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In the mid-2000s, historian Anna Pegler-Gordon said that visual media often seems more accessible to her students than the written record. They claimed images make the past seem more accessible, giving concrete shape to a world that sometimes seems intangible. Not to mention the immediacy of the image, which often conveys information more quickly than a primary document written in an unfamiliar, or even a foreign, language. But according to Pegler-Gordon, this immediacy also works well in discussion sections, where the shared experience of viewing a picture can provide a focus for lively group discussion.

Now, 15 years after the professor said these words, we can say that her insights were spot on. Take this subreddit, for example. It unites over 3 million people, and they’re all exploring the past through historical photographs. The rarely-seen images coupled with the detailed fashion in which the community shares them with one another (every upload includes an accurate description of what is being presented (event, location, war, year, etc)) not only provides a look into our earlier days, but also inspires interesting discussions in the comment section.

We at Bored Panda have already covered the subreddit here and here but it has received plenty of new submissions since our last publication, so we thought it’s about time we made another one.

#1 Cop Stops The Traffic In New York So A Mother Cat Holding A Kitten Can Cross Safely C.1925

Image credits: mikihak

#2 A Beach In Iran A Few Months Before The Islamic Revolution, 1979

Image credits: darxouls

#3 Rail Commuters Wearing White Protective Masks, One With The Additional Message “Wear A Mask Or Go To Jail,” During The 1918 Influenza Pandemic In California

Image credits: Beneficial_Look_5854

#4 It’s No Longer Possible To See This, As Buildings Outside Block The Sun. Grand Central, NYC, 1929 Photo By Louis Faurer

Image credits: Bernard_Hunor_Deak

#5 A Man Browses For Books In The Old Public Library Of Cincinnati. The Building Was Demolished In 1955. Today An Office Building And A Parking Lot Stand Where It Used To Be

Image credits: Bernard_Hunor_Deak

#6 Remember That Photo Of The Construction Workers Having Lunch On The Unfinished Empire State Building? Well Here’s The Photographer Charles Ebbets Taking That Photo. 9/20/1932

Image credits: CrotchWolf

#7 Atelier Photo: “A Lesbian Couple In Semi Drag Wedding Attire”; Kingdom Of Hungary – Budapest, 1920

Image credits: Andrzej1963

#8 Indigenous Children Forced To Pray To God In A Residential School Ran By The Canadian Government And Catholic Church Between 1930 And 1970, Unknown Location

Image credits: Andreaslikesthememes

#9 A Man Looking For A Job Wearing His Cv, England – 1930s

Image credits: EfeSeckin

#10 West German School Children Pause To Talk With Two East German Border Guards Beside An Opening In The Berlin Wall During The Collapse Of Communism In East Germany In November 1989 (Photo: Stephen Jaffe)

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#11 1972: 3 Women On The Streets Of Kabul, Afghanistan

Image credits: BickKattowski

#12 Mt St Helens The 17th Of May 1980 And 4 Months Later

Image credits: Ewenf

#13 A Man Guards His Family From The Cannibals During The Madras Famine Of 1877 At The Time Of British Raj, India

Image credits: firstalphabet

#14 The Queen Consort Of Mongolia, Genepil, In Mongolia. The Last Queen Consort And Married To The Bogd Khaganate, Bogd Khan, Until His Death On April 17th, 1924, When The Monarchy Was Abolished. She Was Killed During The Stalinist Purges In May 1938. Photograph Dated January 1st, 1923

Image credits: _Raven_Roth

#15 Rare Photo Showing Niagara Falls Without Water, 1969

Image credits: NothingForUs

#16 A French Boy Introduces Himself To Indian Soldiers Who Had Just Arrived In France To Fight Alongside French And British Forces, Marseilles, 30th September 1914. [colorization]

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#17 High School Teacher John T. Scopes Is Brought To Trial In Dayton, Tennessee For Teaching The Theory Of Evolution, Which Was Prohibited Under State Law. July 10, 1925

Image credits: EssoEssex

#18 Ku Klux Klan Members On A Ferris Wheel In An Amusement Park In Cañon City, Colorado, April 26th 1926

Image credits: DashboardNight

#19 A Makeshift Hospital In The Vietnam War, 1970

Image credits: 1954isthebest

#20 Babies Left To Sleep Outside, Enforcing Immune Sistem, Moscow 1958

Image credits: mikihak

#21 John F. Kennedy Campaigning Door-To-Door In West Virginia (1960)

Image credits: Azendekk

#22 Chinese Guerrilla Fighter Cheng Benhua 成本華 Smiling Moment Before Execution By The Japanese, She Was 24. (Late 1938) [502 X 806]

Image credits: REYNREY

#23 Pyramid Of German Helmets In Celebration Of Victory, Grand Central, New York, 1919

Image credits: Feiruzz

#24 Kubrick Taking A Photo With Daughter Vivian, On The Set Of The Shining. Nicholson Thought He Himself Was The Photo’s Subject. 1980

Image credits: the89delta

#25 George N. Barnard’s 1864 Photograph Of A Slave Trader’s Business On Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia, Shows A United States Colored Troop Infantryman [corporal] Just By The Door.

Image credits: SweetenerCorp

#26 People Fighting To Get On A Plane In Nha Trang, April 1, 1975, During The Us Withdrawal From South Vietnam

Image credits: Sarke1

#27 Mountain Of Buffalo Skulls In 1892 At The Height Of Their Endangerment

Image credits: Sindigo_

#28 Miners In The Serra Pelada Gold Mines In Brazil, 1980s

Image credits: thegreatlib23

#29 Actor And Martial Arts Star Jackie Chan At The Benefit Concert In Hong Kong, In Support Of Tiananmen Square Protesters – 1989

Image credits: vaish7848

#30 Hitler Rehearsing A Speech In Front Of A Mirror, Taken By His Personal Photographer Heinrich Hoffman, 1925

Image credits: Feiruzz

#31 French Soldiers Passing By A Dog Wearing Googles And Smoking A Pipe, 1915

Image credits: KawaiiPotato15

#32 Nirvana During The Photo Shoot For Their Album Nevermind, Which Was Released 30 Years Ago. 1991

Image credits: OGWhiz

#33 Reporters Who Exposed The Watergate Scandal Watch President Nixon Resign, 1974

Image credits: Familiar_Internet

#34 Ww2: Chinese And Malayan Girls Forcibly Taken From Penang By The Japanese To Work As ‘Comfort Girls’ For The Troops. 1939-1945

Image credits: Familiar_Internet

#35 Eiffel Tower Under Construction, July 1888 [colorized]

Image credits: Alidaboss42

#36 David Bowie After Being Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Rochester, 1976

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

#37 A South Korean Soldier Forcibly Cuts A Young Man’s Hair In Front Of Others During A Nationwide Crackdown On Men With Long Hair And Women Wearing Short Skirts In South Korea – 1970s

Image credits: vaish7848

#38 Students Dance In Tiananmen Square Before The Arrival Of The Chinese Military, June 4th 1989

Image credits: MustacheEmperor

#39 Freddie Mercury With His Mother, 1947

Image credits: chickenchaser100

#40 “One Of America’s Youngest Newsboys. Four Years Old And Regular Seller. Tampa, Florida.” – 1913

Image credits: Apprehensive_State43

#41 David Attenborough Entertains Prince Charles And Princess Anne With A Cockatoo. 1958

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#42 Max Schreck Relaxing Behind The Scenes Of Nosferatu, 1922

Image credits: Misfit-Nick

#43 Coal Miner Waiting To Get Into The Communal Shower At The End Of His Shift, Taken In Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1958. By Photographer Max Scheler

Image credits: Feiruzz

#44 A Man Takes A Selfie Using A Stick Of Wood To Activate The Camera, 1957

Image credits: baiqibeendeleted17x

#45 Martin Luther King Jr. Removing A Burnt Cross From His Front Yard In 1960

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

#46 A Black U.S. Soldier Reads A Message Left By The Việt Cộng During The Vietnam War, The Message Reads: “U.S. Negro Armymen, You Are Committing The Same Ignominious Crimes In South Vietnam That The Kkk Clique Is Perpetrating Against Your Family At Home.”, 1970.

Image credits: Sub_Hum4n_

#47 The Consequences Of Landing On The Wrong Aircraft Carrier, 1952

Image credits: DecisionLivid

#48 Sailors Saluting A War Veteran, Leningrad 1989

Image credits: Johnkaz34

#49 Finnish Soldiers In Nbc Gear, 1961

Image credits: HerrasKissa

#50 Using A Vacuum Cleaner, 1906

Image credits: Bernard_Hunor_Deak

#51 Filming An Episode Of “The French Chef” With Julia Child, 1963

Image credits: Feiruzz

#52 A Hippie Girl Selling Roadside Flowers In Oklahoma, 1973

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#53 Mogadishu, 1993. An Italian Soldier Gives Food To A Local Orphan

Image credits: Lambrusc1

#54 A United States Soldier Holds Up A Jungle Centipede During The Vietnam War, 1967

Image credits: jerm48190

#55 Jean Bedel Bokassa During His Coronation Ceremony To Make Himself Emperor Bokassa The First, Central African Republic 1977. The Ceremony Wasted A Third Of The Car’s Entire Annual Fiscal Budget.

Image credits: TheRavensEyeYoutube

#56 Soviet Rock Fans Attend A Concert In Moscow On September 28, 1991. Half A Million People Jammed An Airfield To See The Soviet Union’s Biggest Western Rock Concert, Touted As A Gift To Russian Youth For Their Resistance Last Month’s Coup.

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#57 Stoney First Nation Member, Guide Samson Beaver With His Wife Leah And Their Daughter Frances Louise, 1907. Photo Taken By Mary Schäffer

Image credits: Snoo_90160

#58 British Schoolboys Holding Discarded Syringes, 1970s. “We Used To Play With These In School All The Time Because They Were Like Mini Water Pistols (Without The Needle).”

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#59 A Dutch Athlete Receives A Portrait Of Adolf Hitler As A Sports Prize, Presented By General Otto Schumann, Commander Of The Ordnungspolizei. The Hague, The Netherlands, 1941

Image credits: Dork_from_New_York

#60 The Director Of The Belgrade Zoo Tries To Convince Sami The Chimpanzee To Return Home After He Escaped, 1988

Image credits: TakeTheCube

#61 16-Year-Old Brenda Spencer Leaves Court In Santa Ana, California, After Pleading Guilty To Two Counts Of Murder In A Sniper Attack. She Killed Two People And Wounded Nine Others. 1979

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#62 A Japanese Soldier Wades Into The Sea Off Cape Endaiadere, New Guinea, With A Grenade Against His Head Moments Before It Goes Off, Defying An Australian Soldier Calling On Him To Surrender, December 18, 1942

Image credits: Western_Roman

#63 Grande Hotel, Beira, Mozambique (1960s-2000s)

Image credits: NothingForUs

#64 Photograph Of The First Official Defector Of The “German Democratic Republic”, Conrad Schumann, Who Escaped To The Western Side On August 15, 1961 After Jumping The Unfinished Area Of ​​the Fence That He Guarded.

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#65 The Only Known Color Photograph Of The Russian Czar’s Fabled “Amber Room” – Looted By The Nazi’s This Unique, Priceless Work Of Art Was Lost For Ever (Maybe?). St Petersburg, 1943

Image credits: TheRavensEyeYoutube

#66 Elisabeth “Lilo” Gloeden Stands Before Judges, On Trial For Being Involved In The Attempt On Adolf Hitler’s Life, 1944

Image credits: Europro7

#67 21-Years-Old Yves Saint Laurent At Christian Dior’s Funeral, 1957

Image credits: trixonnnnn

#68 Theodosian Walls Of Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. 1870.

Image credits: Suttte

#69 Student Survivors Head To A Library Near Columbine High School Where Students And Faculty Members Were Evacuated After Two Gunmen Went On A Shooting Rampage In The School. Tuesday, April 20, 1999.

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#70 Woman Cutting Her Birthday Cake In Iran 1973, 5 Years Before The Islamic Revolution

Image credits: Familiar_Internet

#71 J.k. Rowling Writing Harry Potter At A Café In Scotland (1998)

Image credits: MarineKingPrime_

#72 American Film Actress Veronica Lake Illustrates What Can Happen To Women War Workers Who Wear Their Hair Long While Working At Their Benches, In A Factory Somewhere In America, On November 9, 1943

Image credits: OutrageousFisherman1

#73 Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen Stands Next To His Third Wife, Dagmar Freuchen-Gale. He Is Wearing A Polar Bear Coat Made From A Bear He Killed Himself, 1947

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

#74 A Man Exercises Using A Rowing Machine In The Gym Aboard The Rms Titanic, 1912.

Image credits: baiqibeendeleted17x

#75 Puritan Picket Against Too Revealing Swimwear On A Florida Beach, 1985. USA “You Will Follow To Hell.”

Image credits: TakeTheCube

#76 Princess Diana Losing An Argument To Her 7 Year Old Son.around 1991,

Image credits: Jamesdean3410

#77 A Picture Of A Submerged Diver In 1899. Many Believe It To Be The First Photograph Taken Underwater

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

#78 A Young Female Welder Photographed By Bernard Hoffman In Connecticut, Circa 1943.

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#79 An Old Woman Leaving Her Home With Just A Portrait Of Her Husband And Rugs. Russian Soldiers Gave Her Just 5 Minutes To Pack Her Bags And Leave Before They Destroyed Her Home And Everything In It. Her Sons And Husband Were Already Dead. She Had Lost Everything. May 1995, Grozny

Image credits: hashbrown1999

#80 Young Boys Harassing The Horace Baker Family, The First African American Family To Move Into The All White Delmar Village Neighborhood Of Folcroft, Pennsylvania – Aug. 30, 1963.

Image credits: oldsoul8789

#81 The Temporary Grave Of Theodore Roosevelt In Normandy, Soon After His Death, July 1944. [colorization]

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#82 Bulgarian Soldier Giving His Best Battle Cry For The Camera, Ca. 1916.

Image credits: villings

#83 1892, Logging Family With A 1300 Year Old Tree

Image credits: intonuoti8k

#84 Jurassic Park: The Ride Officially Opened At Universal Studios Hollywood. Here, Steven Spielberg And Jeff Goldblum Lift The Torches For The Ride’s Grand Opening On June 21, 1996

Image credits: TrendWarrior101

#85 In Response To The Anti-Japanese Sentiment That Followed The Attack On Pearl Harbor, The Japanese-American Citizens League Opened The Anti-Axis Committee Office On December 14, 1941. It Was Part Of Their Campaign To Demonstrate The Loyalty Of American-Born Japanese Citizens To The Us

Image credits: NatSuHu

#86 President Gerald Ford And Pele Play With A Soccer Ball In The Rose Garden, June 28, 1975

Image credits: Jokerang

#87 Korean Mother Embraces Her Son, A Prisoner Of War Who Escaped His North Korean Pow Camp Shortly After The Signing Of The Korean Armistice Agreement, Which Ended The Widespread Fighting Of The Korean War, 1953.

Image credits: Kryptonthenoblegas

#88 John Lennon Signing An Autograph For Mark David Chapman, The Man Who Would Kill Him Five Hours Later, NYC, 1980

Image credits: apple15332

#89 President Nixon Dines With Chinese Leaders In Beijing, 1972

Image credits: EssoEssex

#90 Soviet Soldiers Celebrate Returning Home Alive, 1945

Image credits: DiosMioMan2

#91 The Champs-Élysées As Seen From The Arc De Triomphe, Ve Day. Paris, France, May 8, 1945. [colorization]

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#92 Vladimir Lenin Plays Chess (Yelling Checkmate) With Alexander Bogdanov During A Visit To Maxim Gorky, Capri, Italy, 1908 –

Image credits: stepoon

#93 Spring Break In California, 1947

Image credits: DwarfInAHeliumHat

#94 Tutankhamun’s Head. Harry Burrton Photo Published Dec. 1925. @ Griffin Institute/Oxford University.

Image credits: TN_Egyptologist

#95 Italian-American Cafe, Macdougal Street, NY, 1942

Image credits: beenheresincebirth

#96 What Is Now The Fully Developed Las Vegas Strip, 1955

Image credits: piamosi

#97 Mobsters Hide Their Faces At Al Capone’s Trial 1931

Image credits: 0i_ix

#98 Ground View Of Human Fly George Willig Climbing The South Tower Of The World Trade Center In New York City, May 26, 1977

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#99 President Lyndon B. Johnson Drives His Amphicar On The Lake Of His Texas Ranch In 1965

Image credits: majestic-mansamusa

#100 Barbara Walters During Her Freshman Year At Sarah Lawrence College In 1949

Image credits: majestic-mansamusa

#101 Gaurds Of Delhi Darbar India Posing With James Recalton An American Photographer In 1903

Image credits: Cosmic_kingmaker

#102 Textile Worker, Taken By Nikolay Matorin, Ussr, C. 1960

Image credits: Feiruzz

#103 One Of Only Two Certified Photographs Of Billy The Kid (Top Hat). Playing Cards With His Accomplices. 1877

Image credits: 94MIKE19

#104 Frederick Douglass With His Musician Grandson Joseph Douglass, 1894.

Image credits: L0st_in_the_Stars

#105 Boiler Explosion Of C&o T-1 #3020 On May 1948

Image credits: Feiruzz

#106 Female Nigerian Slave Trader Efunroye Tinubu (C. 1880)

Image credits: Plhalpo

#107 Tucker Sno-Cat Hovering Over A Crevasse During The Transantarctic Expedition, 1954

Image credits: TakeTheCube

#108 Chief Low Dog – An Oglala Lakota Chief Who Fought With Sitting Bull At The Battle Of Little Bighorn, C. 1881

Image credits: oldsoul8789

#109 Shigeru Miyamoto, Creator Of Mario And Other Characters And Video Games For Nintendo, Holds A Nintendo Game Boy Containing The Super Mario World Video Game. June 1992

Image credits: sgt_hard_times

#110 Us Medic Gives First Aid To A Wounded German Ss Soldier, France 1944

Image credits: riksarkson

#111 Harry S. Truman As A Captain During Wwi, 1918

Image credits: Feiruzz

#112 A Pic Of Turkish Military Exercise In Istanbul Against To Danger Of Chemical Attack.(1939)

Image credits: byrkhan

#113 Florence Thompson, The Migrant Mother In Dorothea Lange’s Famous 1936 Photo, Holds Up Her Likeness During An Interview After Her Identity Was Discovered, October 10, 1978

Image credits: notbob1959

#114 A View Of The Destruction In Old Town Dresden From The Town Hall Tower, 15 Feb 1945.

Image credits: Detours1204

#115 Daughters Of Tsar Nicolas II During A Summer Cruise In Finland, 1908

Image credits: vasilywosck

#116 A Soviet Mi-8 Helicopter Flying Past One Of The Two Buddhas Of Bamiyan, Afghanistan 1980

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#117 Nelson Mandela At A South African Communist Party Rally. Soweto, 1990.

Image credits: Bend-It-Like-Bakunin

#118 Archduke Franz Ferdinand And His Wife Minutes Before Assassination That Would Lead To Ww1, 1914 [colorized]

Image credits: RomarioMax

#119 Bill Clinton & White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky, 1998

Image credits: MarineKingPrime_

#120 Adolf Hitler And Ludwig Wittgenstein In 1903

Image credits: tarsene

#121 Stalin In Bailov Prison, Baku, Azerbaijan, March 1910. [colorized By Me]

Image credits: trlhsyn

#122 Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Is Married To Greek Magnate Aristotle Onassis, 1968

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#123 Two French Men Restrain A Woman While Another Cuts Her Hair After She Has Been Accused Of Collaborating With The Germans During The Occupation, 1945. [colorization]

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#124 Former President Andrew Jackson Aged 78, One Of The Few Existing Photographs Of Him, Taken In 1845, The Year He Died

Image credits: Feiruzz

#125 Paul Tibbets, The Man Who Dropped The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima, Pictured In 1996

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

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