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Bear Creek Ranch in Southern Colorado is 2,100± acres of incredible terrain and stunning views. This long-time family ranch holding is coming on the market for the first time since it was first assembled in the late 1940s and early 1950s. When first homesteaded in the late 1890s, the area was known as Laguna, the Spanish word for lake, because of the numerous depressions scattered across the ranch that hold water. Historically the ranch has been used for cattle grazing with an ample supply of well water piped to six stock tanks on the property. Bear Creek flows seasonally through the ranch, and vegetation zones vary from creek bottom cottonwoods, classic piñon juniper forest, and towering ponderosas. Volcanic dike walls and dramatic sandstone rock formations can be found in many parts of the ranch accentuating the scenic vistas.

Perhaps the biggest secret about the ranch is its prolific wildlife and the exceptional hunting opportunities that it affords. Virtually un-hunted for decades, the ranch shows evidence of numerous trophy bull elk wandering the meadows and forests and visiting the scattered watering holes. Black bear, bobcats, turkeys, and mule deer are frequently seen on the ranch and offer excellent hunting with a rifle or camera. Mountain lions are known to be on the ranch as well.

There are no public access easements within the ranch. The entire ranch is perimeter fenced with 2.5 miles of new fence added and 8.5 miles of fence rehabilitated in 2016. The current owner leases the grazing to a local rancher who typically runs 35 pairs for four or five months in spring and summer.

Like this spring, that number could easily be increased without a negative impact on the ranch in wet years. Bear Creek Ranch is situated below the East Spanish Peak, approximately halfway between Walsenburg and the quaint small town of La Veta, Colorado.

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