank promised us. There are ancient records and chambers all around the Earth, including Sedona, Arizona, one of the first contact points of the Venusians over 200,000 years ago, will be brought forward at the right time with technologies and records proving what took place.

And at a certain point in time in our future, when humanity has kind of gone through its shock and awe and fear and everything’s calmed down, we’ll probably be able to see the Akashic Records of various things that took place, perhaps of the criminal activities of the Cabal.

Their activities, as horrible as they are, may be revealed to us so that we can understand and grasp the level of wool thickness that’s been pulled over our eyes, and how we’ve allowed ourselves to be misled.

Jimmy: Yeah, there’s no question . . . Sorry, I’m going to jump in real quick here. There’s no question about Egypt and what is going on at Giza. As you walked around there for the first time, and there’s no hieroglyphics, there’s nothing there, and you’re looking at these amazing structures, and then you go down the Nile and you’re able to go to Luxor or Karnak. Well, you went to Saqqara.

And you travel to these different sites where you see the hieroglyphics everywhere, and you see the difference, the dichotomy, between the other sites around Egypt and Giza, do you feel like we have been lied to, that there is something else going on at Giza, that it just might not be Egyptian at all, and it’s rather painfully obvious?

Rob: Well, look, first of all the Ankh, and you can see that they were built by the Atlanteans or ETs. They had elongated heads. They had a little thing that came up to their mouth and gave them like a steam bath of copper.

And what they could do with these Ankh, they would hold it and they could put it to a stone and make the stone 10 lbs., 50 lbs., 100 lbs., . . . I think they made it like 25 lbs. so it wouldn’t just go spinning and get out of control.

But there would be one Atlantean and two workers . . . would push it into place. There was no manual labor. That’s all hogwash.

So there was a technology that built a lot of the pyramids.

Now, there are some stories that the Great Pyramid was manifested by an act of will, but I don’t really know and I think these mysteries will come forward.

I have to say, I was shown the famous hieroglyphics – this was in ’91 – that show . . . look like a tank, a modern-day plane. And I asked the guy, I said, “This wasn’t made recently.”

He said, “No, this is all . . . These are real.”

So they had some prophetic ones.

But to get to Karnak, and in many of the temples there, was have the Jesuits to thank for that. They had teams of Jesuits for 30 years on ladders with chisels blanking out all of the information and the stories of ET contact and extraterrestrial stuff.

So that was done in the . . . whenever that was done.

Jimmy: Right. Right.

Rob: That’s been hidden.

Jimmy: We’re approaching the end of the show here, Rob, and I wanted you to share with us the latest communication with Cobra, and the message to our audience and to the world and to our planet.

And where are we with that today?

Rob: Well, Cobra’s very careful not to say any dates. He’s an expert in explaining the Veil of the technologies

keep us kind of in a semi-mind-control state. We’re triggered. We get upset. Our families break up.

So he shares that. He tells the information that’s very important for us to remain clam.

Don’t get so involved with the political stuff. He has insider stuff that he talks about, that he has his own contact sources telepathic.

I’ve revealed that he’s a male. He’s a normal guy. He has a girlfriend, and I’ll just say he’s very ethical, very honest, sincere. I found him to be very stand up and straight.

We have some differing views on things, I think, because he doesn’t reveal a lot. He keeps a lot of things close to the vest and secret. He reveals something, and I go, “Hell, I knew about that in ’82. I don’t know why it’s so secret.” But he has his reasons, and I respect them.

You know, if you want to have him on the show, he’ll come on, but he needs to be modulated.

Jimmy: Yeah, that’s what he said.

Rob: Oh, you actually talked to him?

Jimmy: Yeah. You know, I have my . . . Look, I respect his reasons for wanting to do that, but here on this show, I think transparency is paramount. So if we can’t . . . There’s no way to meet him in the middle here. Right?

Rob: Yeah, I hear ya. Coast-to-Coast had the same thing.

Rob: It’s all right.

Jimmy: Yeah. I would love to have him on the show. It’s just that it needs to be all or nothing. And for him it needs to be all of nothing, so we’re kind of stuck, right?

Rob: Yeah, it’s all good. It doesn’t matter. Life goes on. The world can survive without one more Cobra interview. He’s doing . . . sharing his stuff. He’s very consistent, and he doesn’t talk negative of other people. He doesn’t [unintelligible] or question. He says, “I can’t confirm that” or he doesn’t know – his sources don’t indicate that.

Let me make something clear. One of his contacts is from Planet X. So let me explain Planet X.

Planet X has a very long elliptical orbit. It takes 850 days for one of their years. So it’s three times farther away from the Sun than us. It has methane gas all over its surface. The people live on the interior, as do most people throughout the universe and the galaxy – live on the interior of the planet.

Our planet is very unique and has a very lively, rich . . . It’s one of the most beautiful planets around because of its powerful life force that regenerates and creates so much beauty here, though our attempts to destroy it are mad.

So that planet was under the control like we are of this Dark negative energy that basically is . . . You know, it’s like a bully in a kindergarten room and they’ve taken over the teacher’s spot and running everyone and no one . . . It’s happened so long that everyone forgets. They’ve shortened our life span.

We’ve got what, 80 years to figure it out, and you start to figure it out and then you’re dead. Ha, ha.


Rob: So we have that going against us. So basically they all knew what was happening. And soon as the opportunity came, they battled these, the Reptilians and Andromeda force, and they liberated their planet.

And they knew the nature of this group is . . . they come and go. They’ll evacuate, and they’ll come back in 300 years and try to take it over again.

So they wanted them kicked out of the Solar System so they petitioned the Confederation and the Alliance – the different ET groups that are observing our situation and doing their best to raise our awareness and to help us throw off this hostile force, and they said, “Yeah, you can come in.”

And they came in, and they lost a lot of people in these battles.

But according to Cobra, many of these negative, underground bases and forces, have been overcome and kicked off the planet.

Now, he maintains that there is a very exotic top quark technology that works whats called a toplet bomb which could destroy the planet. And they have to be very careful with that.

So it’s part of the hostage removal situation that when this liberation comes, it’s not mean to be a bloody revolution with people fighting in the streets and we’re free of debt. It’s meant to be like basically turn off the electric mind-control panel, provide positive information, flood the planet with positive healing technologies, clear up the air with those ships going up and down, and share the truth and buttress it with lots of contactees that have been taken off to live on other planets will come back and share their information.

And the ground crew gets to meet . . . We don’t know . . . All we can do from my perspective, with my experience, . . . I know that these things are coming. It’s just a matter of patience.

I mean the stuff in Bolivia we can save for another show., but it’s amazing down there. Lake Titicaca, the Island of the Sun, Machu Picchu and the contacts that happen down there are very relevant, and very much actually connected with the Venusians. You can read about that on my website too if you’re interested.

But I thank you for having me on here. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you so much, Rob. And safe travels to Bolivia. And when you get back, let’s get you back on the show – way, way too much to cover. Tonight, we just kind of did a lot of a little, right? Ha, ha. We just went across the board.

Like I said, safe travels. When you get back, we’ll get you back on the show.

Rob: Well, thank you so very much, and Victory to the Light, and thank you all for listening.

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you so much, Rob. All the best, and, again, safe travels. Now, Rob’s links for are over at Go to the books section. He’s got those two free downloads for you. Go and check that out, and everything else that Rob has over on his website.

Rob Potter, everybody. Safe travels to Bolivia. This is Fade-to-Black. I’m your host, Jimmy Church.