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1. RTA Architects

RTA Architects continues to thrive after 45 years in business. Stuart Coppedge, principal of the firm, is thankful for locals and their appreciation of the company.  

“We’re thrilled that folks recognize that we matter to the community and we do good work,” he said. “We’re appreciative of the chance to serve our clients and serve our community.”

Grateful for the Best Architectural Firm honor, Coppedge said the firm’s success is only possible thanks to an exceptional team that brings passion to the work and focuses on the details.

“I think we hire great people,” he said. “We give them clear direction and let them do their thing. That, and we also have great clients who we work with.” | 719-471-7566

2. [TIE] DLR Group 

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2. [TIE] HB&A | 719-473-7063

3. David Langley Architects PC | 719-686-0500

Best Engineering Firm

1. JR Engineering LLC 

Jim Fraker and Roger Guertner started JR Engineering in 1973. The company now has four offices — Centennial, Fort Collins, Golden and Colorado Springs. 

Client Manager Mike Bramlett still recalls the daunting challenges of the housing crisis of 2008 and the dedication and creativity needed to rebuild. 

“This took a lot of hard work,” Bramlett said. “We’re happy the community recognizes us as a top-tier engineering firm. The team is very important to our success, and the professionalism they apply to a project is probably 99 percent of what makes JR a good firm.” | 719-593-2593

2. Matrix Design Group Inc. | 719-575-0100 

3. HCDA Engineering Inc. | 719-633-7784

Best General Contractor 

1. GH Phipps Construction Companies

Over almost 70 years, GH Phipps has built or remodeled commercial health care buildings and multi-unit living, grade school and collegiate structures around the state. 

“We’ve been able to stick around because of the way our company is diversified into different market sectors,” said Kurt Klanderud, GH Phipps president and CEO. “We haven’t been solely focused on a single market sector, so if it went down and we were in trouble, we could manage. 

“In 2008 … we had several projects get canceled because the [recession] happened. But we could fall back on K-12 and higher education — and that sustained us.” | 719-633-4673

2. GE Johnson | 719-473-5321

3. Bryan Construction Inc. | 719-632-5355

Best Home Builder

Classic Homes has taken the Business Journal’s Best Home Builder honor for 12 consecutive years. 

Seeing the big picture and taking pride in quality materials has propelled Classic Homes to an enviable list of awards.

“We strive to be the easiest home builder to do business with,” said CEO Doug Stimple. 

“We believe that is accomplished through a customer focus, striving to meet customer expectations, utilizing a combination of tenured team members and long-term trade partners who collectively take pride in our brand and the product and communities we provide to residents in El Paso County.” | 719-592-9333

2. Campbell Homes LLC | 719-266-9780

3. Keller Homes Inc. | 719-528-6977

Best Manufacturing Company  

1. Excalibur Manufacturing

For John Gonzales, manufacturing began as a hobby and blossomed into a business.

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Gonzales was surrounded by mentors who were helping to mold his craft long before he launched Excalibur Manufacturing. 

“I’ve always had fun with this — it’s always been a passion that I enjoy,” he said. “I enjoy the people and the excitement of the job. There are ups and downs — but like they say, if you have a passion for something then you haven’t worked a day in your life.”

Gonzales began with “only a small machine” to do work for a friend. Now, the manufacturer offers everything from powder coating to fabrication and welding. 

“It’s a one-stop shop,” he said. “It’s a great place and wonderful to know people continue to choose us.” | 719-520-5404

2. Qualtek Manufacturing Inc. | 719-598-3394

3. Springs Fabrication LLC | 719-569-8830 

Best Mechanical and Electrical Contractor

1. Downtown Electric & Lighting Inc.

 Veteran-owned Downtown Electric & Lighting Inc. handles LED upgrades, commercial installations, QuietCool whole house fans and more. 

Owner Joey Bloomquist, who founded the company in 1993 and has more than 30 years in the industry, said he takes “great pride in providing our customers with top-level service.” 

Marketing Manager Julie Garner said the team works to make certain their customers are always satisfied with their product.  

“We’ve provided a consistent amount of quality work and we’re consistent with providing the best customer service,” she said. “We have an outstanding team and they’re a big help for us as well.” | 719-428-8245

2. Olson Plumbing & Heating Co. | 719-635-3563

3. Berwick Electric Co. | 719-632-7683

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