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Since Bird World closed its doors at the Denver Zoo in 2019, the Linne’s two-toed sloth family has been in search of a new, permanent home within of the 80-acre facility.

But now, Charlotte, Elliot and their son, Wookiee, have been reunited in a new habitat that includes additional space and key features for the family to thrive.

The two-toed sloth family’s new home in the Zoo’s Tropical Discovery on the east side of the campus includes high, sky-lit ceilings, a 22-foot sloth tree with branches.

Zoo-goers will be able to fully walk around the entire exhibit to see the animals climbing trees for moss, lounging in their new treetop home, or sleeping — which they do for 15 to 20 hours each day. 

“We built this habitat with the guests in-mind, but certainly with the animals in mind too. We really built a new exhibit that is ideal for them and provides all the space they need to be happy and healthy, while also giving guests a unique perspective on one of their favorite animals,” said Jake Kubie, the zoo’s director of communications.

When he’s not sleeping, Wookiee is one of the zoo’s animal ambassadors and became a nationally renown star with the Zoo’s Up-Close Looks. 

The new exhibit partners with Palm Done Right, an organization providing information about harvesting palm oil and its impact on wildlife habitats around the world, including the Linne’s two-toed sloths in the rainforests of South America. Palm oil is used in nearly 50% of the packaged products in supermarkets from doughnuts to deodorant, but comes from the palm trees, which are part of the rainforests ecosystems, according to the organization that works to help communities harvest the oil “in harmony with nature,” so farmers can continue to support their families and sloths can continue living atop of trees.

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