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With the arrival of spring, the whole of nature enters a period of rapid change, blooming and thriving with life. There is no better time in the year than spring to go hiking and discover new trails. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the best trails in the US and enjoy the stunning beauty of American national parks. Here are some suggestions on where you can go this spring and have a great wilderness experience with your family. Let’s get started!

Upper Yosemite Falls

Prepare for a full-day, breathtaking excursion that will show you one of the most beautiful, signature waterfalls in Yosemite National Park. On this strenuous hike, you will ascend 2,425 ft. to the park’s highest point and the top of Yosemite Falls. The falls in the park are divided into three sections including the lower, the middle cascade, and the upper falls. The Yosemite Upper Falls Hikes is the most challenging section, but when you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the region. Step onto the small platform near the mouth of the falls if you want to give yourself an adrenaline rush.

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

Spring is the perfect time to swap your skis for hiking boots in Aspen, Colorado. For the most picturesque hiking trail in Aspen, go to the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail which will take you along the lake and streams to the best view of Colorado’s famous Maroon Bells. If you are an animal lover, don’t forget your camera because all along the trail you’ll see mountain goats and bighorn sheep grazing all around. When the weather conditions are clear, you can see a reflection of Maroon Bells in the lake itself which is a view you will always remember.

Cascade Mountain

The Cascade Mountain hike is different from all the other trails in the Adirondacks and is known for its accessibility that allows families to introduce their children to mountain hiking. The summit has a fantastic view, and it can be climbed all year round. Nevertheless, late spring is the best time to hike this trail, and that’s when you will see most people around. The trail is a 4.8 miles round trip, and it’s classified as moderate terrain. When you reach the top, you’ll get to see various mountain vistas from up there and reward yourself with great views of all the blooming flowers and endless greenery.

Angels Landing

Angels Landing is the most stunning hike in Zion National Park and the one that provides he most idyllic outlook of the majestic Zion Canyon. Angels Landing can be reached via well-maintained 2-mile path until you get to the more challenging part of the trail. This trail is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights or suffer attacks of vertigo. The narrow paths and the steep drop-offs are demanding and you need to be ready to push your limits. That said, you can hike this trail even if you don’t have too much experience if there is someone more skillful leading the way up and helping you ascend the 1,488 ft.

Franconia Ridge Trail

Franconia Ridge is an 8.9 miles summit loop that includes mountain peaks such as Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette, as well as the smaller, Little Haystack. At some points, the trail narrows and it’s really not suitable for beginners or kids. However, if you’re capable, the effort you make will pay off in the end when you see the green panorama from the top of the trail. It’s incomparable to anything else in the area.

Spring is coming, and you have a little bit of time to plan a visit to the trail you like the most and suits your hiking skills. Good luck!

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