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A colorful autumn in the famous area of Aspen, Colorado is a spectacular thing to see. Some years are more vibrant than others when it comes to groves of aspen trees, which are the world’s largest living cloned organisms, and like growing at high altitudes.

A drive up Castle Creek Road ends in a spectacular view of Star Peak and below it lies Ashcroft, a ghost town once known for silver mining. One can walk through it and see this old wagon against the hillside begging for a photo to be taken, especially with the fall aspens.

A photographer remembers taking a photo with all the senses in play, and this was a memorable moment. I spent a good deal of time waiting for the sun to go behind clouds so the aspens would glow more with less stark lighting. I also had to wait for brief moments when the breeze died down to click the shutter to prevent blurring of foliage as much as possible. It is a scanned slide, and there was nothing like old fashioned Fuji film to capture the colors.

One always hopes to have captured a moment well enough that one doesn’t have to say, “well you had to be there” even though this is just a section of the glorious fall color that was seen.

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