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Floydivus: Chapter 2, Hydration Fuel & Recovery Protein

We’re a little short on maids-a-milking and nobody has seen a partridge around here in years, but we’re doing our best to persevere with the holiday spirit.

It’s the Second week of Floydivus and celebrations here in Leadville are in full swing (if you missed our first week, find it ). We’re a little short on maids-a-milking and nobody has seen a partridge around here in years, but we’re doing our best to persevere with the holiday spirit.

Talking of spirits, if there’s one thing everybody does around this time of year it’s drinking.We’ve seen all those Netflix documentaries about Sommeliers, but we’re not here to tell you what wine to quaff with your turkey dinner. However we do have some expert pairing advice to help keep you relaxed and recovered for those big holiday rides.  

Click image to view Hydration Fuel

CBD Hydration Fuel, Isolate

Best paired with: sweat, the taste of blood in your mouth and heart rates above 150.

Tasting notes: Fruit punch, BCAA, Glutamine, D-Ribose, CBD

Just like the second-cheapest wine this drink mix is always a good choice. Each serving contains 30mg of carbohydrate, to power you through your workout as well as an electrolyte blend that serves equally well for a hammerfest or a hangover. There’s also a 2.5g serving of Glutamine, 3g of Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and D-RIbose to help you recover from your efforts more quickly. Add in 5mg of CBD per serving and you’ve got a well rounded hydration mix should help you perform and recover at your best all year round.

CBD Isolate Recovery Protein, Chocolate

Click image to view Chocolate Recovery Protein

Best paired with: chestnuts roasting on an open fire, wool jumpers, armchairs, a golden retriever

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, BCAA, whey protein

Like a good glass of port, this is a great way to finish off an epic session. Our recovery protein doesn’t cut any corners, we use organic sugar and stevia, pack in 27g of whey protein, 25mg of CBD and  8.5 g of BCAAs per serving. This isn’t your the chalky protein powder you choked down in college, because you deserve better than that. Instead of cheap bulk falorings, we get our flavoring from organic raw cacao, the drink of mesoamerican royalty.

You wouldn’t serve Natty light at your Floydivus table, so don’t serve up sub-standard recovery drinks either. Your body is a temple dammit, show it some respect.

Click image to view Vanilla Recovery Protein

CBD Isolate Recovery Protein, Vanilla

Best Paired with: duvets, lying on the floor because you’re too tired to make it to the couch, showers where you have to sit down because your legs have forgotten how to stand up.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla bean, BCAA, whey protein.

Like the guy who orders a double scotch on the rocks, this drink lets everyone know that you go hard. If you’re more into hammering your legs than your liver this holiday season, you’ll thank yourself for sipping a tall glass of our premium protein after your training session. 27g of protein and 8.5g of BCAA will repair your muscle damage, 25mg of CBD will reduce inflammation and help you sleep like a baby who is too young to wait up all night for Santa, and flavoring made from real organic vanilla beans means you’ll be looking forward to your recovery drink as you go prancing through the snow.

Using all organic materials, non GMO ingredients and three forms of whey protein, this is the best gift you can give your tired body (or another tired body that you happen to care about).


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