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What program were you in at the University of Colorado and what degree did you graduate with?

I graduated with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Energy & Environment Engineering for Developing Communities Certificate.

Did you always know that you wanted to be an engineer? When did you realize it?

I realized I wanted to become an engineer when I was in high school working for our school auto shop. A part of my role while working in the auto shop was designing and building electric racecars. I realized that I enjoyed designing and building the cars more than fixing them and that I didn’t want to become an auto mechanic, but an engineer.

What was your favorite class at CU and why?

Professor Miller’s Air Quality class because the class encouraged us to find our own way around air quality in areas which were important to ourselves. It was also a hands on class, learning how air quality was measured.

Who was your favorite professor at CU and why?

Bernard Amadei because of his work with the Mortenson center in engineering for developing communities. Being a part of the Mortenson center with Amadei taught me a lot about how to work as an engineer for developing communities.

Did you have an internship in your field while you were in school? If so, where?

I had an internship with The Sustainability Laboratory in Hura, Israel.

Do you feel that your education prepared you for the real world and why?

Since I was in school my goal was to work overseas in developing communities and I do believe school prepared me for a job overseas. However, I wish I spent more time preparing for a job locally while at CU.

What is your current job?

I am currently the Research and Development Manager for Green Bio Energy in Kampala, Uganda.

What is your dream job and why?

My dream job is working for a large Nonprofit as an engineer in conflict zones.

Do you have any advice for engineering students at CU?

My advice is to not just focus on a dream life while at CU. Take the time to research areas and receive advice for paths that don’t seem like your dream life. Step out of your comfort zone.

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