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Colorado Teardrop Campers introduces the first pull-behind camper built specifically for EVs.

If you want to tow anything with an electric car, you likely have one concern: Won’t it kill my range? Colorado Teardrop Campers answers the inquiry with an unequivocal “no.”

Today, the Boulder-based camper builder announced its new pull-behind unit for an electric vehicle. Colorado Teardrop outfits it with a no-frills name (“The Boulder”).

The company maximizes EV mileage in more than one way: lightweight construction and unique battery architecture that lets The Boulder charge the EV that’s pulling it. If you thought you needed a diesel truck and a fat gas budget to go glamping, think again.

The Boulder Camper for EVs: Build and Concept

The idea behind The Boulder was to cut weight but maintain strength and add batteries to recover vehicle range. A DC fast charger connects the trailer and the car for stationary or on-the-go charging. The inherently aerodynamic teardrop shape also helps to maintain range.

Onboard, The Boulder’s got outlets, modular configuration capability, and a host of features to facilitate comfy camping.

Cross-pollination between the EV and camping communities may be obvious, but for the category to be viable, innovators first needed to clear the hurdle of range limitation.

“The ability to return an electric vehicle to its original range and provide recharging capabilities through renewables will extend camping opportunities far beyond the current range and enable a new level of environmentally responsible camping possibilities,” Colorado Teardrop Campers founder Dean Wiltshire said. “We estimate The Boulder will restore EV ranges to their pre-towing range, or better.”

Wiltshire estimates The Boulder will see two to three times more action than traditional RVs due to its small footprint, easy towing, and range-boosting feature set.

The Electric (Camping) Revolution: Implications and Rollout

EVs have — and continue to — drastically disrupt the auto industry. And new initiatives in the private and public sectors make the market more viable all the time. But will The Boulder cause similar ripples in RV and camper world?

Wiltshire, for one, believes that electric vehicles will disrupt the RV industry as much as the auto industry over the next decade. According to Colorado Teardrop, less than 1% of EV owners have seen a luxury camping experience paired with an EV. The Boulder, it says, enables and realizes the concept of practical EV range and combines it with off-grid camping.

Now past its design phase, The Boulder awaits production at Colorado Teardrop’s newly expanded 20,000-square-foot facility.

The family-owned company is taking preorders for The Boulder on its website. Check it out for pricing and warranty incentives.

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