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A Colorado State Patrol vehicle was struck by another car Monday, May 10, along Interstate 70 in Summit County. The officer inside the vehicle sustained minor injuries.
Photo from Colorado State Patrol

A Colorado State Patrol vehicle with a state trooper inside was struck by another car Monday, May 10, along Interstate 70 in Summit County, according to trooper Josh Lewis.

The collision occurred just before 9 a.m. on the westbound lanes of the interstate near the Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnels.

Lewis said the trooper was in his vehicle at the scene of a crash and parked on the side of the road when another vehicle struck the patrol car. Lewis said the trooper sustained “minor injuries at worst.”

“He’s mostly just sore and stiff from the collision,” State Patrol spokesperson Colin Remillard said.

Remillard said collisions with law enforcement vehicles are common and that community members need to do a better job of slowing down in poor driving conditions and keeping an eye out for officers parked on the side of the road.

“In my career, it’s by far the No. 1 killer of law enforcement is getting struck by a moving vehicle here in Colorado, especially for us troopers,” Remillard said. “People don’t think they’re driving too fast in the conditions until they find out they are. At that point, it’s too late.”

Lewis added that he believes weather played a factor in the collision.

“Ultimately, it’s just a matter of paying attention, moving over, being careful, even when there’s inclement weather,” Lewis said.

Remillard said that when drivers see law enforcement officers parked on the side of the road, drivers should slow down and give officers as much leeway as possible.

Lewis said he was not aware of any charges being brought as a result of the incident.

While protecting another crash scene, one of our vehicles was struck on I70 near mile marker 213 this morning at about 9:00 AM. The trooper inside sustained minor injuries. This has to stop. Slow down. Move over. Save lives.

— Colorado State Patrol (@CSP_News) May 10, 2021

Sawyer D’Argonne contributed to this report.

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