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Even on vacation, it’s possible to get in way over our heads. That’s what happened on Sunday, when Rebel Wilson’s ski vacation ended with an emergency rescue after she went too far up the mountain and couldn’t get back down on her own. The actor posted about her wintery vacation in Aspen, Colorado on her Instagram (which is private), including photos and videos that she shared in posts and on her Instagram Story. Many of them chronicle how her trip to the top of the mountain went awry, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“This is a bit too experienced for me, so I’m just gonna slide down,” Wilson reportedly joked on her Instagram Story. Then she updated again with a video of herself strapped to a yellow stretcher. Her rescuer, reportedly named Scott, prepared to take her down the mountain.

Although the experience was probably frightening, Wilson reportedly appeared to maintain her sense of humor. She made a play on her Pitch Perfect character’s iconic “horizontal running” bit, using the hashtag #HorizontalSkiing alongside a video of her rescue. ET reports that it didn’t take Wilson long to return to her hotel with her rescuer’s help and she didn’t seem to be seriously injured.

Several fan accounts reposted her photos from the day, including @pitch_perfect_hongkong.

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When Wilson returned to her hotel in Aspen, she updated her fans on her state of being, per ET. “Hey guys, just wanted to let you know, I did get back to the hotel safely and I wanted to thank everybody in Aspen for their help on the slopes because you guys are amazing,” Wilson said. “You do this all day, every day, whereas me, it was only my second day of skiing.”

According to ET, Wilson also explained what happened on the slopes to make an emergency rescue necessary: “I lost feeling in my left foot. I think it was the ski boot. I think it was too tight.” She added that she thought acquiring professional ski boots might have helped her avoid the situation.

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Wilson’s social media presence has changed significantly in the last two months, after she received intense backlash for claiming to be the first plus-size rom-com star during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November. In addition to making her Instagram private, Wilson also deleted her Twitter account after blocking several critics who called Wilson out for ignoring several plus-size women of color who have previously starred in romantic comedies.

At any rate, we hope the rest of Wilson’s trip was more enjoyable, and that her new year’s plans weren’t too messed up by the rescue incident.