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How are these courses accredited for physical therapists?

In the states that require approval for physical therapy continuing education, either the state licensing board or state association handles this process. In states where there is an approval process, HomeCEU submits an application to either the state licensing board or association. The state licensing board or association then reviews the course and grants or denies approval.

Refer to the Physical Therapy CE Requirements Directory for information regarding your state’s CE requirements.

Refer to Physical Therapy Approvals for CE Courses for HomeCEU’s physical therapy accreditation information.

What if I lose my certificate?

Your certificate will always be available in the “Transcript” tab. Log in with your username and password and select “My Account” and then navigate to the “Transcript” tab. You are then presented with the options to view or email your course certificates.

Does HomeCEU report my continuing education to my professional association or state board?

Some accrediting bodies require that we send reports on individual learners, listing unique identifiers, test scores, hours taken, etc. Other accrediting agencies require the student to keep their continuing education data themselves, and only spot check on random audits for actual course completion.

What is the difference between online format and mail format?

Our online format is available to you instantly after you make your purchase. This option allows you to print and/or download our courses to your computer immediately. Text courses are in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed. Online Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are viewed streaming by clicking a link. Our online format offers the ultimate in convenience and saves you time and money.

Our mail format allows you to obtain a hard copy of the course materials. Text courses are sent in a booklet form. Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are sent as a DVD-ROM. NOTE: DVD-ROMs can only be viewed on a computer or laptop. They are NOT compatible with standard DVD players.

When you choose the mail format, we will rush you your materials the next business day via Fedex Ground, Fedex Express Saver, or Fedex 2 Day.

Course exams may be completed in our online testing center, by fax or by mail for both the online and mail format.

What is a package?

Packages allow you to combine text, video (and sometimes webinar) courses into a customized bundle for a reduced price. Any courses completed will remain within your account for LIFE – allowing you to access both the course materials and your certificates of completion at any time.

What is an Unlimited Subscription?

Our unlimited subscriptions allow you to access and complete as many courses as you would like during your annual membership term. You will have access to all approved courses for your state and license as well as clinical resources, such as AssessmentPRO. Any courses completed during your membership term will remain within your account for LIFE – allowing you to access both the course materials and your certificates of completion at any time.

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