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Popular travel website TripAdvisor has published a breakdown of the top restaurants in Denver.

Here’s a list of the top 10 all around ‘best restaurants’ and a breakdown of what you can expect to find at each:

1. Tables

Offering up new American cuisine, Tables is best known for their pork chop, Colorado lamb loin, and tuna tartar. Expect a higher price for meals here, but know that this restaurant serves up a quality that matches the cost.

Official website here.

2. Izakaya Den

To anyone thinking it’s impossible to find great sushi in a landlocked state, Izakaya Den is there to prove them wrong. Find a wide array of sushi options, ramen, and more. If you’re not sure what to order, go for the ‘Crispy Tuna’ or the ‘Red Dragon Roll.’

Official website here.

3. Fruition Restaurant

Described as a ‘refined farm-to-table’ spot offering up new American cuisine, Fruition has been attracting foodies for years. Three of the most popular items include the potato-wrapped oysters Rockefeller, the Maple Leaf Farms duck breast, and the pasta carbonara. Don’t for the lemon meringue pie for dessert.

Official website here.

4. Root Down

Known for their vegan and vegetarian options, Root Down is one Denver spot that should be on every foodie’s list. Popular items here include the beet salad, lamb sliders, and a dish called ‘Devils on Horseback,’ which consists of belly bacon, smoked almonds, and cheese fondue, among other ingredients.

Official website here.

5. Sushi Den

Surprise, surprise – another sushi spot made the top ten list in the Mile High City, and deservedly so. Believe it or not, one of the most popular items at Sushi Den doesn’t include raw fish at all – the Kobe Beef Roll. Craving a more traditional option with a little bit of spice? Go with the tuna firecracker roll.

Official website here.

6. Barolo Grill

Offering up some of the best Italian food around, with a wine list to match, Barolo Grill is a great place for those seeking a fancy dining experience. Braised duck, primi piatti, and pork tenderloin are just three of the options on a menu where there’s no wrong choice.

Official website here.

7. Avelina

A fancier spot that serves up new American cuisine, delicious cocktails, and ‘can’t-skip’ desserts, Avelina is a favorite among many Mile High locals. The charred octopus, pork belly, and short rib are just three of many great dishes served up here. Another popular item is the ‘chocolate hazelnut crunch cake bar’ – it’s the perfect way to end the dining experience at this restaurant.

Official website here.

8. The Capital Grille

A well-known spot around the Mile High City (and the country – this one is a chain), The Capital Grille is a solid steakhouse that offers excellent versions of what most would expect, plus more. Popular items include the filet mignon and lobster, as well as the porcini-rubbed bone-in ribeye. If you’re looking for a good steak dinner, this spot is difficult to beat.

Official website here.

9. Snooze an AM Eatery

A popular spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, Snooze is one of the places that’s always packed – for a good reason. Creative and delicious options here include a breakfast pot pie, a habanero pork belly Benedict, and French toast stuffed with mascarpone. However, perhaps this spot is best known for their ‘pancake flights,’ which allow diners to choose from multiple pancake options like pineapple upside down pancakes and blueberry danish pancakes.

Official website here.

10. Hops & Pie

On a list of fancy steakhouse and sushi bars, a pizza joint might seem out of place – that is, until you try the food from Hops & Pie. One great thing about this place is that they offer up a new ‘artisan pie’ each month, in both a traditional and Detroit-style variety. The January 2021 pie of the month option is topped with house-made Italian sausage, mascarpone, dolce ricotta, basil, orzo, and tomato sauce. Yum. Don’t forget an order of the ‘garlicky cheese bread,’ too.

Official website here.

Find more information about these restaurants and see other category-specific breakdowns on the TripAdvisor website.

Editor’s Note: The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously had a major impact on the restaurant industry. Visit official websites for information on how this has impacted the operations at a specific restaurant and be aware that some options may not be available and some closures may be in place.

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