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Go ahead, Ask Key Anything! This season, we’re calling on you to ask us questions – no need to raise your hand, but hey, we appreciate the politeness. We know you’ve always wondered, so let’s hear those Q’s! Some weeks we will feature a certain department, and other weeks it’s a free-for-all! Anything from what time do patrollers arrive to the mountain in the morning to where on earth do we store the moguls in the summer? It’s a big mountain out there, let’s explore it together.

Check our Instagram story every Sunday to submit your questions. Answers posted on Thursday. You’ll find the answers from all the previous weeks below as well. First timer looking for advice? Check out our guide. Keep the questions coming and Ask Key Anything!

Jan. 17, 2019 – Activities & Dining

This week we caught up with Activities & Dining manager, Katie Juffer, to answer your questions about tubing, skating, and more!

Q/As IN THE VIDEO: Answered in 1 min!

How do you access your snowshoeing trails? – @aubrey.olivia

To gain access to our snowshoeing trails, stop by the Keystone Nordic Center located at the Keystone River Course and speak with our experts! Just remember that there is no snowshoeing on any of our ski trails!

How much does ice skating cost? – @thebadbarbie

For ice skating on the Keystone Lake admission is going to be $15 per adult and $10 per child, at the Dercum Ice Rink admission for all ages is FREE! If you have your own skates you are welcome to bring those otherwise rentals at both locations are $15 per adult and $10 per child.

Is there a restaurant in the groomer!! – @michelle.yingling

We do not have a restaurant in the groomer, however, if you participate in our Guided Cat Skiing activity you will get to ride in the groomer to Alpenglow Stube for lunch.

Does night skiing start at 4 p.m. or do you have to wait? – @dylan.hammett

Our night skiing tickets begin at 4 p.m., but all other tickets are good for the duration of our ski day and we don’t close the night skiing terrain before the night session, so you can continuously ski 8:30 a.m. — 8:00 p.m. on select slopes


Best first date idea? – @rammagnar

We would suggest going ice skating at the Keystone Lake then warming up with some appetizers and drinks at the Bighorn Bar and Bistro in the Keystone Lodge and Spa!

Is there a wedding reception only option for restaurants? – @caitlynmarie713

We love LOVE! Our weddings team would be happy to discuss options for your special day: . Many of our restaurants are available for celebrations, like weddings, with buyout options.

Best vegan options?

Our favorite vegan option are the Asian Bowls at the Summit House. Most of our dining outlets do have vegan options as well.

Top restaurants and bars in Keystone? – @jackiechanley

For our top dining outlets we suggest trying any one of our five signature dining outlets including Alpenglow Stube, Der Fondue Chessel, Ski Tip Lodge, Bighorn Bistro or the Keystone Ranch.

Is there good backcountry trails through trees? And what is the longest trail? – @gmillz_11

Keystone has some great expert gladed terrain, particularly in the Windows (now open!), on the Outback and in North Bowl. This is all in-bounds terrain. Our longest trail is Schoolmarm at over 3 miles!

Is the Ranch good? – @jeff_hinman123

The Ranch is a great option for Keystone dining, to get more insight from our other guests on their experiences visit!

Does the horse sleigh ride continue past the holiday season? – @emily.colgan

Our sleigh rides for both our dinner and scenic rides continue all the way to March 31st!

Do you have snowmobiling? – @stantonangie

We offer snowmobiling tours through our friends over in Leadville, Colorado at White Mountain Tours. Call our Play Experts at 970-496-4386 to find out more information about the tours we offer!

Cat skiing price? Private Tour price? – @kronx689

Guided is $360 per person, if you would like to have a private tour it will cost $3,960.

Where is the best lunch spot for a midday break? – @timreilly

The best lunch spot for a midday break would be to go and try out the new menu at Timber Ridge. Homemade soups, wood fired pizza and a ramen station are just a few of the delicious selections to choose from. Timber Ridge is located on North Peak in the Outpost.

Jan. 10, 2019 – A51 Terrain Park

How long are the I-70 jumps? Why can’t you get to A51 from the summit? We asked your questions to A51 Terrain Park Manager, Steven Duke. And here are your answers.


How long are the I-70 jumps right now feet wise?” – @nartonchronic

Here are the approximate measurements , Jump 1- 15’ Jump 2- 20’

“Why can’t you get to the park from the top of the mountain?” – @chrisoschobeck

The trail directly accessing A51 from the top of the mountain is our main green run. We found mixing experienced park riders with guest trying to learn  is an unsafe first time experience. We understand it’s an extra step to get to A51 for park riders but we have also seen marked improvement in safety by separating the two user groups.

“Is the half pipe in yet??” – @hunter_21c

Our half pipe is not open yet but we are in the process of building it!

“Not a question but you guys should put a rainbow rail somewhere in the park” – @luke.20.aronson

I feel you, there’s nothing like a good rainbow rail.   We will add it to one of our upcoming builds!

“Is the terrain park beginner or advanced?” – @daniel_berk

Daniel A51 has everything from beginner to advanced features for you to enjoy. Start in our easy street park and work your way up from there!


“Do you remember the first Keystone park?” – @dang_0_silver_fox

I didn’t grow up riding in Keystone so I don’t remember the  first Park. I do remember seeing industry leading progression coming out of Keystone over the years. Progression like the BBQ rainbow, American Flag wall ride, bus rail and huge snow features during Transworld’s launch event. A51 history really made an impression on me as a passionate park rider. And I am humble to leading a park program with such legendary roots.

“How do you determine the length between jumps and landings?” – @yukicoloradohusky

Generally, we start with the minimum distance a Snowcat can groom out the surface between the jumps without having to turn out too sharply during the process. After that we may increase the distance based on the targeted size of jump line.  For instances a small jump line may be closer to the optimal grooming distance than a larger jump line.

“You guys should put more beginner rails/flat rails in the easy street park” – @gabezimmerer

Thanks for the feedback.  We will additional simple rails as the season progresses.

“I heard rumors of the park being gone in a few years. Please tell me that’s not true.” – @ryan_golden

That rumor is not true! A51 will be here as long we have guests like you who support it!

“Best competition at A51?” – @purpletonez

Thanks for your question. We don’t hold a lot of competitions in A51. Competitions tend to close sections of park and we want our parks available whenever guests are here to ride.

Why is there no longer night riding at the park like you had 10 years ago?” – @kitejumping

Thanks for the question. Night Park had a lot of operational challenges with maintenance and lighting of features. For these reasons we choose to discontinue access to the terrain park at during night riding.

What we adding? What we changing?” – @rybod18

Thanks for asking, our next moves are building Main Street, Mini Pipe, and a re-fresh in Alley Park.

“Do you mitigate for avalanches etc in Bergman?” – @janettenoel

Yes, our Ski Patrol team does a variety of control work with ski cutting being the primary method in the Bergman Bowl.

“How cold does it have to get to cancel night skiing?” – @evelyn.w22

There’s not a set threshold. We’re always looking out for the safety of our guests and employees and do need to consider worst-case scenarios, like if a lift were to stop.

“Is it often you guys cancel the pm skiing?” – @log.white

Not at all. Only if we deem is absolutely necessary to ensure safety

“How many does the gondola hold? Also – any Palma or T bars?” – @heyydensmar

The gondola comfortably fits 6 guests at a time. No high alpine surface lifts at this time.


“Where is the ice skating rink with the Christmas tree in the middle? We can’t find it :-(“ – @jericadownes

“Do you have snowbikes” – @braydenkay12

“How did the Kidtopia snow fort get built?” – @hippohugger

For the first time this year we built the fort with an internal team. We make and pile snow in the area and then our A51 Terrain Park team began shaping the fort. A variety of machine and hand work was utilized. And then a speciality team was brought in to do some of the amazing snow carving.

“How’s the outback?” – @chrisdesfo

11,980 feet tall, 100% open, snowy! It’s tree runs and natural conditions, as the majority of runs are not groomed and offers more difficult and most difficult terrain.

“How tall is the mountain?” – @sammp1013

The base elevation of Keystone Resort is 9,280 feet and our summit elevation is 12,408 (located in the Erickson Bowl) and each of our three peaks (Dercum, North Peak, The Outback) have an elevation just shy of 12,000.

“Visiting soon. A little nervous about the possibility of elevation sickness. Any tips?” – @sarajanew94

Water, water, water! Before and during your trip. Depending on where you’re coming from, if possible, a night in Denver can help ease the transition. Keep caffeine and alcohol consumption to a minimum. Some people say eating more carbs can be helpful as well and some find extra oxygen helpful–there’s a small oxygen bar at the Keystone Lodge & Spa and you can buy “canned” oxygen at many local outlets.

“Does the chalet at the bottom of Peru lift have a good spot for one year olds?” – @ashley4140

There is a open area with tables and chairs and nearby food and beverage options. We also suggest checking out Kidtopia HQ in River Run Village.


“Are you guys doing anything to battle climate change? I think its a very serious topic and is relevant” – @joebertotto

In November, Vail Resorts released a progress report surrounding our company’s ‘Commitment to Zero,’ which you can find at .


“Yes, legs were sore from skiing yesterday. Any recs for alternative activity for today?” – @miss_kp

Absolutely! Check out mountaintop tubing, ice skating, paint your own pottery at Ready, Paint, Fire, or maybe a service at the Keystone spa!

“Is there any Olympians that ski here?” – @kitwit38

We do see professional skiers and snowboarders at Keystone, often they can be found skiing and riding in our A51 terrain park. Be on the lookout! We also have a former Olympian running our Nordic Center – check it out here

“What peak allows night skiing?!” – @sehudgins

All night skiing is on Dercum Mountain

Family Playing Keystone“Can 4 year olds typically ski down the family trail after 2 days in ski school? I know every kid is different.” – @sgraves216

As you said, every kid is different. Schoolmarm is more than 3 miles long, so ensure little legs are prepared for that. We might suggest starting with a Schoolmarm run from the top of Peru lift to the bottom to see how they do.

“Do more people at keystone ski rather than snowboard?” – @sir_sam_45

Based on the data available, we see about 50/50

“How do you become a patroller at Keystone?” – @mattogle20

Keystone Ski Patrol conducts an on-mountain clinic at the end of March, during which skiing and snowboarding skills are assessed and an interview is conducted. Reach Your Peak at


“How long does it take to groom your terrain?” – @_maddiems_

Our grooming staff primarily operates when we are closed, with two graveyard shifts every evening.

“How many groomers do you have?” – @maddie_mn2

Our team typically grooms about 40 trails per night, and you can access our daily grooming report here:

“What’s the best run to go on for the least traffic?” – @e_little12

Sometimes a little exploration can go a long way! Check out Jackwhacker, Gassy Thompson, Go Devil, Anticipation, Porcupine for some fun runs that may be a bit off the beaten path.   

“What is the best black diamond run on north peak?” – @landestatum24

We love Starfire as a steep groomer and Cat South on a powder day

“How do you determine which runs to groom?” – @butrfli024

There are certain trails that we groom every night. Additional trails are determined daily based upon need, such as inconsistencies on the trail like unevenness.   

“What’s the best bowl?” – @davidschechter4

Like a good bowl of cereal, everyone has their favorites. Fan favorites include North bowl for easy access from the Outback chair and Indy bowl for wide-open turns.

“When is the best time to ski? Less crowds, more snow *” – @aleahkahn

We love late February and early March.

“What’s the hardest blue run?” – @aleahkah

That’s open for interpretation, but we have some great blue runs on all three peaks. Some favorites include Spring Dipper, Last Alamo and Oh, Bob.

“Can you do a shared bus service from Denver?” – @lindseyphilopois

Yes! Check out our partners at Epic Mountain Express:

“Do you have a cat pulling riders back to resort from BC?” – @pb_rowdy

You can access North and South Bowls via our cat shuttle on the weekends (cash only), or we have full day in-bounds guided cat tours via Keystone Adventure Tours:

“What is the longest run?” -@max_scott17

Schoolmarm! Over 3 miles. Feel the buuuurn.

“Best advice for first timers?! We have a keystone trip under the tree for our littles!” – @caroline_garnett

We can’t think of a better gift–thank you for sharing our playground with your family. We have a whole page of first-timers advice here: . And feel free to email with any specific questions.

“Where does the name of the mountain come from?” – @da.flemingo

Thanks to our own history buff, @stennyparks, Keystone was named in the 1870’s by gold and silver miners from Pennsylvania. These miners were homesick and they paid tribute to their hometown of Pennsylvania, nicknamed the Keystone State, by naming Keystone Mountain. In the early 2000’s, the official designation of Keystone Mountain was moved up towards Bergman Bowl, and the old Keystone Mountain was renamed what is now call Dercum Mountain to honor Max Dercum, one of Keystone’s founders, enshrinement to the American SKi Hall of Fame.

“Best apres ski bar?” – @joshychopper

Last Lift at Mountain House or 9280’ in River Run Village


“Do you have to wear a helmet while snowboarding?” – @p_kirkham

We strongly, strongly recommend it, but it’s not mandated, except for children in lessons.

“What is the speed limit on Schoolmarm?” – @cjrogerz

Safe and slow. The entire trail is a designated slow zone. And always in control and adhereing to the skier responsibility code:

“Is there a ski patrol email? I’d like to thank one who seriously helped me when I got injured” – @jobroak

So glad our amazing Patrol team was able to assist you, although we are sorry to hear you were injured. Feel free to email and we’ll be sure to get it to the right person.

“When does go devil open?” – @gstone136

It’s open top to bottom! Don’t forget, you can only access it via the Peru lift.

“Whats the most crowded time of year?” – @evelyn.w22

Holidays when schools are on break tend to be our busiest–between Christmas and NYE, MLK and Presidents day weekends and Spring Break weeks in March. But with 3000 acres of terrain, particularly more experienced skiers can almost always find some elbow room!

“What’s more fun, skiing or snowboarding??? Asking for a friend….” – @guncle_laz

We might get in trouble for this one 😉 We love them both!

“When will the windows open?” – @lifeisntatrip

Some of our most challenging terrain, we do need a LOT of natural snowfall to ensure safe access to this area. Mother Nature has been VERY good to us this year and we hope with continued natural snowfall we have it open soon!

“When you gonna get schoolmarm opened for night skiing?” – @5280_life

It is open! You can check the night skiing map and schedule here:

“When is Diamond Back opening??????” – @immabefrankwithyou

It’s open!

“Trail with the best views??” – @dalton.ennis

Great question! We love the top of Schoolmarm overlooking Lake Dillon and the county, Top of Outback chair and the keytop overlook for views of Breckenridge. But we like to think there’s not a bad view on the mountain!

“Do you have to hike to access the bowls at Keystone? Or is there any other way?” – @logan._.bole

You can access North and South Bowls via our cat shuttle on the weekends (cash only), or we have full day in-bounds guided cat tours via Keystone Adventure Tours:

“Is easy street mini park open yet?” – johnnysnipes

“Are all glades open?” – juaannchojack

We still have some tree skiing left to open, but plenty of great options are available. You can check daily terrain reports here: 

We personally love Bullet Glades and Cat South, as well as almost anything on the Outback


“Where can I find photos taken today by the photographers that scanned my epic pass?” – @haleycleaves

Head over to and it’ll walk you through the process. Thanks for visiting!

“How does one do photos for keystone??” – @brookelittlebear

Looking to take some shots? If you’re local, send us an email at with some recent work, rates and availability and we can chat!

“How do I get on your story? I’d love to promote your ski area!” – @jfrisby24

We love sharing our guests’ content–make sure to tag Keystone and use #KeystoneMoments or #KeyPow so we see your content!

“Is it snowing yet?” – @jlw2212

More than 7 feet so far this season!

“How many inches of snow have y’all had this season so far??” – @krisy8

A small elephant’s worth! 87” or more than 7 feet–and 9” in the last 7 days!

“Is this a good season so far or going to be?” – @mike_blu

It’s been a GREAT season! We’ve had more than 7 feet of natural snowfall, almost the entire mountain is open, all of our activities area available and it’s F-U-N on and off the mountain!

“How many days are left in the season?” – @brockjohnson7529

We’re not ready to start counting down yet, but we have about 100 days until April 7th, which is our planned closing day–but you never know what could happen!

“Can I meet the avalanche dogs Jan 25-28?” – @heyydensmart

Our weekly Kidtopia Meet the Avy Dog is on Tuesdays, but stop by Patrol Headquarters at the summit of Dercum Mountain (around the back of the Summit House) and typically a furry friend or two is around! They also like to play fetch on the mountaintop.

“What’s happening in late March for 3-7 year olds?” – @mabnewcomb

Great timing–bring your dancing shoes for the Kidtopia Music Experience:

“When will A-51 be fully developed?” – @natekrall_

We’ve got a ton of features across all the parks right now, but we should have all areas opened by mid-January (targeting Jan 7th)

“Why do you have to pay now for the farther lot at Mountain House? It used to be free” – @chrisochobeck

The majority of parking in Keystone is free for the entire season. The change to free parking in our Mountain House base area will improve the flow of traffic for guests seeking up-front paid parking in the Mountain House base area, with continued alternative options for complimentary parking and Mountain House base access still provided.

“I’ve heard rumors of river run lot no longer being free this season. Is this true?!” – @casiggins

No way, jose! We hate those pesky rumors. The majority of parking in Keystone is free for the entire season.

“Why are there blackout dates for people who paid quite a bit of money to have a season pass?” – @kathleeniethepanin

A variety of pass options are available annually with varied access to our Vail Resorts’ properties. Lower priced passes do have blackout dates associated.


“What time is night riding until” – @gerlie_loyola

8 p.m. You can check the night skiing map and schedule here:

“Do you offer private lessons to learn how to ski west coast pow?” – @jonshwang_13

Absolutely. Unfortunately we can’t promise every day will be a powder day, but private lessons are available for all ages and abilities and will be personally tailored to individual skills and goals!

“How’s the snow?” – @nathan.benson12

SNOOOOO-Good! See what we did there 😉 9” and counting in the last 7 days!

“Is there a heated place for parents/grandparents to watch their family tube without having to pay?” – @ethjawn

Unfortunately there is no indoor vantage point of the tubing hill. Located on the Summit of Dercum Mountain, every guest would also need lift access-we sell foot passenger tickets too. There is a heated yurt located at the tubing hill, but it doesn’t have windows out to the hill.

“How would you rate the current skiing conditions?” – @garretthall

A+ in our books!

“This isn’t a question but I’m coming up to Keystone in a few days and I’m so excited :)” -@bella_wood_795

Can’t wait to have you!!!!

“How much a package that includes EVERYTHING (clothes, ticket, polest and skis)?” – @saribelmarie

Keystone and our immediate partners unfortunately do not rent clothes but Norski rentals does:

“How many trails are open?” – @charlotteirby06

109 and counting! You can check the daily terrain status here:

“Expecting good snow for March?!?” – @jack_mcdonald1

We sure hope so! We hate to be greedy, but Mother Nature has been spoiling us!

“When’s the last time y’all had a lot of snow fall?” – ssalter2022

The holidays are here! We answered your questions to celebrate at Keystone.


Snow Fort Lighting“We are arriving Saturday, Dec. 22 – what do you recommend as my plan for the evening, starting about 4:30pm” – @devlynchatzi

You’re right on time for the Kidtopia Mountaintop Spectacular! Check out all the fun , which includes two, yes – two!, firework displays and the lighting of our world’s largest snow fort. Also, you can ski or snowboard until 8 p.m., or fuel up at one of our many !

“What day are fireworks?” – @zach_13

Every Saturday at 7 p.m. in River Run and on NYE at 9 p.m. in Lakeside Village. 

Are there fireworks on NYE??” – @racheldlecliar

Yes! 9 p.m. in Lakeside Village. Torchlight Parade at 6 p.m. in River Run. Oh, and they are freeeeee! 

“Free hot chocolate? ;-0” – @asianmannn

We offer free hot chocolate every Sunday during Kidtopia’s . For any adult who purchases an evening foot passenger lift ticket, that also includes a free hot chocolate. And hot chocolate’s equally delicious cousin, hot cider, is free and available at the top of Dercum Mountain at the Guest Services hut.

“How many Santas board or ski there?” – @diego.cornett

We only know of one Mr. Santa Claus, and he has been spotted quite frequently at . Where will you spot him? We have seen quite a few Santa suits swooshing down the mountain too – they must be ambassadors of his or something?


“How’s the kids fort” – @lucy.jonesyy 

AMAZING!! Check out our latest social posts for some fabulous picturesSnow Fort 2018

“Are parents allowed to hold their kids on their lap on the tubing hill?” – @e_benz4

You can link up, but no lap riding unfortunately. For the riders who aren’t ready to take on the big tubing hill just yet, we have and old fashioned (ie, no lift) tubing hill at the Nordic Center, which is perfect for smaller children.

“How many runs are open right now?” – @hcsynchro

98 (as of 12.20). You can view terrain and lift status daily

“Are there any current Groupon or discount for a ski day pass” – @skyes_the_limit_

Our lift tickets aren’t sold by any third parties. The best available rates are always booking online at K. If you can book at least 7 days in advance, those are our lowest rates, but you’ll also save off window prices up to the night before!

“How do most people without cars get around there – do you have Uber or Taxis?” – @sallya1972

Keystone offers a free in-resort and that’s the best mode of transportation. In Summit County, there are a limited number of Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as the free .

Dec. 13, 2018 – Ski & Ride School

Pizza, french fry’s … no we’re not talking food, but we think something just as sweet – the Keystone Ski & Ride School! We went to Nicole Brandli, @nlindsey16, a children’s ski instructor based out of our River Run base area. She’s got the scoop on all things Ski & Ride School.


“How much does one half day and full day session cost?” – @kate_goodin

Prices vary based on age and private vs. group lessons. You’ll always find our best available rates , and if you book at least 48 hours in advance you’ll get our lowest rates, plus fast check in (win win!).

“How far in advance should we register?” – @vlovanrack

At least 48 hours in advance for the lowest rates!

“Does Keystone do the on mountain no-reservation quick lessons?” – @eliotlandrum

We don’t at this time.

“How old do kids have to be to start ski school?” – @futuremrs.martin

3 years old and potty trained!

“Whats the earliest age my kiddos can learn to snowboard with y’all?” – @bpierce25

Private lessons start at age 3 and group at age 3. We love little rippers!

“How old is the youngest kid that has done ski school?” – @olivia.sopyla

Three years old–so cute!

“How long is an adult lesson? And how many in a group?” – @errricamerica

A full day is 10 a.m — 3:30 p.m. and half-day lessons start at 1 p.m. We always try to keep groups small, but sizes vary based on lesson type (beginner, intermediate) and date (holidays are busier, mid-week much less so).

“What the age you think little kids are prime to get started???!!!” – @n8bythelake

6-7 year old is kind of the sweet spot, but it absolutely depends on the kid. And it’s NEVER too late!

“Do you do ½ day lessons?” – @misskyleew

Yep, for adult group lessons (p.m. only) and private lessons.


“Are you able to come ski with your children for a run or two when they are in a group lesson?” – @ethjawn

Family Private Lessons were designed for just this experience! In a group lesson this can get tricky based on schedules and can be very distracting for all lesson attendees, so we tend to suggest against it. But talking to your child’s instructor is always best 🙂

“How do I know if a beginner or intermediate lesson is a better fit for me?” – @shap.david

GREAT question–definitely talk to our awesome team at time of check in. And even throughout the day, we can always move you around to ensure the best placement and experience. This is super important to us to ensure the best experience and progression!

“Are there lessons for intermediate snowboarders?” – @zhenka

Absolutely! From first turns to perfecting trees, bumps and powder, we have lessons for all abilities!

“How old do you have to be b4 you cant do it anymore” – @sniper470bt

You’re NEVER too old! We even have instructors ages 20 to nearly 70!

“Can I request a second group lesson with the same instructor?” – @daniisil

Absolutely! And we always do our best to honor requests, but can’t always guarantee. Sometimes instructors need a day off or have conflicts. 

“Are there instructors that specialize in teaching how to ski after severe knee injuries?” – @alexishill12

There aren’t, but give our team a call. Some of our instructors have definitely been through this kind of injury (800) 255-3715. 

“We go to Keystone every year!! But how many kids are allowed in each group?” – @addiegratton_17

Yay! We love our KeyFam 🙂 Group sizes vary by age, ability and timeframe, but never more than 10-12 per instructor. 

“Is ski school also for adults?” – @buckeye_ari

Absolutely! We welcome kids ages 3 to 93, and beyond!

“Are kids spectated by age groups or ability level?” – @talia_rysz

Yes and yes! Ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-14 are grouped together, but also separated by ability. 

“Can you do half a day ski school and then hit the regular slopes?” – @buckeye_ari

If you book a ½ day private lesson you can do a morning session, but our adult ½ day group lessons are afternoon only.


“What time do you guys usually eat and where do you eat?” -@blake.jeffers

Varies a bit by age and location (River Run or Mountain House), but it’s typically between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. and either at the Mountain House Ski School or Summit House.

“Kinda off topic. But I want to know more about the snow fort you guys do. Sounds like a kids dream.” – @jakedunn_

We are ALWAYS happy to talk snow fort. It’s one of our favvvvorite things! This year our awesome #KeyPeople built it, which is super cool. It opens THIS Saturday (12.15) on top of Dercum Mountain. You do need a mountain access product– lift ticket, season pass or foot passenger ticket to come play. But the climbing, sliding and smiles are all FREEEEEEE.

“What do ski instructors eat for breakfast?” – @gabe_zimmerer

Protein, protein, protein, gotta keep that energy up! Oh, and coffee. We like coffee!

Dec. 6, 2018

“How many runs are open so far this season?” – @guiespanhol

Thanks to the hard work of our KeyPeople and some great early season conditions from Mother Nature, we have 70/128 names trails open and 72% of our total acreage available. That will continue to increase so be sure to check out our daily Terrain & Lift status here:  

“When is A51 going to open?” – @chaitanya_mccauley

Get ready to hit the park – A51 will open Friday Dec. 7th. 

“Are both places to ice skate open now Which one is the most fun?!” – @sarmarie88

They are!! We love them both; the ice rink in Dercum Square is intimate and provides an urban skating vibe in the Village setting. Keystone Lake is HUGE (5 acres!) and feels more like old fashioned pond skating, although we do maintain the ice. How’s your triple toe loop?

Which runs are open for night skiing?” – @johnzoda

“Mozart estimated opening?” – @felipe_penna

Fri-YAY! We’ve been working on this big, wide and sometimes steep trail and it will open Friday Dec. 7th. 


keystone chairlift“Is there a shuttle from the Denver airport going to any Keystone lodging?” – @sarajanew94

Yes, our friends at Epic Mountain Express would love to make that trip safe and easy! Visit for pricing and more info!

“What time do the free parking lots typically fill up by on weekends?” – @zachkritzer

Depends on the day, but especially if we’ve had fresh snow, the River Run Gondola lot can be full before 9 a.m.. Check @KeystoneParking on Twitter and utilize the shuttle parking lots off Hwy 6 and Montezuma Rd. for the easiest way to the lifts!

“Where can I find a winter 18/19 resort transportation schedule? You know, for all the different color buses?” – @willfeldman

Thanks for using our FREE and convenient in-resort transportation system. The schedule is available here:

“Where is Kidtopia headquarters? Can’t wait to get there!” – @ericajoxo

Second star to the right and straight on till morning. Well, it’s not technically Never Never Land, but it is an amazing indoor play and activity spot for kids. Best suited for 1-6 year olds, we have a variety of toys and games. Plus, don’t miss our daily Kidtopia activities. Peep the full schedule at Oh, and we’re actually located in the Expedition Station building, next to the Dercum Square ice rink in River Run Village.


“What’s your favorite thing to wake up to at Keystone?” – @rammagnar

Fresh snow sparkling in the Colorado sunshine and that crisp mountain air.

“What’s the best restaurant to try in Keystone? For breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?” – @sarmarie88

keystone apresOne of the hardest questions to answer. We love local favorite Inxpot (in River Run Village)  for a quick breakfast–and caffeine fix–before heading up the lift. The reimagined Stube is an amazing on-mountain lunch experience with a social atmosphere. Have you ever tried a flight of BACON before!?!?

Go Big Burger is a new spot at the Mountain House just steps from the slopes and we can’t get enough of the mouth watering burgers and shakes! If the skiing is too good and we skip lunch and need an apres snack, the nachos at 9280’ taphouse are our go-to.

Dinner is a tough choice; the Sleigh Ride is a one-of-a-kind experience with delicious food. But the fun at Fondue–not to mention the two gondola ride trip up–is can’t-miss for families. The steakhouse inspired menu at The Ranch makes us feel right at home with Colorado favorites. And the intimate and award-winning Ski Tip is our top choice for date night, a celebratory dinner or just a “treat yo self” night out. Dinner by the fire is the BEST way to finish a day in the mountains. Hungry yet? We sure are!

“Do kids still ski free?” – @mizzmalott

You betcha! Stay two or more nights with Keystone Resort and kids 12 and under ski freeeeeee.

“What’s the best first tree and/or mogul run for someone new to Keystone?” – @a.lace.y

If you’re new to trees and bumps we suggest taking a lesson with one of our pros who will keep you safe and comfortable on new terrain. Better yet, they’ll show you their favorite local spots! But Keystone is known for our bumps on North Peak (check our Instagram for a recent post), but beware, we’re also known for our long runs!

“When do you do the fireworks?” – @kel_davies12

Every Saturday at 7 p.m. (or 8 p.m. from March 10th on). Psssst, did you know that if you’re night skiing or dining at one our mountaintop outlets you can download on the gondola and fly over the fireworks? It’s an amazing point of view for one of our favorite weekly traditions. Load the Gondola at the top of Dercum mountain at about 6:55 p.m. for the best viewing.


Family Playing Keystone “Suga suga how’d you get so fly?” – @mind_lab__

And ooh wee it’s the ultimate feelin’

“How old is Keystone?” – @zach.johnson04

48 years young–we think we look pretty good for our age! And we can’t wait to celebrate the big 5-0!

“Not a ? But I’ll be in Keystone in January, can’t wait!!” – @katieg622

Woop woop. Here’s our question–are you ready for mountains of FUN?!

“Where does all the water come from that you’re making into snow?” – @afninja

Most of our water is from –and returns to– the Snake River. We work closely state regulators on this important issue. 

“Are there free water stations around the mountain?” – @sarah_briscoe

Yes, ma’am. We even added one of those amazing water bottle refill stations at the Summit House. Cheers to staying hydrated!

“Is it true Keystone is the greatest mountain ever??” – @samuel_828

Aww, we’re blushing. But we have to say, affirmative  🙂

Nov. 29, 2018 – Snowmaking

Is that snow you’re making even real? Thank you for all your snowmaking and related questions. We went to our top snowmaker, Todd Green, to get the inside scoop on all things snowmaking. Hint, it’s real snow!

Todd Green, Keystone Resort Snowmaking Manager:


Are there differences in how real snow vs. man-made snow looks? Like crystal structure” – @kenwday

Crystal structure certainly plays a part, so gold star for you! It’d take quite an eye to identify the subtle differences, like looking at a grain of salt vs. sugar. But the crystal structure is indeed different and natural snow crystals tend to be delicate and intricate while man-made snow crystals are more rounded and simple.

“How early in the year do you start making snow?” – @olivia.sopyla
On average, we begin making snow in the middle of October. But long before we receive the cold temperatures needed to make snow, we spend our summer days preparing and prepping for the winter, which includes a lot of maintenance and planning.

“How much snow does there have to be to quit making fake snow? When does that occur in the year?” – @heyydensmart
Fake snow? There’s no such thing! We certainly understand your question though, so we’ll let it slide. ;p Speaking of sliding, we make enough of the good stuff – even if man-made, to open a trail with an average of 18 inches of snow. Generally, we are done making snow in January.


“What’s the best thing about your job besides riding a snowmobile?” – @diegomendez32
Yeah, that’s not a bad way to get around. Also, well, the skiing and snowboarding on our finished product. We refer to it as product testing and we simply enjoy being out there skiing and riding just as much as you all!

“Any local brewery recommendations?” – @pabloran92
Check out 9280Tap House in River Run Village. Or, the Last Lift Bar in the Mountain House Base Area. Only off-the-clock, of course

“What is the best way to stay warm when it is all out Hoth out there??” – @1207_crew
This question took some googling on my part. But now that I know you are referring to the sixth planet that is a world of snow and ice, then just like this fictitious Star Wars location, making snow in the real life Keystone requires us to layer our clothing and to stay dry. Modern synthetic fibers work great in snowmaking conditions. I can’t speak for how for those Star Wars folks stay dry though.


“How many guns do y’all have?” – @leitner.poma
We have almost 700 snowmaking guns that cover more than 600 acres of snowmaking capability. If that’s not a chairlift topic to share with some newfound friends, than I don’t know what is?

“How many snow guns can you run at a time with the given water supply?” – @michaelpitts21
Is your snowmaking gun running? You better catch it! I’m full of jokes. Of our nearly 700 snowmaking guns, we can run more than 100 at a time when conditions are just right.

“How do the pipes not freeze?!?!” – @athielen8
Did you know that there is such a thing as ‘frost free’ depth? Yup, it’s a real thing and so we bury our supply lines so far down that they are located as such a depth where the ground does not freeze. Again, science – it’s everywhere.

“Where is your favorite place to make snow on the mountain?” –  @rammagnar
My snowmakers like making snow on our trails that contain automated snow guns because these be adjusted by a click of a computer mouse. Technology, science … have I mentioned that comes in to play just a bit? But, this system of automation allows our snowmakers to concentrate on making sure the quality is the best that it can be.

“Is it difficult to man the snowmakers?” – @nathan___idk
It is. I believe our snowmaking team are some of the hardest working members of our mountain operations team. Snowmaking operations are 24 hours, 7 days a week when conditions allow and so we always have someone working. There’s a lot of tough jobs on the mountain across departments, but we all do it because we love the same things you all do – skiing and riding!


“How’s the snow?– @wleusche
It’s white, and cold, and falling all over the place. No? Okay, seriously though, it’s great! We have been consistently making snow across the mountain since the middle of October. We’ve also received a lot of natural snowfall, and the dual efforts of snowmaking operations and natural snowfall allow for some other key people (like Ski Patrol, Grooming, Lift Operations) to do their thing and get more of the mountain open quicker for you all.

“Can you bring that snow to my local mountain?” – @taylor_michielli_We’re not exactly hoarders, but we’ll be keeping all of our snow. However, we’re happy to share it – you just have to come visit us!

“How does real snow compare to man-made snow?” – @dylanbass25
This sounds like the start of a great joke – unfortunately I’m drawing a blank for a great punch line. So, science it is! The crystal structure is different. Natural snow crystals tend to be delicate and intricate while man-made snow crystals are more rounded and simple.

“What’s the ingredients for snow? We need some in Arkansas ASAP.” – @blake_hasley
We are just like Mother Nature and the best ingredients for snow are cold and water. We can’t help you out with snow in Arkansas, but we know of a place where there is plenty! Hint hint 😉 Come visit us!

“A51 opening?” – @gregsherm
Soon! We are working on A51 as we speak, specifically The Alley to Lower Main Street. Be on the lookout for that opening by Dec. 7, and in the meantime we have our early season A51 terrain park setup on the top of Schoolmarm.


“How long does it take to produce around an inch of snow?” – @brady_smith31
It depends on the weather conditions, and the colder and drier (low humidity), the more snow we can make. Get this – if we have our snowmaking system at full capacity at 25 degrees temperature, we could cover 22 football fields in 24 hours with a foot of snow.

“When does snowmaking end?” – @rynewsom
We conclude snowmaking operations when we have made snow on all the trails and areas that have snowmaking coverage capabilities – more than 600 acres! Typically our job is done by mid-January.

“How much artificial snow do you make on average per year??” – @gracelajoie8
Artificial snow? We don’t have that. We do make the good old fashioned real stuff though – it’s simply man-made vs. falling from the sky. But silly logistics aside, we make enough snow to ensure a base that will last the entire season.

“Which trails do you start making snow for first?” – @evelyn.w22
A few years ago we spent some hot summer days looking to improve our opening day guest experience. We begin making snow on Schoolmarm to Silverspoon to Last Chance, all beginner trails, which allows more people to ski and ride from day one of the season. This year, for the first time, we set a rather ambitious goal of opening beginner terrain on Dercum and intermediate terrain on North Peak for opening weekend – and guess what, we did it! We opened North Peak on our planned opening day Nov. 9th, the first time in Keystone’s history we have been able to do so.

“What’s the best temperature for snow making?” -@dylanbass25
Well, there’s this funny thing called a wet bulb temperature. In the most simplistic of terms, we need a combination of low temperatures and low humidity – each as important as the other. Cold and dry is what we’re after, and if you want me to get scientific, (again!), we want a 27 degree wet bulb temperature.

Nov. 21, 2018

The first ever Ask Key Anything! You asked, and Key answered!

 “When does night skiing open?” – @krisy8
Today! Nov. 21. Check out the schedule here:

“When does tubing open?” – @ethjawn
Also today! Want to save your spot? never want you to miss out on fun, so don’t forget this activity often sells out during weekends and Holidays. Make reservations as early as possible, especially for our high-volume timeframes!

“When will the lake be ready for ice skating?” – @jakedunn
Get those triple axles ready, Keystone Lake will open on Nov. 22! And, Dercum rink is already open. We have a lot to be thankful for this week!

“When does A51 open?” – @murphy_man15
For those looking hit the terrain park, we are looking to have The Alley to Lower Main Street open starting Friday, Nov. 30. Until then, our early-season A51 terrain park is located on top of Schoolmarm.

“How much of the mountain can be open for night ski?” – @matthew.kirkland
Play up late! 9 trails and almost 250 acres are lit for our night skiing operations, which is the largest in CO

“Are new food options coming to the dining areas on the mountain?” – @nate.krall
Check out Go Big Burger at the Mountain House! And we hope you’re bringing your appetite!

“Can the 2018 night skiing dates be expanded or are they set in stone already?” – @jk50iron
We like to think we’re flexible, but we have night skiing dates set based on historical terrain and weather conditions. But we never say never–remember that time we opened early?


“What is the run/line you recommend with trees for first timers?” – @liznewwhen
We might get an eye roll or two, but we suggest taking a lesson–did you know we offer ½ day privates? Our instructors will teach you the skills to ensure you’re safe and confident in the trees, as well as show you a secret stash or two.

“Just got my season pass; what slopes should I hit first? I’m an intermediate skier.” – @heyydensmart
Woop, woop! Welcome to the fam! Warm up on Dercum with a run on Schoolmarm, Spring Dipper and then Frenchman. Then, head over to North Peak for Prospector and onto Elk Run (when groomed) on the Outback. Starfire is a good first Black, once you’re feeling confident.

“Visiting for the first time best week – what’s the best places to check out?” – @agosternmann
Yooohhoooooo! Hope you’re ready to play! Activities: mountaintop tubing and skating on Keystone Lake. Dining: Go Big Burger and Fondue.


“How do I plan a sleigh ride with my kids for Dec 1 -4?” – @swebbair
Our Play Experts would be happy to help! Give ‘em a shout at 970-496-4386

“What are you doing to be more sustainable?” – @chrisgoesoutdoorsing
This season we’ve eliminated conventional plastic straws at all of our food and beverage outlets and our trail maps are printed on 100% recyclable paper. Just last week our company announced additional steps in our overall ‘Commitment to Zero’, including a long-term wind energy contract to purchase the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power 100 percent of Vail Resorts’ North American operations by 2020. More information about our Commitment to Zero can be found at

“Will there be any apres skiing? So excited!” – @nickcarreras
You can find us at the Last Lift Bar! Cheers!


“Does pineapple belong on pizza?” – @will_chav
If pineapple belongs on pizza, it also belongs on french fries!

“How big is the biggest jump in A51?” – @isaac_merritt
Lay about 3 and a half giraffes end-to-end; our biggest jumps are approximately 60 feet. If you’re not ready to fly high, you can ride the Peru lift over A51 and check out the action –

“What is your favorite run?” – @yungbrandon
Um, can we name them all? Depends on the day, but some favorites include Wild Irishman, Diamondback, Starfire, Cat South Glades and Bushwhacker

“When is the best time to ski?” – @edgarsilva09
10:23 a.m. on Jan. 21. We kid, we kid. When is there a bad time to ski?

“Where did the bowls get their name from?” – @blaine_griffin
Independence is the official name of the peak, Bergman is after one of our founding families (Dercum being the other) and Erickson has an old mine and mining shack. It was originally Erickson Mine. North and South … well, we might have run out of steam on those two 😉 What names would you give ‘em?

“What’s the strangest thing found on the mountain after the snow melts?” – @misslauren7
Prior to each summer, Keystone Resort partners with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District for an annual highway and mountain cleanup. This June, we collected more than 400 pounds of recycled items and more than 900 pounds of garbage! We’d prefer to find nothing but a beautiful natural mountain environment, so be sure to utilize on-mountain receptacles for your waste – and hold on to your phones and mittens! We have enough of those too, we promise, we don’t need yours! 😉

“If Keystone didn’t exist, what ski area would you be?” – @ceimbert
I think we’re having an inception moment! We’d be Breck for the amazing town and high alpine terrain, Whistler Blackcomb for the variety of terrain and Olympic heritage, Stowe for the classic New England feel (and the foliage!) and Northstar for that laid back and luxurious California vibe. How about you?

“Why are Keystone patrollers so cool?” – @turbo_toaster_tay
Hard to say, really. We raise them that way 😉 But give ‘em a high five when you see ‘em!

“What year was your record snowfall season and how many inches was it?” – @robtiff
Shovels were in high demand during the 1995-1996 season as the snow just seemed to keep on falling! That season, we received a total of 387 inches of snow (quick, how many feet is that?! More than 32!) and if you were skiing here in January, then you needed a snorkel as we had 127 inches of snow in that month alone (surprisingly, not the snowiest single month at Keystone though, that was in December of 1983 when we received 128 inches!).