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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Shared electric scooters (e-scooters) have arrived in Colorado Springs, offering a new mobility option to get around town. The City is implementing a one-year pilot program for the increasingly popular e-scooters, selecting Lime and Veo as the scooter sharing operators.  E-scooters will be available for use starting October 6 in much of the City’s central areas including Downtown and the Westside.

E-scooters are small and agile, perfect for getting around town quickly. A few of the benefits gained from e-scooters are increased vitality within the City, ease of use, transportation cost savings, and providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly mobility option. E-scooters can also improve mobility from public transportation to and from final destinations, aiding in “first and last mile” challenges.

“We understand the desire to have this option, for commuters and travelers alike, to easily maneuver through downtown and other parts of Colorado Springs,” said Todd Frisbie, City Traffic Engineer, and project manager for the pilot program.  “We have purposely planned the vendors who will manage this service with care to protect our city in the process and are excited to offer this new form of transportation for our community.”

The City conducted a competitive request for proposal process to select e-scooter sharing operators based on how their programs are managed, including designated parking options and safety requirements. The pilot program will focus on determining the potential demand for e-scooters, the benefits to our community and any potential impacts. The City will also receive contributions from both companies to offset any potential local expenses and for the construction of multi-mobility infrastructure. 

“Lime is thrilled to be launching scooters in Colorado Springs and looks forward to working with the city to implement the best possible shared scooter program. Our scooters will provide residents and visitors with a safe, affordable, and sustainable way of getting around that will hopefully help reduce traffic by getting people out of cars.  We encourage everyone in Colorado Springs to try out our scooters and remember to ride safely and park responsibly,” said Cody Noblin, Senior Operations Manager. 

“Veo’s electric scooters will bring an alternative mobility option to Colorado Springs, filling the gap between mass transit, vehicle ownership, and walking, while creating a more sustainable environment,” said Candice Xie, Veo chief executive officer and co-founder. “We are thrilled to be working with the City of Colorado Springs to launch the e-scooter pilot program and to bring an affordable, flexible alternative mobility option that will help people travel throughout the city sustainably.”

The new e-scooter share program supports the City in addressing its mobility goals, including the City’s Comprehensive PlanA comprehensive plan is a guiding document that provides a framework for city policies and priorities regarding the physical development of the city. It is a long-range vision of what we want our city to become and is a tool for making decisions about how that vision should be achieved. It outlines strategic steps to make the vision a reality and provides targeted and strategic planning of the physical development of the city. goal to “multimodally connect people and land uses throughout the city and region.”

To learn about how to ride, rules including no-ride zones and parking, and additional details regarding the pilot program, visit

About Lime
Lime’s mission is to realize a future for transportation that is shared, electric, and carbon-free. As the world’s leading provider of shared electric vehicles, Lime partners with cities to deploy electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds to serve any trip under five miles. One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies in 2021, Lime has powered more than 200 million rides in more than 200 cities across five continents, spurring a new generation of clean alternatives to car ownership. Learn more at 

About Veo

Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2017, Veo is one of micromobility’s fastest growing and most innovative companies. Veo partners with dozens of cities and universities nationwide with exclusive and semi-exclusive contracts in its mobility share programs and is adding additional municipalities and campuses every month. Veo’s hands-on design and manufacturing process enables Veo to integrate safety, comfort, compliance, and reliability directly into the hardware, including its unique e-swappable-battery technology, turn signals, and underdeck light messaging. For more information, please visit

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