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UPDATE 12:45PM: The revolution has reportedly started, but the army is nowhere to be found.

Reports from the scene tell us there are no guns, and not really even that many pro-COVID protesters at the Colorado state capitol today. Moreover, there appear to be enough Denver Police and Colorado state troopers on hand to comfortably withstand any latecomers who do show up brandishing.

If this was just the Russkies trying to goad up a fight, thanks to even crazy fellow Coloradans for not playing.

Protestors try to enter the Michigan House of Representative chamber and are being kept out by the Michigan State Police after the American Patriot Rally organized by Michigan United for Liberty on April 30, 2020. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve been hearing for a few days now about a possible illegal armed protest action occurring today at the Colorado State Capitol in copycat solidarity with the armed protesters who stormed Michigan’s state capitol building yesterday and menaced lawmakers from the galleries.

Here’s a rather alarming Facebook post we were forwarded describing the “mission parameters” for attendees at today’s protest, in which demonstrators are instructed to arrive on scene with their weapons “hot, locked, and ready to rock.” We have no means of verifying the author of this post, or of knowing if these instructions are being conveyed authoritatively to the protesters:


This Friday, May 1st, high noon is going to be a historic day and time in our country because of what we’ll be doing and accomplishing upon the steps of the Denver Capitol in direct armed defiance of tyrants and their Oath violating enforcers.


Patriots, our mission this coming Friday, May 1st upon the Capitol steps in Denver is to begin reasserting the fundamental precepts of the Constitution – i.e. freedom and liberty. We will be sending a powerful message to all Patriots, tyrants and tyrannical enforcers everywhere and to those sitting on the fence. The message is this: “Tyrants and your enforcers – regardless of your capricious, draconian laws and edicts, regardless of your threats of imprisonment, regardless of your illicit presumed power to take our lives, our liberty and our ability to pursue happiness we stand in armed defiance of you and we will not yield regardless of the cost even if this means forfeiting our lives. Today, upon these Capitol steps, we affirm and assert that no leader, no law and no enforcer of illicit law will be respected or tolerated who does not first honor the Constitution of the Republic.”


For the safety of everyone it’s inestimably important that we’re all on the same basic page; so, here are the mission parameters. If you’re not comfortable with them stay home on your couch. This is a mission for LIONS. If this isn’t you there’s no shame watching it in the safety of your basement on your computer with cheeto dust on your clammy paws:

1) We physically stick together while on site. We’re sending an intentional, powerful visual message and this message can’t be sent or received if we’re dispersed among those who are not there for our purpose. Sticking together also protects us as individuals, it protects the message and it does something to protect those not among our group.

2) ZERO COMPLIANCE. WE WILL NOT YIELD TO ANYTHING REQUIRED BY THE POLICE WHO ARE THE ENFORCERS OF THE TYRANTS IN POWER. We will not give out our drivers licenses so we can be ticketed. NOT ONE OF US WILL BE ARRESTED because we aren’t complying with an ounce of tyranny and because we’re sticking together and we’ve got each other’s backs to the death if necessary. We will not be told where to stand or go. We will not surrender our arms and we will not be disarmed. We will not leave until we decide to leave. THIS IS OUR CAPITOL and the Constitutional Oath breaking tyrants and enforcers have violated their solemn duty and responsibility to uphold the Constitution. I’ve not only witnessed this with my own eyes while personally testifying before the Legislature responsible for enacting the Red Flag laws here in Colorado, but I’ve also personally warned them and watched them commit treason within the walls of this Capitol building.

This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people and they have no power other than that which WE ALLOW. We are reasserting our voice, our power and the express authority granted to us within the Constitution with the only viable, EFFECTIVE means left to us. This is PRECISELY what the Founders intended when they wrote and empowered us with the 2nd Amendment. This is a day that will be remembered upon which we few brave will honor their sacrifice according to the solemn intent of their words.

3) No one fires unless physically assaulted or fired upon. All weapons will be chambered and on safe – i.e. hot, locked and ready to rock; however, safeties on, muzzles down, 100% muzzle awareness (if you don’t know what this is you don’t belong with us at this time) and NO fingers in the trigger well period unless you intend to fire. Keep a cool head, use sound judgment, watch your backstops and only engage if necessary. Carefully watch your buddies and maintain discipline – things may get tense and we don’t need someone losing their cool. EVERYONE CHAMBERS ROUNDS THE MOMENT YOU DON YOUR KIT. NO ONE CHAMBERS ONCE WE’RE AT THE CAPITOL – PERIOD. Chambering rounds in the eyesight of nervous enforcers is an incredibly unnecessary and foolish escalation, their overwatch at a minimum WILL see it, and that more than anything will make their trigger fingers itch – DON’T DO IT. I’ve been trained in combat for many, many years by the best professionals in our military and I’ve lead scores of men in combat for over a year. While rolling with weapons hot and on safe in the manner I’ve described not ONCE did any of my men EVER have a negligent discharge. Ive also never lost a man doing this or leading in combat. Doing things in the manner I’ve described is the safest and surest means of bringing us all home – including the enforcers. One of THE MOST DANGEROUS things you can possibly do is chamber a round in front of scared men who are already prepared to end your life. Do such a foolish thing and it’s a near certainty you will get everyone killed including yourself. Respect what I’m putting out here if you attend and if wish to live to see another day.

4) Bring a gas mask if you have one or can get your hands on one. The police may use CS gas and for those of us prepared this won’t be an effective deterrent. Antifa or other actors may also become a factor because of what we’re doing so please bring a can of pepper spray, bear spray or hornet/wasp spray for them. If Antifa or similar distractions become part of the mix do your best to not allow them to detract from the mission.

5) Come with a grin, with the heart and courage of a LION and be prepared to lay down your life same as those who bravely gave us this Republic. None of us want things to go kinetic, and if you do please stay home, and we’ve carefully thought through how best to avoid things going hot; however, regardless of our numerical strength or lack of it this message MUST BE SENT NOW, and whether we live or weather we die IT MUST BE SENT WITHOUT COMPLIANCE OR COMPROMISE OF ANY KIND. Now is the time.

Patriots, this day you will be making history. This is the first time since the Revolutionary War that Patriots will effectively stand as one in armed defiance of tyrants upon the very ground which they’ve usurped freedom and liberty by forbidding you to bear arms in violation of the Constitution.

Bring your weapons, bring your courage and bring your resolve. This day we begin to reclaim our lives, our futures, our freedom and the Republic.

Long Live the Republic

As readers know, the Colorado General Assembly is not currently in session, and it’s our understanding that lawmakers who might be working in the building today have been notified about the possibility of an illegal armed protest in the area. Last Sunday, a protester at a “Reopen Colorado” who was openly carrying a pistol in violation of Denver gun laws was arrested while a large group of fellow protesters jeered police.

We have no idea what’s going to happen here, but the law needs to be enforced.

And we hope that nobody, misguided “freedom fighter” or first responder, gets hurt.

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