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New info on Cameron Dallas’s arrest has surfaced.

At the end of last year, model, Instagram stud, YouTuber, and Netflix star Cameron Dallas was arrested for assault. The model got into a fight at the Hyatt Residence Club in Aspen, Colorado. But according to him the act was in self-defense against an intruder.

As he posted on Instagram a few days after the arrest, “sometimes in life you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself and the people you care about.”

Now, new information has come forward as Dallas was meant to appear in Pitkin County District Court on January 22. It turns out, Dallas didn’t actually show up to court. His lawyer Pat Mika appear in his stead.

Mika reiterated the argument that Dallas was simply protecting himself from the other man.

“At that point, he became an intruder (in the hotel room) and he became aggressive and Mr. Dallas had to protect himself and other people in the premises,” said Pat Mika.

But the Aspen Times reports that the prosecutor refuted Mika’s argument. He says Dallas attacked without reason. As such, he and his client considering filing a civil lawsuit against him.

“(Cameron Dallas) sucker-punched my client then repeatedly hit him when he was on the ground,” said prosecutor Ryan Kalamaya.

Ultimately, this first hearing resulted in District Judge Chris Seldin setting a preliminary hearing for April 16. Because of that, Dallas hasn’t actually been charged with a crime yet, and we’ll find out in April if the Judge decides to charge him.

The incident in question happened back on December 29th. When police arrived at the Hyatt Residence Club Gran, a 34-year-old man was bleeding from his nose. He was then taken to the Aspen Valley Hospital.

Apparently, Dallas and a few friends were enjoying the night life at Bootsy Bellow nightclub when the unidentified man tried to engage with them. Things were going well at first, and one of Dallas’s friends invited the man back to the hotel.

The man later asked Dallas, and his 19-year-old friend/hotel roommate, if he could charge his phone in their room. They said yes.

As Dallas told the police, he left the room for 30 minutes and returned to a weird vibe. The friend told Dallas that the man made sexual advances on him while they were alone. Dallas says he then asked the man to leave. The man allegedly refused several times until Dallas says he lost his temper and punched him multiple times in the head and face.

This brings us back to Dallas’s post saying, “Unfortunately sometimes in life you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself and the people you care about.”

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But prosecutor Kalamaya shares another story. He says his client was never asked to leave. His client is thus asking that Dallas pay for his medical expenses and “punitive damages.”

“He was an invited guest,” Kalamaya said. “Nothing (in the law) says you can beat them repeatedly in the head and break their nose.”

We’ll find out in April if the District Judge believes there’s a true case here or if he agrees that Dallas was simply protecting his friend.

h/t: Aspen Times