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Colorado not forgotten

With COVID-19 getting all the press time, it is easy to forget about the other ways our federal tax dollars are coming back to Colorado. While I appreciate the success Sen. Cory Gardner has had in obtaining Personnel Protective Equipment for those dealing with the coronavirus, as a member of the Colorado State Senate who sits on the Appropriations and Transportation & Energy committees, I am aware that he also secured funding for our infrastructure, wildfire mitigation and our military. He helped pass bills to encourage economic growth and directed energy revenue to local communities.

Sen. Gardner worked to secure hundreds of millions of dollars for Colorado infrastructure projects to include $65 million for the I-25 gap, millions in grants to the Colorado Springs Airport, and $28 million for the Arkansas Valley Conduit to provide clean reliable drinking water to southeastern Colorado.

Cory’s persistent efforts led to securing long-term firefighting funding and modernization of firefighting assets. The Forest Service is partnering with the Colorado Springs to build a permanent air tanker base at the airport.

Sen. Gardner is working to bring Space Force to Colorado Springs, and additionally President Donald Trump signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that included Gardner-supported provisions for $322 million for military construction projects in Colorado and the largest pay raise for troops in a decade.

The senator fought to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that provided a $1,400 tax cut to average Coloradans and pushed for the Anvil Points issue that will return $18 million of oil and gas lease revenues to the Western Slope. I know that as we move beyond the pandemic, Sen. Gardner will continue to fight for all Coloradans.

State Sen. Dennis Hisey

Support the travel industry

Through the midst of the pandemic, the U.S. Travel Association made the decision to keep National Travel and Tourism Week as planned, May 3-9. This year’s theme is the Spirit of Travel. While we can’t yet carry on our trips as planned, there’s never been a more important time to support the people and families who make up our tourism community.

The spirit of travel courses through the veins of our region. It lies within our awe-inspiring attractions, our restaurants and hotels, our sports teams and local businesses. Most importantly, it’s the people behind these places who inspire residents and visitors alike with their incredible hospitality. These are the people supporting one another, rebuilding the community and ensuring the Pikes Peak region comes back stronger than ever.

Despite the new reality we face, the spirit of travel will not be broken. Visit Colorado Springs is proud to join the U.S. Travel Association in rallying around the tourism industry, and this week we’ll honor those who create memorable experiences for visitors to the Pikes Peak region.

When the time is right to take flight once again, the travel and tourism industry will be invaluable to the recovery of our economy and jobs. Right now, we will look to the spirit of travel to heal and feel inspired.

Throughout the week, Visit Colorado Springs will embark on a Spirit of Travel virtual journey, sharing inspirational stories and backgrounds from those who make our region so special. We encourage everyone to follow along on our social channels, share our stories as well as your own, and join us in supporting the industry.

Doug Price

Colorado Springs

A teacher’s advice to his students

Boys and girls:

It is Sunday evening — March 22, 2020. We are living during the global pandemic, coronavirus/COVID-19. It has changed — and will continue to change — our lives. So many things, like social distancing and staying at home, are new to all of us. I want to tell you that you have been an awesome class. I appreciate each one of you for traveling the road of education with me. I am a lifelong learner, and I wish the same for you. As all classes have, you’ve kept me on my toes and I have learned from you. Thank you.

Now, more than ever, it is important for you to know that each one of you needs to keep learning. One of you might well find the cure for a future pandemic. One of you might be the leader who guides future generations to peace and prosperity. You might be the greatest mom or dad who brings comfort and guidance to your children during times of change. You could be the neighbor who makes your entire community feel safe.

In tumultuous times, where you started matters much less than where you end up. Do your best and love and respect others and you will end up somewhere worthwhile. You have the opportunity to be the greatest generation that history will record — be that generation.

Sounds like a big challenge. Together you can do it. I wish you well.

Kurt Hamm

Colorado Springs

Our political system is broken

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Something our elected officials should acknowledge and follow, that they do not is readily apparent. I put forth this: Our representatives should be “drafted” much like jury selection. They should be vetted in that they are fluent in English and have a rudimentary understanding of our constitution and system of government.

I further think they should not be politically aligned and have a sense of decency and common sense. They should not be political science, ethic studies or any other of the worthless degrees being conferred. Those selected can serve two to four years and no more in the House and just one six-year term in the Senate. The Supreme Court should be limited to 12 years and the presidency to a single six-year term. They should be given no better retirement credit than what should be given our military combat arms veterans. I specifically called out the combat arms personnel in that they risk the most.

Our political system is a joke, the “best and the brightest” as they like to think themselves, have not done the job. And there should be an age limit; nobody should be allowed to start a term after 65. The sole purpose of the elected is to be reelected and if they must sell your birthright — that they will do without hesitation. A person running for an elected position should never be trusted.

Joseph Giles

Colorado Springs

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