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By Bill Plock

There have been some great partnerships in the history of business; Gates/Allen (Microsoft), Wozniak/Jobs (Apple), Ben/Jerry, Hewlett/Packard, Bowerman/Knight (Nike) and now it’s Chandler/Stone—cycling merging with triathlon. Full Cycle, owned by Russ Chandler and Colorado Multisport owned by Michael Stone are merging. In February of 2021 the two stores will be under one roof in the old Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers store on 30th Street in Boulder, Colorado.

In this video Russ and Michael share their vision of why they merged, but not before sharing some history of each store and more about themselves. In both cases, Full Cycle and Colorado Multisport started as very small, boutique type stores in not so retail friendly and easy to find locations. One a place for cyclists, mainly mountain bikers to tinker with their bikes and get some mechanical help and the other, a place for triathletes to get fine tuned on their Tri-bikes or add aero bars to a road bike and get some other triathlon accessories. Over the years each evolved into similar sized shops catering to different customers. Both shops of course can service most any bike but they have their specialities and would often refer to customers to each others stores.

As Michael said, “triathletes would come into our store with their families who didn’t do triathlon but maybe the kids and/or significant other rides bikes and they really didn’t have much to look at and now we can serve the whole family.”

There are many other advantages for the stores to merge like sharing overhead, expanding their rental options of bikes, wetsuits and wheels, having more buying power, but Russ and Michael are most excited about sharing expertise and really giving the customer the best possible advice for anything having to do with bikes and triathlon.

There is a lot to consider and we talked about the vision of the new store, the challenges of merging and we learn a lot more about Boulder’s new Endurance Duo, Chandler-Stone.

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