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Gummies are a mainstay of the edible cannabis market. While some fads come and go, people have never stopped buying cannabis gummies. That’s a trend that’s really become noticed in the first half of 2020.

As people stayed indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of cannabis edibles skyrocketed, rising 50% in March alone. While pre-roll and vape sales stayed steady or declined in the months since, edibles sales have held steady.

Smart dispensaries have stocked up on gummies, but some have learned that as the market matures, customers want more options. That’s where a company like Infinite CBD has taken the lead, offering cannabis consumers something beyond what they typically get in gummies.

That extends to the company’s latest product, the Broad Spectrum Asteroid Gummies. These CBD gummies focus on wellness. They contain no THC, the chemical ingredient in cannabis that causes the high. They offer a broad spectrum of cannabinoids that offer effective and meaningful health and wellness benefits.

A Broad-Spectrum Approach to CBD Gummies

25MG Broad Spectrum CBD GummiesFounded in 2016, Infinite CBD is led by people with many years’ experience in the cannabis industry. They have seen firsthand how CBD products can improve the everyday lives of those who use them. That knowledge drove the development of Broad Spectrum Asteroid Gummies.

The term “broad spectrum” refers to products that contain CBD and all the other compounds of the cannabis plant, except for THC. That leads to what is called the “entourage effect,” or the combination of natural ingredients that maximizes health benefits. It gives cannabis customers the full-plant experience.

Infinite CBD took the process a step further, giving them an edge over competition in the gummy market. The company has made the gummy-eating experience completely guilt-free. All Infinite CBD practices are cruelty-free. The final product is vegan, low in sugar and contains 25mg of CBD per gummy.

Controlling The Process End-to-End

Another selling point for Infinite CBD is the fact the company handles every step of the process themselves. As the company notes: “Our eyes never leave the product.”

That means that Infinite CBD creates each Broad Spectrum Asteroid Gummy – and all the other Infinite CBD products – themselves. They don’t outsource any of the work to other companies. They don’t deal with “middlemen” that often result in more expensive products.

That approach allows Infinite CBD to keep prices affordable while creating high-quality products. Cannabis consumers and dispensary owners looking for other differences with Infinite CBD can note the following. Infinite CBD:

  • Uses cannabinoids refined from organic hemp
  • Uses a chemist-formulated recipe
  • Manages all manufacturing in-house
  • Is approved by Leaping Bunny (which guarantees no animal tests were used to create the product)
  • Is veteran-owned
  • Uses only natural Ingredients

With its new line of Broad Spectrum Asteroid Gummies, Infinite CBD offers consumers an excellent option for their daily CBD intake. Having already proved themselves with a lineup that includes creams, salve, oils, soap, lip balm, lubricants and CBD isolate, it’s an option people will want to seriously consider.

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