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Colorado State Patrol arrested 49-year-old Kevin Lamont Ealy Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m. near the East Kum n’ Go in Moffat County after Ealy allegedly pointed a gun at another driver on Highway 40 near milepost 100 in Routt County.

According to the official arrest affidavit, Ealy was traveling on Highway 40 when he passed a white box truck, driven by a male with two passengers, including an 8-year-old boy.

The driver of the box truck reportedly displayed his middle finger at Ealy, leading to Ealy waving a handgun out the driver’s side window, pointing it at the box truck.

Kevin Lamont Ealy
Courtesy Photo / Moffat County Jail

Colorado State Patrol later contacted Ealy at the intersection of Bellaire Street and Highway 40 and observed Ealy shouting from the driver’s seat and flailing his arms around inside the vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Police instructed Ealy to exit the vehicle and walk back towards the patrol car, where he was placed into handcuffs. Ealy was told he wasn’t under arrest at the time, but was being placed in handcuffs due to his behavior.

At this time, Ealy became agitated, according to the arrest affidavit, and wouldn’t let officers continue to explain why he was in handcuffs. Officers then explained to him that the reporting party said he pointed a gun at the truck on Highway 40. Ealy told officers he didn’t have a handgun in the vehicle, but refused to have his vehicle searched.

Later, a higher ranking State Patrol officer arrived on scene to speak with Ealy. During this time, Ealy informed the officer that there was a gun in the vehicle, but it didn’t have a firing pin in it. He also demonstrated how he put the gun out the side of the car window after he passed the box truck, according to the affidavit.

Following the admission that a gun was in the vehicle, officers ran Ealy’s information through dispatch and were notified that as a convicted felon he couldn’t possess a handgun.

Shortly after, officers conducted a search of Ealy and found a small black case with three separate baggies inside. One pink baggie contained several small white baggies with a white powdery substance in each one, according to the affidavit. The baggie weight approximately 10 grams.

The second baggie was clear and contained white crystalline rock type substance, weighing roughly three gram, according to the affidavit. The third and final baggie contained three separate black tar-like pieces, weighing less than one gram.

A full search warrant was later conducted on the vehicle Ealy was driving. Inside, officers found a .38 special handgun, which was later revealed to be a stolen handgun. Officers also found special ammo for the handgun with approximately 24 rounds in the car, along with two glass pipes with a white powdery substance inside.

Ealy was transported to Moffat County Jail and booked on felony charges of Unlawful Possession of more than four grams of a schedule I or II controlled substance, menacing with a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm by a previous offender, as well as misdemeanor charges of theft between $50-$300 and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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