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With 2018 just about in the books, we’re thinking thinking about where to book in 2019. Will the year ahead be the year of the poolside paradise, the off-the-grid hideaway, or something in between? To make the call, we tapped some of the biggest trendsetters we know (eleven style-savvy interior designers) and asked where they’ll be jetting off to in the months ahead. From stateside locales with under-the-radar appeal to buzzy international hotspots, these are their top travel destinations for 2019. Use these designer destinations to plan your own 2019 travels, or to simply indulge in some wanderlust!

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“My daughter and I are going backpacking and road-tripping in the Southwest this spring. I have always wanted to visit White Sands National Park, as well as Ghost Ranch. Those are both on the itinerary, as well as some time in Joshua Tree. I didn’t appreciate the desert when I was younger, but now I am captivated by the subtle colors of the landscape and the delicate silhouettes of desert flora.” –Allison Dehn Bloom of Dehn Bloom

“Every summer my husband and I travel to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. My family built a small cabin on one of the most remote islands in the mid 1970s. There’s no running water, electricity, paved roads or stores. We hike, read, play badminton, and if we’re lucky, we’ll see a pod of Orca whales travel by. Another highlight is soaking in a hot tub made from a horse trough. It’s wedged between two boulders and we build a fire underneath!” –Taylor Jacobson of Taylor Jacobsen Interior Design

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“First on the list is a ski trip with the whole family in Aspen, Colorado. While I did not grow up skiing, I recently adopted the hobby from my husband. Our ski trips have become great adventures that my husband and I can share together, and my kids are now at fun ages to start learning!” – Charlotte Lucas of Charlotte Lucas Interior Design

“We are looking forward to a few things, but this Spring we have a few trips planned to Sea Island, Georgia where my family has a house. Right now we are finishing up my parents’ new house, so the trips are a combination of work and fun. It’s such a wonderful place to go with kids. I grew up going there in the summer, so I love watching my kids falling in love with it like I did!” -Amy Berry of Amy Berry Design

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Adventures Abroad

“We are discussing a potential trip to Croatia and Venice! We often travel together with our husbands and children which makes for constant adventures. On the agenda for Croatia is to go truffle hunting in Motovun. In Venice, we are hoping to sign up for a family mask making class!” –Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick

“I am off to India in 2019 as part of my recently-launched boutique designer travel series, Travel with Grant. In March, October, and December, I’ll be leading small groups around India’s northern state of Rajasthan. We’ll start off by exploring Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur, the fabled Pink City, and will add a side trip to see the majestic Taj Mahal.We’ll also take a closer look at local arts such as block printing, rug sourcing, jewelry and so much more! For a design lover, traveling to India is the trip of a lifetime. Inspiration is around every corner!” – Grant Gibson of Grant K. Gibson Interior Design

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“Every year I take one of my children on a special trip, and next spring my oldest son and I are going on safari in Botswana with extended family and a few close friends. Our family is passionate about animals, and we are really looking forward to exploring this section of Africa. We’re especially excited about the fact that this safari has a component where you bike through a section of the terrain and get to experience indigenous creatures such as hyena, aardvark, foxes and tons of fossils, up close. I have always encouraged my children to be lifelong learners, and this trip will hopefully give my son experiences to last for years to come!” –Sara Story of Sara Story Design

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2019 Hot Spot: London

“In April of 2019, British Airways will begin service on its first direct flight from Charleston to London, and I’m planning to be on the first flight! This is exciting for two reasons: 1) it is Charleston’s first direct international flight, and 2) my brother lives in London. When I’m in London, I always make sure to eat Indian food, (Trishna in Marlyebone is a favorite), have high tea (most recently it was at The Dorchester), pop in and out of shops and showrooms on Pimlico Road, and visit an historic house museum or historic site (obviously, I love ‘getting lost’ at Hampton Court Palace).” –Olivia Brock of Torrance Mitchell Designs

“Our son and his wife have just informed me that they have a photography job in London this year and asked if I would like to go with. It took me two second to say: YES!!  People that follow our design work know how much I draw inspiration from British architecture and design. The date is yet to be determined, but I will be on grandchild duty for part of the time (which I love) and hope to spend the rest of the time touring manors and gardens, taking bicycle rides in the Cotswolds, hitting as many coffee and floral shops as humanly possible, and visiting at least one location of DeVol Kitchens, my British design crush.”  –Jean Stoffer of Jean Stoffer Design

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“We’re taking our entire office staff to London in 2019. We’ll be doing a design inspiration tour visiting antique shops, well-designed hotels and restaurants: Pimlico Road, showrooms of Jamb and DeGournay, etc. I’m also particularly excited to see the GP & J Baker archives, which is one of the largest archives in the UK. It’ll be a trip that is a feast for the eyes and a fun bonding time for our office. I can’t wait!” – Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design

“Since there’s nothing I love more than an English country house and nothing my husband loves more than golf, I’m planning a trip to England for our 20th anniversary. We will have a few days in London in which I plan to have a gin and tonic at the Dukes Hotel (where we went before we were married), shop at Pentreath and Hall, Nina Campbell, see what’s to see at Christie’s (where I used to work in NYC), and visit Sir John Soane’s Museum. After, we’ll head out to the country (which is what I imagine heaven looks like) for golf and to see a fabulous estate. We’ll also hopefully hit an antique market, where I will fill my suitcase with treen and beautiful tea caddies.  – Lisa Hilderbrand of Hilderbrand Interiors

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