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Route Of The Silver Kings

Route Of The Silver Kings Map
A visit to Leadville is not complete without taking the Route of the Silver Kings. This driving tour takes visitors up three different interconnected routes in the mining district. California Gulch is where it all started, although there is little left to view. Fifth street takes people up by the famous Little Jonny Mine, where J.J. Brown's (husband to the Unsinkable Molly Brown) money came from. Seventh street leads to Stumptown and the road over Mosquito Pass.

While making the drive please note that many of these roads should only be driven upon using a well equipped 4-wheel drive vehicle or ATV. We are not responsible for accidents or injury. While taking in the breathtaking scenery and the historic sites, feel free to take photos but be sure to pull off to a safe area on the path.

Lake County and the city of Leadville do NOT allow Rock hounding, treasure hunting or digging. Do NOT remove any of the artifacts and even though the roads are public, the mines themselves are often times located on private property so please respect the no trespassing signs. For your safety, do not enter the mine shafts or tunnels.

Please respect the Historic District of Leadville and the State of Colorado by not littering.