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The Black Hammer communist and virulent anti-semite group has “liberated” 200 acres in Colorado for their own new and improved commune.

Hammer City will be built in the high mountains of southern Colorado. Their goal?

“Black Hammer advertises the project as building “a city for all people of color to be free” regardless of their “nationality, gender, age, mental/physical differences” or other characteristics.

Additionally, the organization promises that the commune will have employment, “food,” “housing,” and “healthcare” in addition to “[n]o cops, no rent, no Coronavirus, and no white people.”

Woohoo!! The ultimate DREAM! Food, water, and housing will magically appear while the Covid Wuhan lung rot will magically disappear! The land is amazing and all who reside there will magically thrive. 

“Our comrades who had the chance to visit the land sang only praises of the land-how the land is perfect to build our eco-friendly and durable earthbag homes, the beautiful rivers and streams that pass through it, and the amazing flora and fauna we will be living in community with,” the post reads.


🙌🏾Thanks to all of you, Black Hammer has successfully liberated 200 Acres of Land to build our City 🌃! FOR COLONIZED PEOPLE ONLY! 👳🏾‍♂️👩🏾‍🦱👲🏻🧕🏾 We are located high up in the mountains 🏔 10,000 feet in the air with RICH soil! We have One Lake and Three Rivers on the land!

— BH Times (@BlkHmmrTimes)

having access to that river is so important. so many colonized ppl die every year from contaminated water or lack of water and the colonized people in HC will have access to clean fresh from the glaciers H2O. +scitech & BHO missouri working on those water filters! I love us

— dilf-in-training (he/they) (@inquilabidilf)

Hate to burst their bubble, but burst it I will. Two hundred acres of high mountain land in Colorado is rocky, it’s full of clay, and definitely not easy ground to work with while building an earthbag home or planting a garden. Furthermore, the planting and growing season in Colorado is VERY short. Oh, but wait, perhaps they’ll be as successful as the CHAZ/CHOP kiddies were in Seattle with their garden! 

Keep in mind, most of the “gardens” in the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP had a base layer of concrete, cardboard on top of that, a few bags of dirt dropped onto the cardboard, and then seeds thrown in willy nilly. A thriving garden?? Yeah…no. 

Try building a thriving garden right now, with hopes of harvesting throughout the summer and before the first freeze in the fall in Colorado. 

Where will they get the garden soil from? How will they pay for it? Where will they get the lumber from if they are going to build raised garden beds? How will they pay for it?

I mean seriously, if these folks, who also advocate that Anne Frank is a bleach demon while insisting that burning her books and saying as much isn’t anti-Semitic, really want to not be beholden to anyone, then they should be immediately self-sustaining…right?

I have more questions. 

Where will they get their water from? The three streams that traverse the property? Unless they build a piping system, the only way they can get water from those streams is to use the bucket method. How long will it take for the commune members to start bitching about how much “WORK” it is to get water for food, drinking, and bathing?

Oh, and the state of Colorado plus the federal government might frown on taking water from the streams. 

Speaking of which. For long-term water needs…anyone know how to dig a well? Probably not. 

How about their power sources? What will they use for lights in the evening? Battery-powered lanterns? Oil-lamps? 

What about a heat source for hot water, and cooking food? Will they be toting BBQ grills up the mountain for their cooking needs, or go the very old-fashioned route of cooking over an open fire? Let’s hope they don’t start a forest fire. 

How do they plan on communicating their reparation demands (the Mao Level will cost you $199 – yay big spenders!) to the world from their new little commune? Carrier pigeons? 

Keep in mind Black Hammer also thrilled to enjoy the flora and fauna they’ll find. Let’s hope they have purchased the appropriate books with which to identify the plants that are edible and the plants that aren’t. Meanwhile, about the critters that roam through Colorado. Bears aren’t pets, nor are they friendly, especially if it’s a mama with cubs. Think they have any idea what to do if someone gets bit by a rattlesnake? Do you think they are planning for any an all medical contingencies such as falling down the mountain, getting stuck full of cactus, encounters with snakes, etc? I doubt it. 

Don’t get me started on the transportation questions! Oh wait, horse and wagon?

These folks are colonizing in order to …PROTEST colonizing. In an area that is 10,000 feet about sea level. An area where the winters aren’t friendly at all, and it can start freezing by Labor Day. 

Colonizing to protest colonizing.

Bold move.

Does someone own ‘your’ colony?

— Victoria Taft – Parler, Minds, Facebook, 5VTShow (@VictoriaTaft)

Good question! Just wait until they find out they have to pay property taxes! I wonder, will any of the reparations donations be earmarked for those taxes?

I tell you what? This is even better than any reality show on TV right now, plus it’s giving the madness what was the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP a run for it’s money. I give Black Hammer three months at most and will be quite amazed if any manage to make it through the winter. 

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