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An ultra-conservative representative ignored COVID-19 safety guidelines in his Washington DC office even after contracting the virus and told staff he “ didn’t care ” about their health, a lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday by Brandon Pope in federal court in Washington, DC, alleges that Pope was fired after raising concerns about workplace safety conditions. The Denver Post reported.

Pope says Lamborn, 66, regularly slept in his office, ignored wearing masks and social distance guidelines, said his wife couldn’t be expected to wear a face covering. He is also accused of putting his son to sleep in the Capitol basement while looking for a job.

Lamborn spokeswoman Cassandra Sebastian released a statement strongly denying the Pope’s allegations, saying the congressman “looks forward to full justification when all the facts come to light.”

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado accused of ‘reckless’ approach to COVID-19 and exposing his staff and himself to the virus

Brandon Pope accuses congressman of ‘reckless’ approach to COVID-19 and exposing his staff and himself to the virus

On Friday, the eight-year-old Colorado Springs congressman told Colorado Public Radio that the lawsuit consists of a “ handkerchief of lies ” and allowed his son to stay at the Capitol as a guest due to the tight housing market in Washington.

According to the lawsuit, Lamborn repeatedly claimed the coronavirus was a “ hoax ” and unnecessarily exposed his Washington convention staff by keeping his office open and not allowing them to distance themselves socially.

Lamborn did not require employees in the district office to wear masks, as he claimed he would not allow House Leadership to dictate how he ran his office, and he did not allow all employees to establish social distance.

Even worse, when Lamborn and other senior members of his staff became infected with COVID-19 in the fall of 2020, Lamborn refused to implement or follow reasonable and responsible COVID-19 protocols, ” the indictment read.

Lamborn tested positive for the virus in November, and the lawsuit claims he took no security measures after that. Pope also tested positive for the virus, according to his lawsuit in November, although it’s unclear who he got it from.

The lawsuit alleges that the congressman on the left, seen here with Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming), on the right, ignored U.S. home security rules and warned about unsafe conditions

The lawsuit also alleges that Lamborn told an executive who was going to wear a mask, ‘Well, I don’t care if you guys get it’ and that his wife wouldn’t wear a mask either because ‘no one would tell her what to do. ‘

Pope also claimed that one of Lamborn’s sons was allowed to live rent-free for weeks in a Capitol basement warehouse after moving to Washington and that staff were ordered to assist him in applying for federal jobs.

Staff also had to do personal shopping for Lamborn’s family, including loading furniture to be moved to their vacation home, collecting personal mail, and carrying personal legal documents, according to the lawsuit.

The House Ethics Manual prohibits legislators from using staff for anything other than official convention duties.

“ Staff also had to believe that accepting invitations to family events, including meals at the Lamborn family, was necessary to remain employed, ” the lawsuit claims, adding that assistants were also ‘forced’ to attend Christmas. and give birthday gifts to Lamborn. and his wife.

The lawsuit states that the Congressman had his son live in a storeroom in the basement of the Capitol for weeks when his son moved to Washington.

Emails obtained by The Denver Post between employees include requests to donate money for Christmas gifts and notes about doing personal shopping for Lamborn’s wife.

One email from December 9, 2019 was sent to Lamborn’s staff list by Lamborn Chief of Staff Dale Anderson with the subject line ‘Christmas Gift to Lamborns’.

“Looks like we can get a gift card to the Kennedy Center so they can spend on their favorite concert / show,” Anderson wrote. “$ 10 from each of us gives them some flexibility in deciding what to attend.”

“Pay me in cash or send it through Venmo,” he added.

Anderson did not respond to calls asking for comment on Friday.

A second email from one of Lamborn’s assistants and planners, Linda Rutzen, has the subject line “On the way to lunch / errand.”

‘Team – I’m leaving now to run an errand for Ms. Lamborn, then I’ll take my lunch break,’ she wrote in the January 9, 2020 email.

According to the lawsuit, the Pope is seeking litigation and unspecified financial compensation for emotional pain and suffering.

Lamborn was selected in 2006 to represent Colorado’s 5th district.

He has a host of conservative stances, including opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, an amnesty for undocumented migrants and marijuana legalization – although recreational marijuana is already legal in his home state.

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