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From the Colorado Secretary of State:

On Thursday my office received notice that the United States Postal Service would be sending out a national pre-election mailer to every household in America that contains incorrect election information for Colorado.

The mailer incorrectly asks that voters request a mail ballot 15 days before the election and return their ballots by mail at least seven days before the election.

In Colorado, every registered voter is sent a ballot without having to make a request and voters are urged to return ballots by mail sooner than seven days before the election. My office asked USPS officials to delay or not send the mailer in Colorado, but they refused to commit to that.

As the Chief Election Official of the state of Colorado, it’s my job to try to stop misinformation and any unnecessary election confusion.

The importance of this election, combined with the fact it is being held amidst a national pandemic, further heightens the need to provide correct voting information to Coloradans.

That is why I am filing a lawsuit against the USPS to cease this mailer and help shield Colorado voters from this misinformation.

I just found out the @USPS is sending this postcard to every household and PO Box in the nation. For states like Colorado where we send ballots to all voters, the information is not just confusing, it’s WRONG. (Thread)

— Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) September 12, 2020

Here in Colorado (and also in CA, DC, HI, NJ, NV, OR, UT, WA, & VT) voters don’t request ballots because a ballot is mailed to every registered voter. But the @USPS is confusing our voters by telling them to request a ballot.

— Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) September 12, 2020

Secretaries of State asked @USPS Postmaster General DeJoy to review a draft before election information was sent to voters to ensure accuracy. But he refused. Now millions of postcards with misinformation are printed & being mailed to voters.

— Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) September 12, 2020

Also in Colorado, we ask voters to send ballots back at least 8 days before the election. Why is the @USPS telling voters a different timeline?

— Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) September 12, 2020

Confusing voters about mail ballots in the middle of a pandemic is unacceptable. It can undermine confidence in the election & suppress votes. I will do everything in my power to stop @USPS from sending misinformation to voters.

— Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) September 12, 2020

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